Apr 3, 2013

Tattoos & Piercings Undeniably Lead to Heroin Addiction

      A long, long time ago, I can still remember... How that music used to make me smile? Yeah, that too, but not this time. I can still remember the conversation I had with my grandmother when she saw my lip piercing for the first time.
      The second she saw me, she started laughing her bottom off (it's my grandmother, I can't say ASS). She thought it was hilarious. And I thought it was the coolest thing ever that she found it funny. But then she got all serious:
      "Does it hurt? It looks like it hurts."
      "No, not at all!" and I started to pull the piercing out and twist it at which point she started laughing again.
      "Fine. If it doesn't hurt than it's fine by me."
      "I wish your son were as easy going as you are, it would make my life a lot easier."
      "My son? He's the one to complain. Let me tell you a story..."
      And then she told me a story of a moment in time when my father was a 20-something groovy dude and was just her son and not yet my father. She was at the local market with one of her friends when her friend noticed a young couple walking across the street. They were both decked out in denim head to toe, bell-bottom, ripped, washed-out jeans and denim jackets, they both had sunglasses on and long hair and the guy had a long beard too, naturally. And when her friend saw those two, she pointed her judgmental, narrow-minded little finger and said: "Look at them!! Those hippies!!" My grandmother turned and there they were: My father and my mother, the hippies.
      "I was so ashamed, I didn't know what to do. I just said: "Yes. Horrible." I couldn't tell her that one of the hippies was my son."
      Imagine, a guy with long hair and a long beard with ripped jeans and a denim jacket - the profanity! Now, nobody even notices that. But they do notice someone with a few piercings and tattoos. I've already talked about stupid questions but I've also been told some pretty fucked up shit since my first piercing. "The more artificial holes you have the more stupid you are." "You'll never get a job." "The more piercings you have the more likely you are to end up addicted to heroin." "If you get any more tattoos, people won't love you anymore." But probably the most heart-warming story of all is this next one...
      I was walking down a street, minding my own business, when I saw an elderly lady waddling in the opposite direction towards me. She was looking at me, staring even. When we were about one step apart, instead of going past me like any random stranger should, she stops, looks straight into my eyes and says: "Disgusting!"
      I really don't get how some ink, which I paid for, under a piece of skin, which is mine, is anyone's business. Or problem. I can't even comprehend how come tattoos are still perceived as shocking. Let's be real: You have people that tattoo their eyeballs, split their tongue, do suspension, brand themselves, and some still can't get over tattoos and piercings? "Those hippies!!"
      I've also heard and read that by "mutilating" your body you're desecrating a gift from God and that getting inked is all a part of demon worshiping and a quest to gain demonic powers. Well dooh, that's exactly what I'm after tattooing flowers on my body. I find it so surprising that people, who love to quote the Bible, forget that in that same book someone also said: "Only God can judge me." And: "He who is without sin cast the first stone," if tattooing is such a sinful act. I bet Jesus had a Prince Albert piercing and was the coolest cat on the block (or on the sandhill or wherever) but he knew the average man's feeble mind wouldn't be able to handle such information so he had it edited out of his holy biography.
       Allow me to end today's post with a quote from Permanence: Tattoo Portraits by Kip Fulbeck: "The only difference between tattooed people and people without tattoos is tattooed people don't care that you don't have tattoos." Get it?

      Feel free to share and/or follow whether you're one big judgmental hypocrite or an open-minded little sunshine - I don't discriminate when it comes to shares. Or ever, for that matter. There are new posts coming up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and since it's Wednesday, see you again this Friday!



  1. I freakin love your posts peet. again, you hit me right in the heart. i only got 1 tattoo, not visible for everyone, but i still share your opinion about those narrow-minded, stupid people who call themselves "society"...
    I love being one of those hippies, or as MY granny used to say: "Zippie?!"
    haha, she was too old to even remember the hippie time, but with her 95 incredible years she had such an open mind to accept my divorced mum, my brothers muslim best friend or my armenian boyfriend who has such dark skin, she would ask my uncle if he "had been in the solarium for too long"...
    When I am old I wish to be as cool as my Granny was!

    Greetz from Germany,

  2. That tattoo is gorgeous! I don't have one, but I was considering getting one! Have a lovely rest of your day love!


  3. The minute I read tattooed eyeballs and split tongue I should have carried on reading, but something possessed me to click on the link and look (you know like when you try to get a glimpse of someone being pulled out from a crash) eeeeewwww, that's sick!. I have two tattoos, i want a third just haven't decided what and where

    I think it depends on where and how big the tattoo and piercing is - I must admit I do cringe at pierced nipples and lady parts and tattooed faces, although i wouldn't say anything to them unless they were a close friend or relative.


  4. Oh well... don't even start me on the subject. People are so freaking retards, it's way beyond my understanding that people would care about others piercings, tattoos or even sexuality. I really can't do anything else than laugh at their pathetic face.

  5. Wow, great post!!
    My boyfriend is a tattoo-artist and I meet a love of tattooed people and they are like everybody else.
    How often can you see a small tattoo spotting out of the blouse of a woman working in a bank...

    Get chilled with tattoos and piercings out there!!!!

    1. Your bf is a tattoo artist??? You lucky girl!!:)

  6. Enjoyable read <3 I think you have to take the older generation with a grain of salt as you don't know what type of dementia has set into their brains.

    My mom got her first tattoo when she was in her 50's ( a lovely rose on her shoulder ). I prefer my plain o'l bod so .. no tattoo's for me.


  7. nice post and great inspiration!

  8. I do admire good tattoo work, and as for the Bible reference, I recently came to this conclusion: the verse people always quote is from Leviticus and in the same chapter they quote this verse from, just a few verses above it, it also talks about not eating certain meats and not having piercings of any kind. These were old commandments God gave to the Israelites to protect them from disease and infections during their time. However, in the New Testament, he erases those old commands and says what was once unclean is now clean. So I believe if done with the right attitude, tattoos aren't evil or whatever. Haha, my lola (grandma) has two full sleeve tattoos because of her tribal tradition and I think its awesome!

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    1. See. I like that. You know what you're talking about. I agree with you about those "rules" being for protection. Besides, earrings and dying hair should be frowned upon too then since it's just as invasive. And I think I love your lola.:D

  9. i went to the doctor because my ankle hurt...and the retard said it was because of my leg tattoo ...i told him that was odd because my other leg hurt...i don't know if he was just being funny or he meant it...but he seemed to be very serious about it!!
    i have 5 tattoos and i love them all!!!

    1. Your ankle hurt because you have a tattoo?!?!:D He's an idiot, but it's hilarious.:D

  10. Great tattoo!! I love them but I have no one at the moment!!

  11. Thank you very much for your lovely comment!!
    I follow you now on GFC and bloglovin!!
    If you want, we can follow each other on facebook! Let me know!!



  12. I need a new tattoo!!! Gah, withdraws suck :(

    xo Ashley

  13. hi!!
    wow... its really stupid what old people think about nowadays trends. I mean.. i can understand it a bit because it's not what they are tired of seeing but... I always have thought that tattos and piercings are a new form of art and that`s why i love to find out them and the reason why there were made ^^
    a pleasure reading uuuuu XXX

  14. Tattoos - what a loaded subject.

    makeup - no problem you can wash it all off - but tattoos? the pain, the commitment...

    I don't have any and I have no interest personally in getting one - I can barely put on moisturizer hon.

    But when I see tattos - I always stop and look and it does make me still for a few seconds.

    I admire the conviction to commit to something like that - something that will be on your body pretty much until the day you die.

    that is kinda heavy. but also the act of being needled - think about it - that is totally funky.

    people still have this primal reaction towards it.

    in asia - believe it or not - if you have tattoos you are not allowed in public swimming pools because the association in asia is that of the yakuza or the mafia.

    Whereas in thailand, they have a beautiful buddhist tradition of tattooing prayers on their body so it does go both ways depending on geography.

    Funny enough there was a piece on Garance dore on tattoos - mind you, she was so pc about it.

    I think your flowers are beautiful by the way!

  15. Yeah, great post! Makes me smile while reading! :)
    I have two tattoos and I want more!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, dear!
    Following you now via bloglovin!

  16. wowww nice tattoos =)

    you might to check out Sarawak tattoos ! one of many ethnic in Malaysia!
    their tattos were so awesome =)\

    Yati <3


    1. Yes, I saw a documentary on how they tattoo once - that's crazy. And painful. And of course I'm intrigued.:)

  17. This is a fun read, i cant help but smile when you talked about your grandma and how open she is. She lives long enough to understand and accepts things, that is one cool grandma.

    I dont judge how people look/do to their body but i assume that those who have tattoos and piercing in visible spots have been somewhat prepared to hear some criticism/stare/attention or else they would get tattoos in a more discrete area of the body. However your tattoo is quite lovely.

  18. Great Story! I think everyone should mind his or her own business and should only be there for others to help not to judge them!

    Lots of Love, Kyra

  19. I love that tattoo, it's a work of art! I don't have a tattoo but sometimes feel I'm missing out...it's never too late right, maybe I'll get one when I'm a grandma, now that would be a turn of events?!

  20. Tattoos aren't for me but I still think that they sometimes can really look beautiful.


  21. Beautiful tattoo! I think everyone should be able to express themselves how they choose. My brother is covered in tattoos and has plugs, I have one "tramp stamp" i regret and my sister is completely an ink virgin. My folks love us all the same! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I love this tattoo. I feel like in some ways they're appropriate if they mean something to that person. But sometimes it's really just to get attention (read: face and neck tattoos). I've debated about getting one myself, and then realized it just wasn't for me, but I appreciate it on others. It truly is art.

  23. Hi, thank you for comming by again sweety!

    nice tatoo



  24. I LOVE this article! You read my mind and wrote it down ..
    Now I have to find courage to show your text to my my dad,
    who doesn't talk to me for weeks every time I get a new piercing/ tattoo x) ..


  25. I am super curious which part of that tattoo is on. Niceee smoothhhh skinnnnnn <- pervert

    LOL it's a really nice tattoo and seriously, I was that close to LOL when I read about the granny "waddling" urgh you so annoying with your awesome choice of words. Pft!

    Ah well people's super judgmental nowadays. Don't even mention tattoo. I was just sharing this 'love article', the non corny type and I got judge as an idiot for that. And lol like what your dad did when he was young, I am sure the granny was young once and did many other things that she wouldn't be proud to say it out.

    Just because some thinks they are older or 'higher up' allows them to 'speak their mind'. It would have been more impressive if what they say is of relevance instead of just 'disgusting'. Your granny's cool >D I like the sound of her already hahahaha. You probably inherited her lol


  26. I have never had any adverse reactions to my tattoos... people just ask if they hurt... I definitely think it's more socially acceptable for women to have tattoos nowadays. Your Gran sounds cool!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  27. I've found that the one thing my boyfriend, friends, niece, etc. love about their tats is the fact that others find them "disgusting," painful or simply that they attract attention. If their tats did not invoke some sort of a reaction, either positive or negative, then they wouldn't have them.

    1. My point of view or reason is kind of the complete opposite.:) I'd prefer if people didn't comment on my tatts and piercing period. Although most my tattoos have meaning, it's primarily an aesthetics thing - I like how ink looks on (in?) human skin. And I like how piercings look, that's why I have them. Not because I want a reaction out of people. But the reasons are always purely subjective, right?

  28. Why do drug addicts have tattoos?

    1. Don't know, you'll have to ask them.:) Probably for the same reasons non-addicts have them - because they like them.


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