Apr 19, 2013

Let's Build a Bridge

      Yesterday, I was at our local grocery store and I saw a heap of Easter eggs sitting there on a shelf right next to their plain, regular peers looking all eastery in their holiday costumes and abandoned. It was impossible for me to miss them since they looked like something a unicorn threw up after having eaten too much rainbow: neon pink, neon green, turquoise, acid yellow, all of the colors the human eye can see and the pothead's mind can imagine and then some. That right there explains why they're still on that shelf. Neon frigging Easter eggs?!
      Whenever I see Easter eggs, bright or not, I think of a story. And whenever I tell that story to anyone, they look at me like I'm crazy and say/think I'm making it up because I never know the dates or names or anything. But I'm not making it up and I've checked the facts and now I'm going to tell it as it is, corroborating it with data. So on with the story.
      It all began in 1357 in Czech Republic, in Prague to be exact, when King Charles IV decided to build a bridge (today called the Charles bridge). To make it stronger, the builders used a mixture of milk, wine and eggs to bind the sandstones in the structure. That's why Charles the King ordered to collect as many eggs as possible from the surrounding villages. Eggs started rolling in and everyone was keen on contributing because the bridge was actually pretty important back in the day (it was a major trade connection between Eastern and Western Europe). Then one day, a couple of wagons FULL of eggs came from a village called Velvary and the construction workers were beyond excited because they needed all the material they could get their hands on - the construction was a huge undertaking, after all the bridge is 516 meters (1.692 feet) long and 9.5 meters (31 feet) wide and it took about 60 years to build it. So they saw those wagons piled up with eggs, right, they got all happy, right, and then it turned out... That the eggs were hardboiled. The Velvary villagers decided to cook them so they wouldn't damage during transfer. Pretty clever, right? After that the whole Prague stunk of rotten eggs because people weren't able to eat that many eggs that fast.
      The way I see it, Velvary didn't fuck up, King Charles did since the moral of this TRUE story is: Specify. Relying on other people to have common sense just proves you don't.

I'm wearing:
Shirt: C&A
Pants: Newyorker
Sunglasses: C&A
Flats: Zara

      I'd just like to wish you all a very merry Friday and a happy weekend! Don't forget to follow via Twitter and/or spread the love. Posting days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so see you next week on Monday!



  1. You are so right! If you want a job done properly, most often you've got to do it yourself, or, yes talk to them and give them instructions as if they were 8 years old. Hmmm I've had to do that a few times!

    The fact you've written TRUE in capitals must mean the story is definitely true, so who am I to doubt you now that you have written the TRUE in capitals - I guess it's like saying 'bible' lol.

    Anyway I'm very curious to know your age now, but I'd put money on the fact that I'm older, even though your boyfriend thinks I look younger. So how shall we exchange ages?


    1. Let's shall.:) I was born in 1986. You? I'm very curious how off my bf was, because he's never misjudged anyone's age so far...

      And bible, yes! That's so ICONIC.:D

    2. OMG - you are a baby. Your boyfriend was 11 years off!!!! but ssshhh!! I'm trying to keep young and hip by blogging!! I'm also a Kim K fan because of her age!

    3. We're not that much apart then, huh...:)

      I'm Kardashians enthusiast as well, guilty as charged!

  2. love the text, so true, and still funny haha
    love the floral jeans dear
    xx ish

  3. I love the story and more importantly the point of it. Common sense feels like a precious commodity sometimes doesn't it :)
    Fabulous vibrant outfit!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Great post my dear !just love the floral print!

    Thank you for comming by,



  5. wow I would never picture you in such flower-ish happy-sunny pants, and yet you look great like this !
    Really love this look !

    1. I have a pair of hot pink pants too. And a white lace dress. Imagine that.:)

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog! your outfit is lovely!
    kisses :*

  7. Ha! Fun story and definitely a moral to keep in mind :) Loving those vibrant pants on you. The print is amazing! Looking to find some floral-printed pants that work with my shape, cus I've been dying to give them a go! xo



  8. Those pants are really cool, very nice combination!


  9. friggin hell - the whole memo miscommunication is eternal!!

    i love stories like this - history / anecdote / moral of the story all in one xx

  10. Fabulous brights on you !


  11. Love the moral of this story. Hilarious. You look fabulous in those bright colors, dahling. :)

  12. your post always a mind opener for me !

    love your electric blue top !

    do visit me : http://yatiinoah.blogspot.com/

    Yati from malaysia

  13. I love that story, so sad about everyone smelling of rotten eggs but it's true you can't expect people to be mind readers, let alone have the same mindset you do, by the way I love your pants so frickin much!


  14. Great color blocking. Love the sunnies!

  15. i love reading your post !!
    love the pants !

  16. I love how you styled your bright Spring coloured floral New Yorker pants with your blue C&A blouse.
    You are undeniably and eggsactly right about te moral of that story. Perfectly stated.
    "Relying on other people to have common sense just proves you don't."


  17. Haha that's a cool story! And the essence is so true too!

    I noticed that I normally forget commenting on your photos because whatever you write is usually so interesting and funny that I only comment on this. But today I'd like to say: I LOVE the colour combo of the pants and shirt! Beautiful spring look!

    1. I like that you read my posts, couldn't care less if you didn't see the photos at all.:D

  18. Lol @ neon Easter eggs! Loving your pants here!


  19. The pants look gorgeous. Love this look. Thanks for sharing the story :)


  20. Very beautiful photos!

  21. So pretty :)

    Following you back via GFC and Bloglovin :)

    Mahnoor's haul

  22. You're bang on here Peet! It makes perfect sense to make the eggs as portable as possible so they get a fantastic result! I.e. a bridge that's super sturdy and lasts centuries! I feel sorry for the village of Velvary - they probably thought they were being SO KICK ASS. Just goes to show, just because YOU know what you're talking about, you may need to check if who you're TALKING TO has comprehended WHAT YOU SAID. To Assume makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me" *Steven Seagal.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.
    Btw: I used a picture off your blog in one of my posts - I've linked back. Happy blogging.

  23. I freakin love your blog. I literally am never bored with a post :) You're a favorite for sure!! Also, holy pants! :O

    xo Ashley

  24. I love the colors!


  25. love the colours!!!!!! And you have a prefect body! <3 <3 <3


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