Apr 1, 2013

I Don't Want to Eat Anymore

      Somehow, I'd always lived under the assumption that I was made of steel. I thought I could do and drink and eat crazy stuff and nothing would ever happen to me. Not me, "I'm as healthy as a race horse pumped up on steroids," I thought. I took health for granted, at least my own, but it's recently gotten painstakingly obvious that I was wrong and things, which before were nowhere near my radar, are now sounding alarms left and right.
      My mom is the queen of small talk and during yesterday's Easter lunch, she casually brought up an interesting fact.
      "You know, a few days ago, one of my co-workers told me that she bought a head of cauliflower, put it in her refrigerator and when she opened the fridge the next day, the cauliflower grew over night."
     "It grew. So she took it back to the grocery store because something was obviously up. And when she brought it there and told an employee what had happened, the shop assistant said: "Oh, we forgot to take out the pill," and replaced the cauliflower head for free."
      "What?? What pill??"
     "While they're storing vegetables in stores, they obviously treat them with growth hormones," she said, carelessly chewing away.
      "Mom... You're saying they give something to vegetables so that they can grow in a COLD fridge with NO sunlight whatsoever! Do you know how messed up this is?!"
      "Yes. We're screwing up this world big time," still munching away.
      I put the fork down and stared at the pieces of chopped carrots and zucchinis on my plate, which suddenly started to slowly but surely grow in size. What are you hiding, you sneaky little weasels?!
      It's a fact that milk, dairy and meat are full of antibiotics and growth hormones because farmers HAVE TO give them to livestock in order for them to survive shitty living situations they're put in. So even if you decide to avoid that and eat more fruit and vegetables, you get genetically deformed mutants, which look big, bright and beautiful but are just devoid of nutrients and vitamins as well as taste. And are obviously full of growth hormones too!
      Think about it: You can get any food you want anywhere you want at any time you want. And we call that luxury. No, that's stupidity. In order to transport these "luxury" goods, they have to modify their genetic material so they'll survive the transportation period. AND look pretty, of course. As if that's not enough, they also treat this "super-food" with radiation. You think I'm making this up. I'm not. The data are about 5 years old, but top 3 countries by the number of radiation processing facilities are China, the USA and France, but no one is exempt; you can find them in Brazil, Poland, Bangladesh, everywhere. They expose poultry, onions, spinach, grains, tomatoes, apples, potatoes, spices, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to radiation, so that they slow down spoilage, delay ripening and inhibit sprout. Do you know what radiation does to humans? Hair loss, vomiting, headaches, DNA mutation, white blood cell deterioration, DEATH. And you think it doesn't do shit to vegetables? If you were a cannibal, would you want to eat something that's vomiting, has a headache and is losing hair but won't spoil as quickly?
      Unfortunately, you can decide to look after yourself and choose to eat healthy, organically grown food, right? Wrong. Even if you had the means to do it, since healthy food is insanely expensive, anyone can put "organically grown" on the label when it's in fact not but the question then is when and if anyone will figure it out. To illustrate, I'll give three recent examples. The UK: People bought and ate "beef", which turned out to be (race) horse and also donkey meat. Yum. Germany: People bought and ate "organic eggs", which turned out to be produced by hens who actually never saw sunlight or grass and were fed the usual hormone-laden fodder. Double yum. South Africa: People bought and ate "beef", which turned out to be donkey, water buffalo and goat meat. Triple yum.
      So let me ask you: Do you think you know what you eat? No. Seriously. Stop. And think about it. Do you really know what the fuck you eat? The truth is there's no way of knowing for sure. But I think it's safe to say you eat shit. It might look nice, but that's exactly what it is - shit.

      Now every time I open the refrigerator, I carefully eye those tomatoes and carrots to see if they grew. I'm afraid that one day I'll wake up, walk to the kitchen and there it'll be: A big ass tomato sitting on my couch saying: "Good morning. I've already made coffee, just help yourself, milk is in the fridge." But what if it grows and it turns out that it's evil?!

      Share and/or follow if you think one day huge, genetically modified tomatoes will rule the world with an iron fist. If you doubt that's possible, you're in for a rude awakening. There are new posts coming up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so see you again this Wednesday! If my tomato doesn't beat me to the munch...



  1. Those pics freak me out and only illustrate what you have just written!

    This is such a problem and I don't know where to begin.

    I don't eat fresh enough but can I be bothered to cook and source the best? That not only takes time but the energy...

    But I may not have energy if I don't get off my ass and be more mindful...

    Great post Peet x

  2. Happy April Fools day Peet ;-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  3. I know it's inappropriate but I have tears on my cheeks from laughing even though it's a very serious subject. I thought of the old horror movie "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes". I already knew that eating meat was stupid - that they pump animals full of steroids, growth hormones and who knows what else. The constant residual doses of antibiotics fed to animals, I am convinced, is contributing to the evolution of bacteria that are resistant to treatments. The animals accumulate pesticides in their fat, so meat-eaters get a concentrated dose of poisons when they eat it. The genetically modified foods are even scarier. The meat pushers are trying to mix vegetable and animal genes, and bioengineer corn that has sterile seeds so the farmers can't grow their own seed corn. I am a very lazy vegetarian. I buy a lot of Amy's frozen prepared vegan and vegetarian meals and microwave them. I hope they do their due diligence and stay away from cardboard tomatoes or tomatoes with teeth :O Many of the packages say they are vegan and GMO free. I live in a relatively rural area. Maybe I should buy vegetables from the local farm-stands more often when things are in season. That stuff about vegetables growing in the dark in the refrigerator is pretty scary. P.S.: Thank you so much for the comment you left on my last post :)


  4. Wow you are so totally right! It's really scary!

  5. You see the trick is not to think too deeply about these issues because there's not a darn thing you can do about the food chain and we gotta eat! It can be scary and disturbing to think about what they do to our food, I do the same thing when I'm eating in a restaurant. I think back to what they did back of house when I worked in a restaurant, but if I let that determine my eating, I would never eat, like ever again! oh and don't think organic is too much better, they may not add many chemicals to the fruit and veg, but they do to the soil unfortunately.

    I've not ever noticed my fruit and veg getting bigger actually but i dont doubt they do things to them whilst in the shop, but damn my favourite fruit still taste good! I am going to monitor it a little more closely though because i am curious now!! Hope you don't make me paranoid!

    Those images are fantastc ha ha, oh and thanks for answering the gold question.


  6. crazy crazy and interesting pics!!! Great post :)

  7. Great. I'm officially freaked out. Thanks a lot, woman!! Never eating again..

    xo Ashley

  8. omg you are totally right!! scary!! I am now freaked out!!! very very interesting post! :)

  9. Nice blog ! MAYBE WE FOLLOW EACH OTHER ON GFC , BLOGLOVIN AND FB .. i'll follow u back for sure and i'll be so glad to keep in touch with your work ..



  11. loving these photos! Xx

  12. GOSH you have a naked lady on your page!

    Um, PILL? What is this? April fools? I'm a stock control manager (fresh food and grocery) in a supermarket and I can assure you that WE DO NOT HAVE PILLS IN OUR VEG!!!!!!!! But then again, I also work for the same supermarket that found horse meat in their beef.

    Corinne x

  13. Shit. I TOTALLY BELIEVED YOU UNTIL I READ Paula's COMMENT! YOU ARE SO NOT TRICKING ME (tricked)!!!!!!!! ARGH! I totally forgot what day it was LJKLDH FSDEF(*EY @#&*$E PFT. Nice one though. So convincing. Hope your tomato beats you up T_________________T

    /throwing mega tantrum

    1. It's not a joke, it's real. Google food irradiation. It's actually pretty fucked up that it sounds so unbelievable that people think it's a joke when it's all real. Because it is.

  14. OMG, LOL i love it,
    thanks for the visit !


  15. OMG! Those pictures are showy!!haha
    Great post as usual!


  16. :D hahahha! OH YEAH THEY WILL RUL THE WORLD... and NO ONE and NOTHING will stop them! Muahaha!

    Happy April!


  17. Okay... the fact that the grocery store is medicating cauliflower so that it grows on the shelves is pretty disturbing. I'm still not on board with eating organic because it's insanely expensive and most of all, totally not standardised, as you say... anyone can put a stick on anything. But I try to do most of my shopping from the weekend markets, where vegetables are brought in and sold the same day. At least then I can be pretty sure they won't keep growing when I bring them home!

  18. Oh mah gash! I know it's pretty freaky, but your killer tomatoes did crack me up! But seriously, it's soooo scary and sad that this is what our world has come down to, just so that we'd be able to "enjoy" anything we want whenever we want. That cauliflower story just proves that even fruits and veggies are sometimes not "safe" to eat anymore! Eeeeek! :(

  19. O OMG I can´t believe about the vegetable grow up on your refrigerator.
    You have reason, we really care about it.


  20. In this day and age everything has hormones or some kid of chemical in our foods.

  21. I am currently taking a nutrition class and learning all about these things! It is so informative, yet scary to learn what we are eating! Thanks for your recent comment on my blog :)

    Xo, Amanda


  22. This post is exactly on point, it's terrifying all the crap they do to our foods.

  23. Amazing!!!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!



  24. thx for stopping by my blog :)
    im following you now :)

  25. Your blog is filled with great commentary! Love reading your posts and you seem like a gal with a witty sense of humor. :) Also, that cauliflower story is horrifying... I will never make cauliflower mashed potatoes again, EVER.

    1. Mmmmm, but cauliflower mashed potatoes sound so good!!!:D

  26. This is terrifying. This partly why I hate being a "well-informed" citizen- what can I even do?? I knew that all of the processed shit was awful for you, but vegetables, too? What's left??

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!


  27. Oh man, don't even get me started on this topic. People have managed to take the fiber and protein out of EVERYTHING and there's so many chemicals thrown in to compensate for that and it just gets...messy. (The cauliflower growing in the fridge is pretty impressive though, I hadn't heard about anything like that!) We grown, hunt and can a lot of our food but I've been running into the same problem with a lot of the seeds, humans have always mutated crops and stuff but it has just gotten insane in the past sixty years. :P I don't know if it's sold there but I think you would really like a chef's magazine called The Lucky Peach, David Chang dedicated the entire current issue to this subject and it's a great read. (And its funny and delightfully snarky and evil so I'm sure you'd love to read it.)

  28. she looks like nicki minaj for a second! LOL


  29. tud v solate dajo te pilule, meni to vse vlece na zf, ko masine napadejo ljudi. sam tle so cvetace in ledenke v glavnih vlogah. mal kripi.
    drugace pa mas tle neki 'svezega' :

  30. seriously I'm totally freaking out about food. We try to eat healthy and actually have bought a report about where to buy food in france so that it is as healthy as possible. Scary to see that some frozen aliments were safer then some "organic cucumbers". Then you're liek "what wan they possibly do to cucumbers"... well apparently give them pill ^^ I was posting an article recently about 30% of american food being something different then what they sell (for example fried calamari = pig anus... how yummy is that ?). I swear I wanted to vomit after that.

    1. Yummy, yummy, I've got PIG'S ASS in my tummy... I'm never eating ever again.:D

  31. haha! very funny... but it's serious too...
    I have studied biomedicine and one of the things we learn is about clonnig and making transgenics, so i can`t be against them.
    Of course i don't like hormones and radiation and all that shit they put on food. But genetic modification is not so bad... You can modify a product to be more nutritive or need less water to grow, an this is how you can stop a bit the hunger in poor and dry countries.
    Think about it... things are not good or bad, only the way you use it.

    1. No, you're 100 % right, it can't be just black or white. But I have a feeling that most of the times the GMOs are modified to LOOK better, not to BE better...

      You studied biomedicine?! Cool!! I tip my hat to you.:)

  32. Very interesting post. I´ve been thinking a lot about healthy food lately, too! The problem is that today´s food is not only unhealthy but also often enough unethical (laying battiers, overfishing,...) or filled with chemicals or other useless stuff. And the times when you thought that only instant meals are bad are definately over. Nowadays you can´t buy vegetables, you can´t buy eggs, you can´t even buy deep frozen fish without either loosing the nutrients or acting unethical. Did you know that they use chlorine to clean that kind of salad that comes in these ready to eat plastic bags? Or did you know that they store eggs for one year until next Easter in special fridges? Or did you know that most deep frozen fish looses their nutrients when you prepare them? I also heard of a woman only watering her plants with water she had put in the microwave the day before and her plants just died? There are so, so many things we don´t know and we basically can´t rely to ANYTHING sold ANYWHERE. This is really sad and makes me really angry and I think that the only think you can do is get some seed and plant your own food but who has time for that nowadays?
    Sad times, right?

  33. This is so creepy! But we have to eat... We are doomed!!

  34. it's just stupid and funny picrures no more... not even think about it)

  35. Thing is, we don't really need to eat at all. Just read the book "Man's Higher Consciousness". At the moment, I only eat 500 calories a day and have never felt better in my whole life. That we must eat roughly 2000 calories a day is nonsense. We don't need to eat half the food we consume. We only feel hungry because we are conditioned to. Check out Dave Murphy on Youtube.

    1. I actually agree with you, it's conditioning basically. And we especially don't need to eat the food we end up eating ... Thanks for the comment, dear, I'll be checking Dave Murphy ASAP.


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