Sep 25, 2016

But a Fable Agreed Upon

     All through primary and then high school, I had just as much eureka moments as I had why-are-you-telling-us-this moments and the latter, of course, ties in with the fact that I was a victim of raging hormones thinking that most professors were morons who had no business being anywhere near a school. In retrospect, however, that's essentially true, but maybe I didn't have to make my assessments so blatantly apparent with my disdainful eye-rolling and wiseass comments, which is something I'd prefer to leave in the distant past. Unfortunately, I recently nonetheless remembered several of the why-are-you-telling-us-this moments resulting in all of the I'm-going-to-show-you-how-the-backs-of-my-eye-balls-look-like moments thanks to a conversation I had with my mom.

Sep 15, 2016

Patience Is Bitter

     If you're like me, then patience is on your list of words that make you want to poke your eyes out right up there with gluten-free, etiquette and Pokemon Go, which in a nutshell means that even just talking about patience makes my skin crawl — yep, I'm very impatient. I have, however, a pretty good excuse for it: in my mind, patience equals to procrastination and you know what they say about that: procrastination is like masturbation — it's all good until you realize you just fucked yourself. But. A recent unexpected turn of events made me reconsider my stance on patience since I, thanks to my impatient nature, ended up on antibiotics a couple of weeks ago. 

Sep 10, 2016

The Devil Is in the Details: The Weirdest Conversation Ever

     Having strict parents that were on top of that both doctors was just as much a blessing as it was a curse. For one, I knew — before the tender age of ten or even maybe eight — what catheter, prostate and urethra were (my father is a urologist, can you tell?) which has come in handy countless times in my life so far. And by countless I mean that you can't even count all the times catheter, prostate and urethra came in handy because they weren't any, but still — knowledge is power and my inquisitive nature has never minded knowing useless bits and bobs. What I did mind was the curse part, the part where I was trying to feign being sick so I could skip school. With two doctors in the house that posed quite a challenge, but I'm proud to say I was successful on several counts. And in the end, all the plotting to outsmart my relentless jailers turned out to be yet another learning curve.

Sep 3, 2016

Too Long to Read

     You know when you get furious with someone seemingly out of the blue after you've actually been harboring that anger for God knows how long to the point where you can only explode in the poor sap's face so they just stand there wondering, "Where is all of this coming from??" Well, something like this is about to happen right here right now (am I the only one who hears the beat whenever someone says that?) and it's all been abrewing ever since July 2013.