Jul 24, 2016

Can a Sane Person Believe in Ghosts?

     I was thinking, I haven't yet told you where I live, have I? I told you I moved, but I don't think I told you where. So. I moved to a charming little coastal town, specifically, to a charming little house from which it takes me a charming  little  short three-minute walk to reach the sea. Although I've already written that the part of the structure I live in was built in 1957, the house is even older, much older and was first used as a saltern house where saltern workers lived about a century ago when the salt pans still stretched that far. But it's not just marine proximity and the house's history that's charming, it's also its surroundings. Up front, there's a grapevine canopy which spills over into a delightful little garden full of bright orange wild lilies, bay bushes and palm trees, tomatoes and strawberries, linden and fig trees, all hedged by a charming tangle of white and pink roses entwined with rosemary, while the backyard is actually an orchard full of cherry, pear, apple, olive, apricot, walnut, hazelnut, persimmon, peach and greengage trees, so we basically have fresh fruit all year round. Sure, all the pruning and weeding and watering gets annoying, but still, all in all, it is truly very charming. Oh yeah, and one more thing: the house is haunted.

Jul 17, 2016

This World Is a Joke

     After writing this post back in April, I received by far the best email I've ever gotten from one of the blog's readers. This might make it seem like I'm getting a ton of mail when I'm actually not, maybe I've gotten a total of five messages over the years but still, the letter I'm referring to is simply the best and will remain the best even if I ever get five hundred or five thousand of them and here's why: the dude got me, like really got me. I often wonder if people get what I write, if they get the jocular tone of it all or if they just think I'm an idiot (which would actually be a completely valid point as well), but this guy got it, got me. And not just that, he was unbelievably kind to boot and among other things wrote, "... you must be a really fun person to be around with. Your boyfriend is lucky to have you." And you know what? Fuck it, I am, I am kind of fun — my boyfriend and I crack each other up basically all day every day. Statistically speaking, one out of seven days someone starts crying because we laugh so hard and I'm sure that in a couple of years (if not months), the other six out of seven days someone (me) will pee their pants too thanks to someone's old age.

Jul 9, 2016

Pros and Cons of Being an Adult

     I have a bunch of young friends who are about a decade younger than me, which is far from intentional, mind you, it's just that my boyfriend's a couple of years my junior and has thus friends who are his age and even younger so here we are. Which is great, don't get me wrong — most of the friends I'd accumulated myself before meeting him are my age and older which means that they're having kids and regular jobs and grownup lives so it's nice to have that balance: I get to listen to people talk about breech babies and nagging bosses and insane lines at the pediatrician's office as well as all about this awesome rager and unfair professors and diploma theses. All in all, I think I have it made. Or at least I thought so...

Jul 1, 2016

On Plastic Surgery, Perfect Selfies and Other Shit

     As you might've picked up in my last post, I've been considering getting 'some work done' which I planned alerting my mother about. Much to my convenience, she actually came to visit me a few days after the decision had been made and the post was up, so I decided to take her out for lunch, get her inebriated (just a smidgen) and break the news to her.