Aug 26, 2015

Dear Dea's Diary: Part 2

     I don't know if you know this or not (but you definitely should (and if you follow me on Twitter you probably already do)), but today is International Dog Day. So can I get a woof woof for all of the doggies, please? WOOF WOOF. Thank you. But to continue in the spirit of this glorious day, I'm letting Dea take over FPS with not only one but two old entries from her doggie diary. Who's Dea you ask? Here, read this post and you'll be up to speed in no time. But if you already know (or THINK you know, I should say) all about her, please, continue reading and enjoy intruding into her privacy, you sicko.

Aug 19, 2015

Because I'm a Lady, Assface: Karen Walker Quotes

     Have you ever watched Will and Grace? I have. And I still do. That shit is epic. All of the shit, all of it. Epic. But even though all of the characters are beyond — I want to say legendary, but that's reserved for some other show, so I'll just say — majestic and I'm in love with all of them, my  heart  boobs are nonetheless reserved for one and only one of them: the insanely awesome Karen Walker. Why, you ask? Because if feels like, in SOME aspects, she's my twin and is my indisputable role model. Why HER, you ask? Because she, like Jack put it in one of the episodes, is 'a bosomy spitfire' who doesn't hold her tongue, is sarcastic (ergo very clever), can hold her liquor and basically lets anyone grab her boobs at will (which, out of respect for my boyfriend, isn't true in my case anymore so don't be running up to me grabbing my tits). And that's basically why I want to be Karen Walker when I grow up.

Aug 13, 2015

Artificial Intelligence: (Soon to Be) The Only Intelligence Left

     This post will be a rant, just so you know, so consider yourself warned. Therefore you probably won't gain anything useful or educational by rummaging through the following assortment of words, but that really is ok, right, since you all have your smart phones and smart whatnot enlightening you and guiding you through your daily conundrums. Which brings me to what brought me to the ranting business — all of the smart shit. And it all started a couple of days ago.

Aug 8, 2015

Things I Don't Get Part 16

      If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have seen a picture of the new addition to Peet's residence which I already put (or am putting, should I say) to the test so I better write and take care of this post quickly before the drunken-computer-glare kicks in. So. Things I Don't Get. The sixteenth installment. There's actually not much more to say (luckily for me) since we've been over this sixteen times already except that there seem to be a whole lot of things I don't get. Does that make me ignorant or just honest? Who knows. And even more so, who cares.