Feb 8, 2013

Things I Don't Get About Dogs

      A dog is a man's best friend, no question about that, and mine has certainly lived up to that reputation. But even though I can sometimes read his mind and he can read mine, there are a lot of things I find puzzling about the lovable creatures.
      One of those things is: Why do they always go in circles before they lie down? Seriously, why? Is it an OCD thing? Each dog has a certain number of times they have to circle the spot, maybe that number depends on the time of day or the place where they want to lie down even, I don't know. "I have to go 3 times to the left and then 2 times to the right, so one, two... No, wait. Did I start with the left front paw? I think it was left back one. Damn, I have to start all over again. So one, two..." What's with the circling?? I don't circle on my bed before I go to sleep!
      The next one is mind-boggling, weird and kinky all at the same time. Why do dogs sniff each other's butts? And don't say that that's how they get to know each other. You've met a fair share of people in your life but the number of butts you've smelled is a bit lower, I presume. What kind of information do dogs get by sniffing each other's buttholes. "Hey, man, you need to eat more fiber because you have hemorrhoids." Or: "You need to cut down on your protein intake because your asshole smells kind of funky. Now let me see if you drink enough water, where's your dick?"
      I also don't get why do dogs lick. I know I've been mocking people who ask that question here, but honest to god, why do dogs lick? Imagine: you're sitting on the couch with your sister, friend, mother, uncle, father in law, whoever, just watching TV and you're licking the hell out of their leg until you're blue in the face or their toenails fall off. What's up with the licking?? I'll have to have a heart to heart with my fart machine to see what he has to say and I'll get back to you on that in a few posts...
      There are plenty more cunning conundrums but I'll just mention one more: Why do dogs scratch after they've taken a dump? At first I thought it was something like closing the toilet lid but they miss their shit 99,9998 % of the time and kick stones and dirt into passing people and parked cars instead. Besides, you can't get most men to close the lid so I highly doubt that dogs do that voluntarily. Now I think it's more like a pat on the back they give themselves: "Yeah, I pooped the crap out of that shit, fuck, yeah!" And if it's that good, you get a little growling too: "Yeah, man, that felt grrrrrreat."
      So these would be my dog related riddles. Some hard core existential questions, which have been chasing me in my sleep for years, really. Now you can feel the burden of them too.

Leos is wearing:
Sunglasses: H&M
Fur coat: DIY

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  1. Just love it!

    Kisses from Bucharest,


    www. rock-and-roses.blogspot.ro

  2. :D
    I think going in circles is just a part of their instinct, they want to press down the "grass" they are about to sleep in and make a cosy nest. Our Foksi does that too. Other things I don't get either.

    What I find puzzling is ... why does she have to hump my leg all the time?? :P

    1. :D Maybe Foksi thinks you're extra hot.:) And yeah, the grass on my couch badly needs some pressing down before he falls asleep on his cloud of more or less 3 blankets.:)

  3. haha, these are the cutest shots! How'd you get him to wear those shades?

    1. In the second photo you can see my boyfriend's hand's reflection - he's holding a piece of cheese next to the camera.:D My dog's addicted to cheese.:)

  4. Such a great post!! And he is definitely so cute

  5. Hahah your dog is soo cute, he looks great with those sunglasses! ^^
    and this post is so true and funny :D I don't have a dog but I have seen them doing all those things xD

    Fashionably Sparkly

  6. Hey Peet!

    Leo is over loaded cutee!!!

    looks cool too hehehee

    love, Yati from Malaysia


  7. Haha this was hilarious to read! Thanks for sharing your opinions, I ask myself the same questions sometimes :)

  8. LOL i think i just sh*t my pants reading this post HAHA don't really have an answer, maybe is just a dog thing...like us humans, why do we do things in a certain way right?? haha have a good one!! ^_^

  9. Aw, your dog is SO cute! I love the sunglasses! (:

    fashionlei styled

  10. Cutie dog!

    It will be amazing if you come into my blog and maybe follow us if you like it ?

    Hope to see you on it !


    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  11. So cute!
    Nice blog, maybe we can follow each other? Tell me what you think ;)


  12. Ah, but dogs are always beautiful is not it? I really want to have a yorkshire. * - *

    Thank you for your visit on my blog, xoxo.


  13. The sunnies are soooo adorable on this dog lol, I love when animals wear people clothes, so funny! So glad I clicked on your comment that led me back to your blog, your posts' contents are info and image juicy so expect to be seeing some regular comments from me. I've just posted up one my most PROVOKING outfits featuring Erdem's runway printed neoprene coat and matching heels, do tell what you think on the craziness and l hope it entertains ;)

    xx The Provoker

  14. Your dog looks great with the sun glasses !! Love this post!
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  15. Such a cute dog!! I love your writing style so much. Very humorous!

  16. hi dear! i love your blog!!!! thank you for passing by my blog and commenting ....i was wondering if you would be interested in following each other?>

  17. hey dear... thanx a lot for your comment.........
    the doggy is so cut... muahaaaaaaaaaaaa...........

  18. hahahah you're funny ;) I love dogs ;) this pic is so cute ;)

  19. hahahah i had a good laugh at the part about scratching after they've pooped, i have three dogs and one of them has a serious case of this, all the dirt and grass would fly everywhere and he does it about 1m away from where the poo is, so i just have no idea! really cute photos too =)

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

  20. ahahah cute !!!!
    new post

  21. I just realize that they did the circle thing before lying down after reading this post, lol! I guess dogs do what dogs do! Your pooch is adorable! I wish I have a pet =)


  22. omg hilarious and so true!!! But nevertheless their weirdness I'm crazy about dogs :)
    great post!!

  23. awww I love dogs so much!


  24. Leo's behaviour may be puzzling, but he is awfully cute, especially with those sunglasses on! I've never had a pet, so unfortunately I have no insight whatever into why dogs so what they do :)

  25. hahaha, great post! Your doggie is adorable! <3<3


    So funny !!!!!!


    Coline !

  27. Thanks to everyone for reading. And for thinking that my dog is cute - I'll pass the high praise on to him.;)

  28. really funny! and your dog is so cute <3



  29. Aww, this was such a fun read! I could probably write a similar post about cats ;) The puppy is adorable- think the glasses really suit him! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier- so much appreciated! I'm your newest follower.



  30. ok i am going to be very postmodern and say
    OMG - LOL - WTF - too funny!

  31. I noticed those doggie traits but have never thought about them in detail like you did. Hilarious post, and very very cool dog who does DIY!


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