Nov 29, 2012

Things My Boyfriend Doesn't Like

      I can say with absolute conviction, that my boyfriend doesn't like A LOT of things. Sometimes I actually ask myself (and him) what the FCUK he does like. Let me explain what I'm talking about: He doesn't like vinegar - it smells. He doesn't like beer - it smells. He doesn't like tartan or plaid in any shape, way or form - it's ugly. He doesn't like the color yellow - it's ugly. He doesn't like Gorgonzola blue cheese because it smells, except when it's melting on a pizza, of course. (Don't you think it's weird how people can't stand tomatoes or ham or mushrooms but on a slice of pizza everything goes?) He doesn't like the sun when it's shining directly upon his face. According to him, the best time to take a dip in the sea's when it's just about to rain, kid you not. Maybe that's where his ardent hatred towards yellow comes from, since the sun is - yellow. Oh and I mustn't forget, he doesn't like wine either - it smells. May I add, that I LOVE most of these things, especially the three liquids. But that's not what's important now, the point of this post is that he doesn't like some of my fashion choices as well. Go figures. And here there are:

      As soon as he saw this extra cool nude H & M shirt I DIY-ed, he said: "That's something my grandma would wear." Really? Your grandmother would wear this? Pair the shirt with some black leather pants, red boots and a parka - you've got one stylish grandma right there!

      He wasn't impressed with this jumpsuit I got on eBay either: "That's just UGLY!" He's lucky I'm getting it remade into a pair of pants. Although, on second thought, I don't think he'll like them any better. "You're right."

      Since I find this swimsuit adorable (there are cherries all over it, for Peet's sake!!), I was really surprised he didn't like it. "That's what you're wearing to the beach? That's something my grandma would wear!" Again with the grandma shit?? Even thought I'm pretty covered in this swimsuit (for a swim wear), half my ass is hanging out and when he found that out, her liked them a little bit better. "But just a little bit, don't get too excited!"
      This would be some of the things my boyfriend doesn't like and since there's a bunch more, I feel this is a beginning of a series so I'll conclude with these words: To be continued. Trust me, there's more.


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