Jan 28, 2013

How to Look Cute While Skiing or Snowboarding

      Have you ever wrecked your brain on how the hell to look cute while enjoying some sun and snow skiing or snowboarding? If you have, then you can stop the head-scratching and read on. If you aren't into any of the two mentioned winter sports, you can still read on just so you don't forget how to.
      If you do in fact ski or snowboard, you know how annoying and confusing it is picking up a date on a ski slope. Everybody's hidden away under layers of more or less artificial fabrics and when you get to the warm haven of a lodge with a guy you've just met on a ski lift, you cross your fingers and hope that when he peels off all of the layers - like an onion - he won't make you cry - like an onion. Why? Because unfortunately, it does tend to happen that you get stuck in a situation where you have to guzzle a lot of plum schnapps before you can justify sucking on his ice-sicle. That's why I think looking cute while skiing or snowboarding should be everyone's top priority. Let's be honest: Do you want to look like this?

       My guess is no, so here are my tips for girls who want to deceive no more:
  1. First of - get rid of the helmet. Helmet hair looks much worse than a broken skull, trust me.
  2. Don't wear a hat so others can see your luscious locks. Make sure you wash your hair before hitting the slopes and don't forget to spray it with at least one shine product, preferably fragrant. If you have short hair, don't bother even going. If you're worried that your ears will freeze and fall off, don't - that's why you have to have long hair to hide that minuscule cosmetic error.
  3. If you're not prepared to invest your ears into looking cute, make sure you wear the cutest and the most useless hat possible.
  4. Don't wear gloves. You do have to get a pair and clip them on the sleeves of your jacket so you don't look like an idiot without them, but NEVER put them on. People do have to see your manicure, right? And remember: the brighter the better.
  5. Your pants have to be as tight and as thin as possible so your ass is on full display and there is as little as possible fabric between your gluteus maximus and snow when you fall. And trust me, if you you're concerned about looking cute while your skiing or snowboarding, you will fall. A lot.
  6. Don't forget to open your jacket so everyone will see your new Zara top you got on sale. Remember: If beauty is pain, than cuteness has to be a bitch too. The plus side of freezing with an open jacket is that your nipples will be rock hard and thus more attractive to the male specimens around you.
  7. My next tip would be: Make-up, make-up, make-up. You can't go skiing without putting on at least some primer, foundation, bronzer, two coats of mascara and some bright lipstick. Fake lashes are optional (but I say that just so the lazy ones don't feel like complete amateurs because fake lashes AREN'T optional).
  8. Goggles are definitely banned from the list of cutifying items. If you do have to hide all of that hard work of putting on layers of make-up behind glasses, make sure they're as cute and, again, as useless as possible. You can find some good examples of the items mentioned in the photos below.
       All in all, my point is: Nobody pays a considerably hefty chunk of money for ski passes just to go skiing. Like in life in general, looks are the only thing that matters so make an effort. Don't care about actually perfecting your technique since no respectful dude will even notice it after seeing how you look while you're slumping down the slope like a moron. Remember: When it comes to any sport, cuteness always comes first, safety is just its ugly sister that nobody wants to fuck.

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  1. Well in my case too the slopes have different dating rules than real life (lol real life). You measure the guys hotness by the stunts he's pulling and the ability to board or ski. Ok, and a good noticeable ski jacket helps. :D
    Though now I see, I haven't been giving enough attention to my appearance in that white jungle... *blush*


  2. Thanks for comment! ;)


  3. adorable post girl..u have a very unique style of writing and i love it!!
    ive followed u on GFC, twitter and bloglovin! will keep visitn :D
    New post abt my style inspiration is up sweets :)

  4. You're such a smart ass and I love it :)

    ‎xo Ashley

    1. I know!!:D Top 10 world's smart asses easily.:D

  5. Wow cute panda!!! thanks for your comment.
    I'm following you.


  6. Aw, so beauiful post!!!

    U look adorable!!!



  7. So cute, i love it !


  8. Hahah this is adorable!


  9. A broken skull looks better than helmet hair, haha. You are funny.

    I love skiing, I have not been for about 8 years though. I am trying to change this by slowly convincing my housemates to learn how to ski at an indoor slope =)

    Corinne x

  10. LOL excellent advice, of course :)


  11. peet, you look adorable! i hope you're joking, cause i don't want you to hurt yourself. you know stay safe, play safe, and i'm referring to all activities. i like your hat, your blouse, and that manicure is fab too. the plum schnapps and the ice-sicle was my fave. ;)

    1. Yes, yes, joking all the way.:) That's me in the second photo in the middle, that's how I look when I go skiing - like a yettified ball of fabric.:)

  12. tooo cutee peet =)your shirt is luxe.

    Yati from Malaysia


  13. This is such a stunning post. I don't go skiing or snowboarding but I guess a lot of people will have greathelp from this post!!! great job x

  14. thanks for your nice comment, your post is amazing!!

    Pretty To Be Happy

  15. hahaha this is such a great post! cuz it's hard to be cute while skiing!

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  16. lol love it!!! And your panda hat and glasses :)

    {love jenny xoxo}

  17. haha, so there's a way to look cute while skiing, good to know! Love your hat :)

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  19. hahha your tips are so funny!

  20. so frikin cute!!
    Jamie www.candystilettos.com

  21. Great post! Although I never personally cared too much on looking cute when I'm on the slopes trying to stay warm and trying to prevent myself from getting a butt bruise. ^_^


  22. Amazing pictures!
    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog!

  23. I love the panta hat ! :D

    xo ,
    Ana Catalarrana

  24. Very cool!


  25. Cute outfit! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


  26. Crappy advise, love it! :p



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