May 25, 2015

God IS a Woman

     I have to admit that being single after almost a decade (for the brief period of time that I actually was single) was fun and weird and juicy and exciting and stressful all at once. But luckily I had some assistance from an unexpected individual so the stressful bits actually weren't all that stressful. Who was kind enough to offer me a helping hand in my time of need(iness)? Well, someone who actually has no hands — the little guy in the picture above with kick-ass red sunglasses and Johnny Bravo bravado. In other words, the pineapple, yes.

May 20, 2015

Confessions - Dear Diary

     So, OK. I know I've said at some point a long long time ago, I didn't like dear-diary-esque posts, but since I haven't posted a single thing in over 8 months, I think an explanation or some confessions are in order. I'll try and make this as non-weepie as possible since I'm at a much happier place at the moment than I'd ever thought was even possible. There's actually only one thing missing in my life and that's my best friend. My doppelganger. My pooch. Why is he missing? Because he'd fallen ill (even more than he already was) and now he's dead. Or because I've killed him, depending on how you look at things.

Sep 12, 2014

Things My Boyfriend Doesn't Like - Part 17

      Boy. Things My Boyfriend Doesn't Like Part SEVENTEEN. There's this inkling on the far and dark outskirts of my mind that when you sum all of these up, he might simply just not like me, it sure seems like it so who knows . . . But I do know for a fact, judging by his latest comments, that he thinks I have a whole costume shop worth of clothes in my wardrobe. Fun.

Aug 30, 2014

No Matter How Dark the Present

      You probably have no idea who Joan Alexandra Molinsky is, but I'm pretty sure you know who Joan Rivers is. Guess what? It's the same person. Joan Alexandra Molinsky was born in 1933 in Brooklyn and some twenty years later, after getting a BA in English literature and anthropology, she decided upon Joan Rivers as her stage name and embarked on a journey to mega-stardom. But the beginnings of it were all but glamorous and sugarcoated.