Apr 23, 2016

I Wonder ... #10

     You know, one wonders if being a self-employed freelancer with seemingly pliable working hours, seemingly portable work space and thus seemingly all the freedom in the world really is all roses and sunshine. But one gets their answer soon enough. I got mine yesterday, for example.

Apr 17, 2016

I Want to Quit Blogging: 10 Reasons Why

     Instagram is funny. I always find those short descriptions people put up about themselves amusing. It's also quite astounding how much  bullshit  information people cram into those few measly symbols. I especially like those that try to list all of the vocations or nouns they can think of: "Singer, model, blogger, aunt, videographer, breakup survivor, designer, fitness-freak, social media connoisseur, photographer, stylist, pole dancer and movie buff. Oh and macaroon-perfector. And influencer." Like who the fuck are you? Jesus? Just because you take 5000 selfies a day (possibly half naked), that doesn't mean you're a model — it just means you're insecure, conceited or both. And you're not all of those other things either, no matter what logic misled you into thinking that you are. I can basically hear them pondering, "Hmm... I fell down the stairs once, I'll put down stuntman." STOP IT. I once scratched a wart out of my foot with a pair of compasses but I don't go around telling people that I'm a doctor. Fuck.

Apr 9, 2016

My Best Friend Turned 30 and I Had a Meltdown

     I'll be 30 somewhere in the near future and for the last couple of years I couldn't wait until that day arrived. Looks-wise, I've always been perceived as younger than my actual age and people have since forever been shocked when I gave them the exact number so of course it would simply be a dream to say I'm thirty when people presume I basically just started college — the shock value would be priceless. Although I'm not quite sure just how I've been able to surprises people and hide my age in the face of all the nights filled with alcohol and nicotine and other stuff (sleep deprivation of course, what else??) I've endured. For example, even last week when I went out to eat, the waitress, obviously still in school, brought me a downsized student menu, thinking I still apply for a student discount.

Apr 3, 2016

Clowns to the Left of Me

     I've posted a playlist of my current encores here on FPS before, most recently here, but today I'll do it with a twist and put down some additional explanations along with my current musical favorites since some of the selectees might be surprising to those who know me and my musical background. So off we go.