Oct 3, 2015

Pic or It Didn't Happen

      I still remember how anxious I was before revealing a certain piece of information about myself to my best friend and due to the nervousness stemming from the forthcoming revelation, I still haven’t broken the news to my mom or my brother, not to mention that my father would probably die if he knew. They all most likely already suspect something's up but it’s never been openly talked about. No, I’m not talking about coming out, because I'm much more comfortable sharing my (bi)sexual preferences with basically anyone than disclosing the following piece of information with the people closest to me. And that is … that … I … I … have an Instagram profile.

Sep 24, 2015

F*** Me, I'm Fugly

      Ever wake up in the morning thinking 'God, I love food'? Or going to bed pondering 'Can't wait for tomorrow so I can eat all over again'? I sure do, I fucking love food — and judging by Instagram there's heaps of other food-loving peeps out there but more on those creeps (yeah, I'm rhyming, I've have a couple of drinks in me, I rhyme when I drink, sue me ... wait ... what was I talking about again?? Oh, yeah, creeps! So more on the Instagram creeps and peeps) next week, because this week it's all about the fat, the fugly and the fabulously fuckable. What am I going on about? A certain study I've stumbled upon, what else.

Sep 19, 2015

You Say Conservative, I Say Stupid

      I consider myself to be a very liberal and tolerant person who values tolerance basically above everything else, thus the only thing I absolutely cannot stand – or tolerate, I should say – is intolerance of others by other. So yes, in other words, I’m intolerant of the intolerant because they are not tolerant while I pride myself on being – tolerant. Sounds like a paradox, right? Well, it is, a paradox of tolerance to be exact, as some other wiseass called Karl Popper – luckily for me – already expatiated upon. He also said something about us, the tolerant, having the right not to tolerate the intolerant in order for us to defend a tolerant society against the invasion of the intolerance, which basically just means that we – or in this very specific case, me – can and should call out and cuss out every sectarian, racist, xenophobe, homophobe and any other stereotype instigating or promoting prejudice motherfucker. And I just fucking love that – THANK YOU, Karl Popper.

Sep 11, 2015

I Wonder - Part 7

      I took a swim yesterday, probably the last one for this year, and had some time to think about this and that, mostly about a lot of shit I find funny. Like for example, funny how many people WITH kids lately told me I'm smart for deciding not to have children. Or funny how people are reachable and available when they need something from you but they apparently move to the Bermuda Triangle when you want something from them. Or funny how everything seems so much better here at the seaside without the swarms of tourists crawling everywhere (sorry, tourists). There really is a lot, A LOT of things I find extremely funny, almost to the point of being hilarious, but since this isn't the 'Funny . . .' series but the 'I wonder . . .' one, I'm going to list some of the things I've been wondering about while watching the sail boats roll by, listening to the waves and catching some of the last late summer rays. If you're new to FPS or the 'I Wonder . . .' series, you can check the first one out here and the rest of them here. Enjoy. Or not. But hopefully you do, so let's find out — here's the newest I Wonder list.