Dec 12, 2012

Things My Boyfriend Doesn't Like Part 2

      This is actually a sequel to the first Things My Boyfriend Doesn’t Like post, which you can read here. There’s a lot to list, so I had to break it down into more posts than one. And probably this one isn’t the last one...
      Along with all of the things mentioned in the first post, he also doesn’t like dog hair. He dislikes them in his soup, on his toothbrush, in his car and, of course, on his clothes. My dog just so happens to be white. And my boyfriend’s favorite color is ... White? Wrong. It’s black. Ebony and ivory might live together in perfect harmony if you ask Paul and Stevie, but they don’t know squat. My boyfriend goes trough rolls of sticky paper like there’s no tomorrow, trying to accomplish the impossible really. Ever seen a crack addict’s dazed stare full of pain when he realizes that there’s no more of that good stuff and the magic is gone? The agony in my boyfriend’s eyes is far greater when the last strip is covered in dog hair and what’s gone is the stickiness.
      Another thing, which really irks him, is a crowded beach – we always have to find a perfect spot that’s just our own when we want to go take a swim. That can sometimes take hours! Ok, I’m exaggerating, but when you’re waddling about in scorching sun minutes seem like years, not just hours. Imagine spending your vacation on Ibiza where there’s people EVERYWHERE. There’re at least 3 people you don’t know in your shower when you first walk into your hotel room, so try finding an isolated spot there.

      He also doesn’t like these leggings. “Am I in high school or something?? It’s like I’m at math all over again!” Little geometry never hurt nobody, but I, on the other hand, can evoke pain, so watch it ...


      He dislikes this denim shirt as well: “It’s all washed out, I’d never wear it in public.” Who are you, Tim Gun??


      And last but by far not least, he HATES these harem pants. “What is this, are you kidding me?! These are grandpa pants!! So UGLY!” Want to know a trick? He likes them – loves them even – with sky high heels and midriff exposed – how easy is he?
      At the risk of sounding über cheesy: he may not like a countless number of things and thus makes my life a tad more difficult, but none of that matters just as long as he still likes me. Awww...


  1. ..i don't like you, I Love You!! **

    1. Public display of affection?? I must have done something right to deserve this.;) Love u 2, fashion grinch.*

  2. Hahahah your boyfriend must be very hilarious!
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  3. I like the denim shirt ! There is nothing wrong about that !

    xoxo from Japan

  4. That's so typical for boys!!
    Do you like to follow each other? :)

  5. I like the denim shirts and the patterned leggings! :D
    But I love the creative post! :)

    I'm following you, thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog, I ask you to folllow me back!
    Thank you!

    Beeeijooos e ótima semana!

  6. Hello lovely,
    today is very gloomy day for me,
    when I click on your blog,,, I like smiling n smiling again, so funny to read those. muahaaaa....

    Love, Yati from Malaysia

  7. LOL! I think my bf hates most of these items too, especially my printed harlem pants. He prefers a good old little black dress with some pumps. That's okay every now and again but I like to have some fun with my wardrobe!

    I think you look amazing in all of these!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  8. thanks for your comment
    you're really lovely
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  9. ohhh I love the black and white leggings!
    you've got a great blog, let's follow each other?

  10. Hahah, well first of all I must admit I love all the thing that your boyfriend hates :D. Those leggings are awesome! But, what can we do, guys just don't get things like that. Screw it :)!
    Hey, thanks for your comment, it means a lot :).


  11. cool outfit!

    X Jenny

  12. You have such an eye when it comes to fashion and style. I adore this!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  13. hahaha your writing is hilarious good! Amazing blog.. following! <3

  14. Hahhahah nice idea and True Story
    X the Cookies

  15. Very nice posts! I also have many clothes that my boyfriend don't like

  16. all man hates harem pants! hahaha
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    love, Gongy

  17. Wow, your boyfriend is very opinionated! Although I'm not really liking those leggings myself!

    Sophisticated Lace

  18. My boyfriend doesn't like these styles either!! Hahaha

  19. haha i love this, my husband hates pretty much everything i wear!
    brooke @ what2wear

  20. love your style!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha
    good idea, clothes of your bf!

  21. Love this post! My Fiance can be the same way about my outfit choices...he particularly despises my faux fur vests (which I adore)!


    Saguaros & Stilettos

  22. hahah how cute!! boys though.. they don't understand some fashion styles! (:


  23. What a great post!!
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  24. Hahaha sounds familiar!! Great post!! I like it!

    -xoxo- Lorena

  25. Aww lol so cute!

    S xx

  26. Great post! Your boyfriend seems to be very funny hahahahah
    I loved your blog and I'm already following! After, can you give a little look on mine? Thanks!!



  27. ahaha...i really love this funny...

  28. Genius post honey!;-)

  29. love the black and white leggins!!
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    xoxo Marika

  30. This is such a great post idea, haha. But those leggings look so cool to me!

  31. Haha awesome post!

    xo Jennifer

  32. My husband hates those harem pants too...I don't think ANY guy likes them lol. But we don't dress for them anyway, right? Hehe.


  33. Yes, I know very well, ... the moment when you are so comfortable in your fantastic harem pants and he says that he totally hates them ... even with heels ... It's terrific ... thanks for your visit I'll be very happy to follow you!!!

  34. Just lovely! =)
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!


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