Aug 28, 2016

Don't Shit Where You Eat

     This week I had a deadline to meet and since I'd been glued to my computer for hours and days on end almost without any break for a couple of weeks approaching the deadline, it was only fitting I took my boyfriend and my exhausted, depleted ass out for lunch when it was all done and over with. So on Monday, I pealed myself out of my pajamas which I'd been living in for the past fourteen days more or less and put on the girliest, frilliest dress to counteract my actual mood. When we got to the restaurant, I also decided to counteract my mood with one giant plate of čevapčiči and one equally giant glass of beer. We also ordered grilled vegetables. I didn't touch them. I had that giant plate of čevapčiči in front of me, remember? So. As I was stuffing myself with čevapčiči, onion and kaymak and mindlessly munching away with my brain idling, I at some point noticed my boyfriend making faces.

Aug 21, 2016

Hoarding Problems: Crazy Plastic Bag Lady

     As I write this there's a plastic bag with several dozen other plastic bags all neatly crammed in it sitting in one of my kitchen cabinets. That, I must admit, is far from the only plastic bag full of plastic bags I've squirreled away — there's another one in the pantry and another one in the basement. Plastic bag full of plastic bags that is. There would be more but my boyfriend threw out two (or was it three?!) not too long ago.

Aug 13, 2016

Live as a Poor Man

     I had this whole grand intro planned to ease into the latest selection of quotes I found for this week's post but now, as I'm sitting behind my computer with this on repeat (playing for the eight time in a row actually), all the words swirling in my mind suddenly seem redundant. "... one look in my eyes and you can tell that's true ..." So, yeah. This is it for this week. Pablo Picasso's quotes. Enjoy.

Aug 7, 2016

The Waiting Game a.k.a. I Wonder - Part 11

     When you think about it, we spend most of our life waiting for something. At first the stuff we wait on is fun like when we wait for Santa to come, for the tooth fairy (or the tooth mouse in Slovenia) to bring us some cash, for some boobs to grow (our own or our classmates') or for school to end and summer to start, just to list a few, but eventually we're all stuck waiting in a waiting room at the doctor's, in a line at the bank, in a queue at the grocery store, in a car at a red light, at a station for the bus to arrive, on a plane for the damn thing to take off, etc etc. We're waiting behind counters, behind wheels, behind people — you name it, we wait there. And for someone who firmly believes in the wise words of it's now or never (and would actually rather have everything done yesterday because even now this very second is already too late) that is — and please keep in mind that this is an utter understatement — a fucking bitch.