Oct 15, 2016

Popularity Contest - No, Thanks

     A month or so ago, I read a story online written by a girl who overheard two other girls talking about another girl (this will get less girlie eventually, promise) saying that they would never talk to her because she doesn't have enough Instagram followers. I'm sorry, what? Out there, right this very moment, there are human beings who wouldn't talk to other human beings because they don't have enough INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS?? I was surprised and incredulous to say the least, but mostly repulsed. Has our society really gotten reduced to this popularity contest of who has more followers and who gets more likes? Has it??

Oct 9, 2016

Let Me Die at 75

     I have one grandfather. I used to have two, as is the case with our species, but my paternal grandfather died long before I was even born. On the other hand, my maternal grandfather will, despite the fact that he's already 90, probably die long after I'll be gone thanks to modern medicine. Or modern man's stupidity. It does tend to happen that those two are interchangeable from time to time but let's first talk about medicine.

Sep 30, 2016

So High I Could Touch the Sky: Animals on Drugs

     Honestly, I have no clue what brought on this post. I kind of maybe remember that the idea hit me at some party or in the middle of a binger but I'm not entirely certain and I can't recall any prior musings or conversations (which kind of confirms my presumption, doesn't it?). What I do remember is the moment I thought, "Hey, I wonder if animals in nature do drugs," which then made me type a note in my phone. Naturally, I forgot all about it that very instant until I, days later, found that 'Animals on drugs??' reminder. Of course I then had to go online and got myself lost in a swarm of videos of basically every living creature on the planet as high as a kite because let me tell you: animals do drugs, oh yes, they do. And not just some accidental poor sap here and there but a lot of them do. And a lot of them that do do them, do a lot of them, which we'll go right into — after a short disclaimer.

Sep 25, 2016

But a Fable Agreed Upon

     All through primary and then high school, I had just as much eureka moments as I had why-are-you-telling-us-this moments and the latter, of course, ties in with the fact that I was a victim of raging hormones thinking that most professors were morons who had no business being anywhere near a school. In retrospect, however, that's essentially true, but maybe I didn't have to make my assessments so blatantly apparent with my disdainful eye-rolling and wiseass comments, which is something I'd prefer to leave in the distant past. Unfortunately, I recently nonetheless remembered several of the why-are-you-telling-us-this moments resulting in all of the I'm-going-to-show-you-how-the-backs-of-my-eye-balls-look-like moments thanks to a conversation I had with my mom.