Apr 26, 2013

F**k Me!

      Today, I have some answering to do, which has been way overdue. Irena, a dear friend of mine and the creative force behind Oh, Henry! accessories (the bow broach I'm wearing in this post and also here is by her), came up with 11 questions and wanted a few of the lucky ones to answer them. I'm one of the chosen ones so today I'm paying my dues. But before I do that, let me just give you some facts about the lady: For a while, she worked on a cruise ship so she's a bona fide sailor, which has always been a dream of mine; she followed her dreams and went to study abroad, which has always been a dream of mine too; and she's all around gorgeous, which coincidentally has always been a dream of mine as well. She's simply awesome and when you see the questions she's come up with, you'll think she's awesome too.

      1) Your favorite online store and why?
      eBay. If you can dream it, eBay already has it.

      2) What do you hate buying the most?
      That's easy - swimwear.

      3) What thing on your bucket list would you like to right now?
      I'm not going to tell you the thing that's on the top of my bucket list because it might be a bit (too) perverse (for some) and/or illegal, but the second thing on the list is to pet an orca, that's my life dream and mission. When I was little I made my dad promise me we'd have a huge swimming pool in our backyard so I'd be able to have an orca. He lied.

      4) What's your favorite word in general?
      I've been thinking about this question for 3 days now and I don't know the answer. I love words, I get off on words, but I don't have a favorite one. I do however like how our Slovene high school teacher said "smetana" (Slovene for cream). You could just taste the creaminess when she said it...

      5) What's your favorite curse word?
      It's not a word, it's a phrase: Fuck me. I always say that (I literally say it in English) when I'm angry and people go: "No problem, honey." Well, fuck me, you're dumb.

      6) What's your favorite occupation on free days?
      Lounging. I don't want to sound like a whining miserable troll, but I haven't just lounged and done completely nothing in such a long time... Lounging by the sea with a cocktail in my hand and huge shades on my face just watching the waves, that's my favorite pastime in the world.

      7) If you were to work in a circus, what would be your specialty?
      I can cross my eyes pretty badly and some find it somewhat hilarious. But apparently the tip of my nose moves like crazy, when I talk - that's why I can never have a serious conversation with my boyfriend because he always starts laughing at me and mocking me. I know, I'd suck as a circus freak...

      8) If you were to write a book, what would be the title and what would be the genre?
      I actually am planning to write a book. It'll be similar to Ellis' American Psycho - bloody and creepy. I don't know the title yet, but I already know the characters and the plot and everything, I just have to find the time to write it.

      9) What's your totem animal?
      I'm in love with the sea so I like all aquatic mammals, killer whales especially. People most often connect freedom with flying and birds, but I don't. I think sea creatures are the freest (there's nowhere to fall and your environment is in a way pushing you up, not dragging you down) so I think orcas are kind of magical.

      10) Recipe for your favorite meal...
      Recently, I've been obsessed with grilled cheese and spinach, that's what I make when I cook for myself. Of course, I drown spinach in sour cream and/or Philadelphia cheese spread and throw some grounded Parmigiano in. It's a phase, it'll pass, I promise.

      11) Men - with mustaches or without them?
      If it's just mustaches, then without. But I do like men with beards, beards and long hair, that in my book equals perfection. Or a goatee, a completely shaved head and a pair of aviator sunglasses, that's my Viagra right there.

I'm wearing:
Shirt: Two Way
Skirt: DIY
Jacket: Newyorker
Wedges: Pittarello
Bow broach: Oh, Henry!

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  1. Funny questions really fun to read, and adore the broche so cool
    Xx ish

  2. You're right they are great questions, and they are also great answers. Something told me that you would want a write a book with that theme - that would be so cool to write a book. I'm not 'creative' like that at all. Guurrl....you need to get on with writing it, what you waiting for! We will forgive you if you don't blog post for a bit!

    This outfit is cute (I say that a lot don't I) - probably my favourite actually


  3. I know what you feel ;) I do this sometimes too, but I try have light suitcase ;)
    Really great outfit <3 I like your blog, and I follow ;)


  4. hehe totally loved your answers! :) And cool photos! :)


  5. Love the pics :)



  6. Always enjoy reading your blog! You look great on photos ;)


  7. great look! love your sandals!
    have a great weekend!


  8. Cute outfit. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. *muah*





  9. I'm literally the worst with these... But this was fun!

    xo Ashley

  10. makes me smile and laugh hehehehe, what a cute answers,

    love the tangy color on ya skirts :)



  11. eeee the skirt is perfect an then ii saw that it's a diy! YAY LOVE IT GURRL


  12. hehehe smetana.. it's almost like in Polish - śmietana :)

  13. Grilled cheese and spinach sounds so delicious!! I' hungry now, thanks a lot!
    Btw I looove your skirt :)

  14. You really do have an extensive wardrobe dont you?

    very fashionista darling

    love the questionaire - remember you might be famous one day so i am going to save this post hehe

  15. Many thanks for your interesting and funny answers :) But now I´m really curious what´s on top of your bucket list ;)

    And not to forget: I like your outfit - that skirt is awesome!

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


  16. Darn... I love your skirt. I'm still not sure I get used to see you in such bright colors :)
    Anyway, made my dad promise me an orca too. (Once he brought me to this park with dolphins and orcas: I became obsessed with them). I guess dads are liers ^^. Well I don't have a big-enough swimming pool yet anyway. And I' m way more obsessed with crows now !

  17. The bow is cute cute.

    I want to know the first thing on your bucket list. TELL ME I DEMAND YOU.

    Corinne x

    1. You demand? You've got some nerve demanding stuff on MY blog.:D Just kidding...:) I won't tell you what it is exactly, but I will give you a hint: it's one of the scenes from the movie The Departed. That's all I'm saying.:)

  18. I think that would be such a cool job to work on a cruise ship! Totally awesome question and answer, really unique questions which I love! Made me laugh! Love your look! You skirt is too cute!


  19. love your outfit!! by the way i hat shopping smimwear too hahaha,

    Great post


  20. I really love your style girl!
    Thank you for your comment! I am following you on gfc and bloglovin, hope you follow back :)

  21. this look is so cool! The yellow skirt is so adorable

  22. awesome look!!! loving every detail! <3

  23. great look! thanks for the comment, following you now :)


  24. Now my imagination will have a field day conjuring up all sorts of different things that you might have been referring to which was at or near the top of your bucket list. My favourite part of your outfit is the yellow skirt. That's very impressive that it's a DIY!!!


    1. To tell you the truth, I was a bit surprised when I finished it too.:D

  25. Great look!!!

    like your blog. what about following each other??..


  26. I love this look! I love your blog. Your style is amazing! I am a new follower (bloglovin' ) Xo

  27. Your outfit is great, I like very much the combination!!


  28. I loved the photos! I loved the look, it was very cute :)

  29. I always love learning more about the bloggers I follow. Thanks for sharing!

  30. the bow tie is the perfect accessory!!

  31. Damn, you're cute. And you seem like a pretty awesome individual too. I am convinced that I need a bow tie in my life. This outfit is like, hot rebel nerd. Flawless. I'm following you now!

    May the force be with you.

  32. we love the bright orange colour pop =D cute!!

  33. First of all, i love this heels.
    Now i cant continue. I've read all questions and all the answers seemed ok... at least, thoughtful or meaningful. Until i reached the last one. What happen with hair hahaha i mean... long hair?¿... completely bald?¿ clear your mind or your boyfriend will became completely crazy =) (maybe he has one half head shaved and the other one with a heavy mane ^^)


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