Jun 26, 2016

Thank God for Grandmothers — and Fake Piercings

     I got my first piercing, a tongue piercing, when I was seventeen and the procedure of going about it was about the same as it was with my other piercings and tattoos: I alerted my mom six months beforehand, saying, "Mom, in six months, I'm piercing my tongue," and she didn't take me seriously. I then warned her a month before, saying, "Mom, in a month, I'm piercing my tongue," and she didn't take me seriously. I then notified her a week in advance, saying, "Mom, in a week, I'm piercing my tongue," upon what she said, 'Don't be crazy,' but when I told her a day before the date I pre-arranged with the piercer — she lost her mind. Lost. Her. Mind.

Jun 18, 2016

Don't Try

     Last week I think or maybe it was a week before that, I saw a tweet that linked to a post entitled '7 Small Ways to Be a Better Writer'. It reeked of those 'How to Be Yourself: A Simple Step by Step Tutorial' posts, you know the ones that say, "First, you close your eyes. Second, you find yourself. And third, you allow yourself to be yourself. Here's our other content you might also like ..." But before you even fully reach that section there's already a window popping up offering you this awesome free book on how to find your inner sanctuary or clean your chakras or become a better listener or whatever — if, duh, you sign up to their newsletter. Which always gets me thinking, "Oh, bless you, glorified Internet, infinitely wise and useful." And since I've thought that a bazillion times already after landing on bazillion pages just like that, I half-expected ... OK. That's a lie, I more than half-expected the post to go something along those pointless lines and thought, "This ought to be good."

Jun 12, 2016

Weekly Recap: What Have I Learnt This Week

      You know when you have a plan, a good, comprehensive, well-thought-out plan? And then the universe pets your head and says, "You're funny." You know the feeling? I sure do since I got my fair share of it this past week.

Jun 5, 2016

New Is Always Better

     I hate updates, I really do. I hate updates so much that I just went and bought a new phone last week when my old one got violated by the latest Microsoft update — true story. So here's the full story.