Feb 27, 2013

Tag, You're It!

      A few days ago, Ana passed a tag onto Irena and Irena passed it onto me. It's about writing 6 random things most people don't know about you. I saw a similar tag floating around a while back, where you had to list 25 random things about yourself and I'm sure happy this one only has 6 because I'm actually a pretty boring person.
  1. I can (and do) eat mustard straight out of a jar with a spoon, I especially love the whole-grain one. I love everything with a strong taste - gorgonzola and other stinky cheeses, wasabi, truffles, all pickled vegetables (the sourer, the better), etc.
  2. I've been plucking my armpit hair with an epilator for years and I don't even flinch anymore. Nothing to it.
  3. I'll put anything in my mouth after it's fallen on the floor. Once, me and my boyfriend were standing in the middle of a street and my gum fell out of my mouth (I have no idea how a gum falls out of one's mouth, I have a big mouth, I guess). I picked it up and wanted to put it back in (because it still had a lot of taste to it!) and my boyfriend freaked out - he doesn't like germs that much. Imagine the exact opposite of a germophobe, that's me. I pick up worms and put them off the sidewalk, I drink after everybody, I always sit down in public restrooms, I pet every dog I see (if it's not angry). I really don't care.
  4. I wanted to become a nun. I was very active at our church when I was younger (till I was about 15). For example, I sang in the choir, I was a scout (which is actually very cool, because now I know how to build a fire, put up a tent and tie all sorts of useful knots), I know all about baptism, holy communion and confirmation. Now, I haven't been in a church for years - it has nothing to do with the concept of god, it has everything to do with the concept of Church. And sex. That's why I don't want to be a nun anymore. Plus their uniforms are so unimaginative.
  5. When I use the bathroom at night, I'm afraid to flush. When I was younger, I watched a horror flick with my brother and in it, a girl flushed the toiled and then Count Dracula came and ate her. For the longest time, I didn't flush at night at all, but now I do. And run back to bed.
  6. I was a diehard hip hop fan, I listened to Cypress Hill, KRS-One, Dr. Dre, Exibit, Tupac, Warren G, everybody. But Eminem was, is and will always be the best lyricist out there, no question about it. I still have his Marshall Mathers LP on my mp3 player right next to sets by Richie Hawtin, Dubfire and others. When I get into a fight with someone or I'm angry, I always listen to his Kill Kim to "cleanse my soul", the best catharsis available (next to Xanax, but nobody wants to prescribe it to me). 
      So this is it, I have fulfilled my duty. Who knew you could put Eminem and becoming a nun in one post. Now, I know I should tag only 2 people, but ... Who cares about the rules, right? So I'm passing the tag onto 4 damn cool ladies: Mélo, Borjana, Mishberries and Cee.

I'm wearing:
Coat: Zara
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Bershka
T-shirt: H&M
Belt: H&M
Earrings: DIY
Boots: Pittarello

       Thank you for stopping by, hope to see you again the coming Friday, Monday and Wednesday.



  1. I used to eat mayo straight out of the jar.

    that means you are an undertaster with a palate like that!

    I wanted to be a nun too until i found out that the church is rather sexist that they pay for most of the welfare for priests but not nuns - the nuns have to raise most of the money themselves - hence the teaching and nursing etc.

    some countries are worse than others...

    love that school of rap too.

    i am selective about floors and the 3 second rule - otherwise i am not very ocd either

    fun post! xx

    1. I've never thought about the money aspect in regards to being a nun, to tell you the truth...:) But you made me think - my taste buds could be, in fact, dead, not just inclined to strong tasting food!! There goes my dream of being a chef...:)

  2. ohh you look great, love the cardigan you wore in here. and LOL I pluck my armpit hair too, I don't even think it grows all that much anymore after all these years

  3. Your coat!!!!! I'm in love!!
    And incredible piece, classic and timeless! ;)


  4. Me encanta como te queda el look, me gusta con el moñito!!! Besos

  5. love this post! it's always fun to learn about another person!

  6. I like the N.6 ... but why I don't know that you want to become a nun??? :) You a nun??? Hahahahaha :D

    1. I guess it's never come up in our conversation...
      "Hi, how are you?"
      "Good, thanks. You?"
      "Can't complain. I wanted to become a nun back in the day."

    2. Yes! Next time you will tell me, that you want to become a nun! So I can lough :D

  7. Thank you for tagging me,you're super fun!;-)

    1. You're welcome. Can't wait for your post!!:D

  8. WOW, your coat is stunning!! I adore it, and your white jeans! Perfect outfit.


  9. Beautiful look! Love the coat and those earrings!

  10. Great post!



  11. Lovely outfit...really love the back drop :)

  12. Peeeeeeeet! Yay for one less nun in the world! (am I gonna get shot for saying this?) LOL! Does plucking armpit with epilator lessens the growth? I was a gorilla before I shaved and now I've transformed into Orang Utan >.>

    5 second rule for foods that falls to the ground! Except gum. And except when you chips falls into a puddle of water. http://9gag.com/gag/5878502 I am a loyal worshiper of the all-hail 9gag <3

    I've done ittttt! I've put up my Tag post, thanks Peet!! <3<3
    (Thanks for letting me have a new post too. Was already cracking my head >D)


    1. I definitely won't shoot you, I "deserted".:D
      You're welcome for the tag, honey. Thank you for going along with it!;)

  13. Hi, very good this post.. Pretty funny from point 3! you're crazy!! hah but in a good way!
    see you soon! ¡bye!


  14. Hahah this was interesting, btw agree with you about Eminem :)
    Love your earrings so much!

  15. Amazing look!
    new post on my blog

    have a nice day


  16. great look !! simply amazing !!
    new post

  17. hey girl ,

    I thought I commented here (sooo losing my mind) ! Anyway thank you for the tag (still haven't found 6 things yet ^^) I will do it ASAP.
    BTW I don't believe 3 & 4. I mean seriously ! (?)

    1. Cross my heart, everything I wrote is true. But not even my bf knew about number 4. Only one of my childhood friends knew.:) All of my current friends were so shocked about it though. Am I so decadent or what??:D Can't wait for your post.:P

  18. nice outfits...simple and cool!

    xxx Ros.e.

  19. hahaha I LOVE YOUR POST. Nun, eminem. Xanax. Germs (btw I'm so like that, but I gotta be uber clean and careful now that I'm in med school and touching other people. Also, microbiology scars the SHIT out of you.) Loved this post. What a chuckle!

  20. Hey dear thank you so much for reading my guest post and stoping by my blog! I really appreciate it and I'm glad you like it! I love this post and great coat! Xx


  21. Thank you for nice comment! :)
    I love this outfit.

  22. Love your earrings from the first picture!


  23. Great outfit. Nice DIY earrings you have there!

  24. lovely outfit!!! kisses

  25. Such interesting facts - loved reading! Great pictures, too. Thanks for stopping by the blog and for your sweet comment! xo, Julie

  26. Stunning edgy photos!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  27. Love the location of these phots! You look great!


  28. Hilarious! I love finding out more about the blogger! I think the one that shocked me most is using the epilator to pluck your armpits. Now I've used a fair few epilators in my time without great success (maybe operator malfunction, not sure)so I cant even imagine using it to pluck the forest that grows under my armpits!

    Loving your outfit - just bought a pair of white jeans for the Spring/Summer - blooming hurry up!


  29. I love this outfit so much! The jacket, jeans, everything! So pretty.


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