Apr 29, 2013

Beehive Syndrome

      Today, there's a million thoughts roaming around my head and I don't have the energy to make them have sense or the time to wait until they decide to make sense on their own. Ok, I'll admit, a million is a slight exaggeration but I'm claiming the right to artistic freedom on this one.
      I'm thinking about things, which have just happened and are about to happen to me and are happening to others around me; some are simply baffling beyond comprehension. Maybe there aren't a million, but there's a minimum of 107 thoughts up there. All of the buzzing in my brain is starting to spread and is now getting on my nerves too so I'm seriously contemplating drinking or sniffing an anti-bug spray to kill those annoying buggers off. Anyone with a severe case of beehive syndrome raise their hand!
      These photos were taken a few days ago and if I look outside the window now, it's cloudy. It rained a bit yesterday and the day before and it might rain sometime again today. Perfect. I'm sitting behind my desk with loyal Mr. Fartz at my feet (justifying his nickname to the fullest by farting for the 7th time in the last 4 minutes) in red sweatpants (which probably should be at least in the hamper if not in the washing machine by now) and a yellow XXL Corona t-shirt looking all grey in the face and pretty much like shit. So now I'm staring at these photos thinking: "Where the fuck did you smiling, sunbathing bitch go?" The extent of my metamorphosis is uncanny, trust me. Maybe Gregor Samsa didn't turn into a bug but just needed to take a shower and a vacation.
      This was the first and thus by far the most dear-diary-esque post on FPS and hopefully the last one too because - who wants to read this BS??

      P.S.: Do you know that if you search for "blackberry" in Google Images you don't get a picture of an actual blackberry, but a billion images of a BlackBerry?! You have to search for "blackberry fruit" if you want a photo of A BLACKBERRY. Where's this world coming to?!

 I'm wearing:
Top: Newyorker
Jeans: Bershka
Cardigan: eBay
Sneakers: Newyorker
Necklace: H&M belt
 Sunglasses: H&M men

      Feel free to follow FPS via Twitter and be sure to pop by on Wednesday, when I'll be back to my old jolly self. Posting days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and hopeful this isn't your last time here.



  1. Love it!! your shoes shine bright like diamonds haha! Thanks for your commments!! and the blackberry tip is really interesting!


    1. I love that comment!!!:D Yes, I know - they're pretty bright.:) Can't help it, I like acid yellow. And just about anything acid.:)

  2. I love the top with the yellow sneakers. Fabulous casual outfit. Haha, that is funny about searching for blackberry.. sadly, I'm not at all surprised.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Ohhh, I do not mind reading this bullshit. I hope everything that is playing on your mind goes away/gets better soon. I always find a bottle of wine helps?

    I love the outfit, full of colour, oh yes.

    Thanks for tweeting me but I have not seen The Departed. Care to elaborate?

    Corinne x

    1. I'm not telling you which scene!:P Watch the movie and decide which is it for yourself.:)

  4. Is that a dimple I see? If it is, power to the girls with dimples. Sorry i'm going off point because like you I have hundreds of thoughts in my head right now. On Mondays you are supposed to feel all refreshed, but there is so much I need and want to do and say, so my hand is firmly raised to having beehive syndrome.

    I loved your dear diary-esque post, it shows another side to you, which is lovely, just as lovely as your cheeky smile -is that too much?

    Anyway those trainers (sorry sneakers) are amazing, I struggled to try and pull of white shoes, don't think I could pull of these, but you doing it perfectly!


  5. great top! You've got a gret style!
    have a nice week!


  6. i think today is just one of those days - i feel like that too.

    but that blackberry thing is scary - it is like the world id mutating.

    my boss was with me in the advent of the internet trying to book airplane tickets and of course we google virgin airlines and you can imagine what came up. That is why I don't like stats because everything becomes skewed!! PS You have a really cute smile!

    1. VIRGIN Airlines, yes - I imagine it was fun searching that with your boss next to you...:D

  7. cute top x

  8. Beautiful colors!!!


  9. Ah, I have a fart machine dog as well. That lil bugger gasses me when ever he gets a chance! The worst is when we drive 1.5 hrs to the desert .. purple cloud all the way. I feel for you :-P


    1. Purple?? You must have an upgraded version, my dog's are just grey...:D

  10. Nice post!

    Check out my J'adore Dior giveaway!


  11. I love reading your dear-diary-esgue musings and am wondering what all of those 107 thoughts were. Back to typing now that I finished raising my hand. The weather you were sunbathing and smiling in a few days ago must have been fabulous. The print on your Newyorker top is pretty and coordinates nicely with the blue colour of your Bershka jeans. What, no photos of the red sweatpants and Mr. Fartz? I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian and don't have a dog, but if I did could imagine seeing whether she would eat beans, eggs, cabbage, milk, broccoli and cheese (bbbrrrraapp pofff pfffweeet!). 7 times in 4 minutes is pretty impressive! Why am I not surprised about the results of a Google Image search for blackberry? The people who write the programs are probably very tech-oriented, though that might not necessarily have any effect on the search results. I would prefer the edible kind of blackberries myself. Thank you for the #Fashionista Saturday #Shoutout Retweet on Twitter!


  12. oh so cute! you always look so effortlessly geat!
    kisses and have a great weekend

  13. Such a fun read, as always! My mind has definitely been buzzing lately too. And poor Mr. Fartz and his farty ways ;) Loving the photos- your hair looks amazing and the floral print top is great :)



  14. Gotta be real, girl. I look like total shit right now too. Ups and downs...it's all about the recovery though. Get some cuddles in with Mr. Fartz (tehehe) tomorrow is a new day!

  15. I saw this blog and was like... PEETT? IS THAT YOU???


    1. :D She's ADORABLE!!! And I would wear half her stuff. No, 75 % of it.:) And her hair, I want her HAIR!!!! Is that real?!?!

    2. Does this mean it is not you?

    3. Nope, not me.:) But I would be nice to be her so I'd have her closet.:D

  16. adore your sneakers!
    love teh color :D


  17. Love your interpretation of The Metamorphosis! Haha! Who knew that's what Kafka was really saying.


  18. Yeah, being free does also mean being lonely for me right now. Wow, if I would get my inspiration from everything that pisses me off .. it will turn in a very sad blog xD There are so many things that annoy me. Way to many.I think the biggest problem for my blog is the fact I can't take photos to make it brighter and more colorful.
    I remember when I first wanted to see how the blackberry phone, so I wanted to type 'blackberry phone' but it was no need because I only saw photos of phones by just writing 'blackb-' xD

  19. Love the colors thanks much for stopping by Pirate Hart!

    Following you on bloglovn' and GFC!! Follow back? :)


    Pirate Hart

  20. gosh... I thought you were some kind of goth-inked-looking friend and now you are wearing flowers and bright colors AND you are smiling on the same pictures. My world is so falling apart ^^
    love the pants =)

  21. You look so cool in that outfit
    and you don't seem to have a care in the world,
    you don't look like someone who's got a million thoughts in her head in those photos.
    Just keep on smiling girl.

  22. It really is uncanny how quickly we transform from our lovely outfit photo selves into our sitting around the house in oversized clothes that probably need washing selves - for the record, I amw riting you this cmment wearing my husband's hoodie, a pair of leggings and zebra flats that I desperately need to break in. The important thing is that we clean up nice ;) I love your blouse in these shots, the zipper detail on the back is wonderful.

  23. Love this top and how it zips down the back. Also, commenting in yoga pants and a beat up old tank top... what an outfit!

    xo Ashley

  24. I've been suffering from beehive syndrome too! I'm about to graduate soon and prom is next weekend and RAWR! So many things to think about! I love the kicks. The whole outfit coordinates nicely :)

  25. Ooh - love the colour. Beehive syndrome must be a strictly womanly issue - dudes don't walk around with 5,000,000 thoughts all rubbing up against each other! And as for Mr. Fartz and his little gastro issues, "Better out than in" is what I have to say about that!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


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