Apr 15, 2013

Things I Don't Get Part 2

      I already foreshadowed this sequel in this post and now the time is ripe for another list of 10 mind-boggling mind buggers a. k. a. things I don't get.
  1. Deodorants that are supposed to prevent you from sweating up to 8, 24, 48, 72 hours. What's next? Sweat free for life? Besides, who doesn't wash themselves for 72 hours?! If you do get lost in the middle of a jungle and you aren't able to wash yourself for 3 days, I'm sure you won't be concerned about braking a sweat.
  2. That all babies are cute. No, they aren't. Yes, every life is precious but, please, don't confuse that with being cute. Don't give the title of cuteness just to everybody and set them up for disappointment.
  3. All thongs that aren't a g-string. You know, the ones that have a wide strip of fabric instead of just a string. Imagine that a thong is an intruder and your butt crack is your house. Would you want Fat Bastard to come and invade your privacy or Miranda Kerr? Just saying.
  4. Grown women wearing Hello Kitty clothes in public. If your shirt says HELLO KITTY in a 110 point font, you shouldn't be wearing that after the age of 7. Ok, maybe 11, but definitely no later than 15.
  5. The Twilight Saga.
  6. So many people loosing their mind because of the Twilight Saga.
  7. A smiley face on my tube of mayo. The text says: "Mayonnaise with olive oil - with added virgin olive oil :)" Is it meant as a joke? "Mayo with added olive oil. Not." But since when is mayo supposed to be a funny item? Or is that a sadistic smiley face: "Mayo - slowly killing you with cholesterol. Ha."
  8. This next one might offend some of you but if you have a reasonable explanation, please, shed some light on this because I just don't get why some people publish 20 pictures per outfit-of-the-day post - the outfit is the same, the location is the same and most often the pose is the frigging same. I think there are actual Victoria's Secret angels that don't get 20 good pictures per shoot! I have to get physical therapy for my finger or at least take a break before I can scroll through all of those THE SAME photos.
  9. This one needs a bit of background. Not long ago, I saw some tweets floating around: "What was the farmer doing to the cow to discover milk?" or "How did man discover milk?" People retweeted that like crazy. Some even made YouTube videos about the mysterious discovery of milk and how sick that first farmer was. Really? You can't figure that one out, Sherlock? I don't get how people aren't able to connect the dots on this one: Just as a baby human sucks on a female human's nipple to get milk, a baby cow sucks on a female cow's udder. People saw that and thought why not try it, just like they tried goat milk and sheep milk and probably other animals' milk too but I don't want to think about that too much. It's not that the farmer started squeezing random cow parts to see what would happen: "Let see what this does," tugging on a tail. Na-a.
  10. Why you have to remove all of your earrings, rings and piercings if you're going to give birth or have an operation. When you get your wisdom tooth extracted, nobody asks you to take your oral piercings out, but while you're squeezing something through your vaginal canal, god forbid you have earrings on or your nose piercing in. I asked a doctor what's the reason for it and the answer was: "That's the protocol." No other reason. The sole purpose of the protocol is the protocol itself. If you're thinking about bacteria, don't: Even if you remove the piercing, the hole is where the bacteria is and you can't remove that. And as far as safety reasons in case they have to revive you with electroshocks are concerned: In the 9th episode of the first season, Mythbusters proved that it takes a piercing a size of a DOORKNOB for lightning to be attracted to it. Busted.
      People say money makes the world go round, but it seems that stupidity does a pretty good job too. Since there's a growing shortage of money in the world, thank god the economy isn't sucking the resources of stupidity dry as well so our world keeps on turning.

I'm wearing:
Skirt: eBay
Top: Bershka
Jacket: NewYorker
Necklace: C&A
Boots: eBay
Sunglasses: H&M

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  1. Gorgeous lip color on you in the third photo.


  2. ALL OF THESE!! YES! Mostly the fucking Twilight one. Ugh! I don't understand.. ALSO, outfit posts with 385t3285238562 of the same picture. Make it stop. We get it!

    xo Ashley

  3. Love your skirt, it's fun the twilight one, it's the same for me :P

    Trendy Bow

  4. Perfect outfit! Ilove the stripes and you look gorgeous!

    Good Monday


  5. hahaha, love reading your posts!

    The first picture is great!

  6. First time on your blog. Congrat! You style is so cool I love it!
    Now I follow to check around your site :D

    CHECK MY NEW POST: "Welcome to the jungle"

  7. Ok so you don't like Denzel Washington and you don't wear Hello Kitty ? I mean, seriously, time to see a shrink now ^^
    I looove your necklace and skirt... and I really don't get the 20 pics per outfit either...

  8. Woman, you're cracking me up. I'm with you on the thong thing. I have never in my life seen a TUBE of mayo though. Non of that in the U.S. They come jars. Also, you're right...not all babies are cute BUT all black babies are cute. They just are. :)

    1. How come people are so surprised about a TUBE of mayo??:D They do come in jars too, but it would take me forever to finish it so a tube is more convenient, it's a smaller size.:) A TUBE is what you people don't get?:D

  9. Thanks for the laughs! I feel you on most of these especially the Twilight saga. I attempted to watch the first one and fell asleep. It was that exciting for me O_o Fab outfit! Love the skirt!

    Thank for you sweet comments. My vertigo was cured mostly through Chinese herbal medicine and a restricted diet. Thankfully the dizzies are mostly gone now. I'm lucky to have such great models/muses in Rena and Ian. They make photography fun :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  10. LOLzors.

    I do not get the whole 20 pictures thing, esp when they are MASSIVE and it takes ages to load. It angers me. What also angers me is when bloggers have music that automatically play when you go on the website. I have to then find the bastard and pause it. It also ruins the music I am playing. PLEASE DONT DO IT OKAY

    I am sorry to hear your mayo has a smily face on :) My main concern here is why is it in a tube? A TUBE? WHAT? I do not like it when packaging tries to be funny or cute, or make out like the product is talking to you. I do not care for the cheesy-wannabe-witty products. We sell this crisp type things at my work called Llama and they try to be funny. Every time I see that Llama on the packaging I want to punch it in the face.

    I saw somebody with a Hello Kitty tattoo the other day. Oh dear.

    I sound like a grumbly old ladeeee.

    Corinne x

    1. Hello Kitty tattoo? Wanna know something? The lady that did most of my piercings has a Hello Kitty tattoo on her forearm. She said she wanted to have something cute on her body.:D A frigging baby panda would be cute too!!

  11. PS - Twilight the the worst thing I've ever watched. HE BIRTHED A CHILD WITH HIS MOUTH WTF. Renesmae. What the hell kind of name is that?

    Also - have you ever tried to do that 'prove your not a robot by typing in the letters' thing by listening to the sound clip? I just tried it now. Failed. It is the scariest thing in the world, I think it might be slendermans spawn that does the voice.

  12. Love mayo in any container. just to freak people out they should start making toothpaste in glass bottles...

    Agree re babies - I find it tough to do the obligatory - oh so cute.

    but I will say was a brave man who first ate the oyster though right?

    fashion posts are so interesting - the ones I love is when someone buys a designer item but they take pictures of it like a newborn baby and show it in every angle with the whole neighborhood holding the new baby and posting it for a whole month - cracks me up!!!

    the protocol is only protocol because of lawsuits - so if something goes wrong and then the patient goes through the insurance and it was shown that a nose ring etc was left then they use that as negligence and try and pinpoint as a cause of infection therefore it is just a way of minimizing lawsuits.

    hello kitty is purely women trying to get laid with all its pussy connotations and are subliminally marketing themselves. Bless them. They should just whip out a wonderbra and read your post about how to please your boyfriend...

  13. THE TWILIGHT SAGA - are you kidding me I love those films, but then I love the Kardashian series too, so I'm often the odd one out among my friends. I don't lose my mind over it, but I sure as hell got excited to watch it (saddo!)

    Okay..... is that a joke you are making with the mayo because I really can't see the smiley face on the tube and I've been staring at it for the past 30 seconds?

    yeah 20 pictures is quite a lot, i think the most I've counted on my blog is 7 pictures all of me in one post. I think that is too many still, so have cut it down now. Although I hate blog posts with one picture even more than too many pictures, it's like a waste of my time even logging on to their site, especially if there is no written content!

    Don't need to worry about point 2 or point 10 because no babies are coming out of my body - by choice!

    I like the asymmetric style of your skirt, but I need to see those boots closer, they look amazing from here!


    1. I'm addicted to Kardashians too, but the Saga business... Can't wrap my head around it.:)

      You can see those boots here:

      CLICK ME

    2. I swear I cannot see a smiley face, although I've just looked again and I see what you are referring too - I would never have recognized that as a smiley face, it's the wrong way round?? are you sure it's a smiley face lol!?

      ooooh no I do not want kids. I'm sure I'm a lot older than you so I bet I get more stick than you do. Fortunately my parents or family don't pressure me but my friends are continuously on my case about having children. Why would I want children, it's far too much effort and commitment and patience all of which i just cant be dealing with. I've got used to saying it publicly now and deal with the pressures, although hopefully your readers don't slander me!

  14. I am so with you on the Twilight Saga nonsense. And the photo thing, too, honestly. I almost feel guilty if I include photos in my posts that might be construed as too similar - and usually I'm only thinking about it because I think my photographer did a great job on a shoot. But then I go to other blogs and scroll through twenty-five of basically the exact same shot, which wasn't exactly special to start with... what's the point? I want to see what bloggers are wearing, but once I've seen the front and back and a few of the accessories, I'm pretty much good :)
    PS: Love your skirt.

  15. Still rolling from #3. Thongs freak me out. And I was a victim of #4 in my early 20s. Now, most of my t-shirts have dinosaurs on them. I'll be 90 and rocking some sort of cartoon shirt.


  16. HA! You've made my day with this post!
    * Twilight Saga - WTF!?
    * 5,000 pics all of the same outfit post - I'm tethering on a mobile hotspot for my internet and that shit takes forever to load - WTF!?
    * Weird placing of smileys on Mayo??? - WTF!?
    I never saw the milk scandal on Twitter but it is common sense (common sense is not all that common)
    Nor have I ever heard of this removing piercings - the world has gone mad for sure.
    Love your blog Peet - you brighten my day with your wit.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  17. Ahahahaha you nail it, I don't even know where to start agreeing because it's all so true! :D

    That mayonaise totally cracked me up xD What is this?? Are they hinting at a play of words with the "virgin" olive oil? haha oh my God we don't want to find out.....
    I want it in German stores too!! I mean we have this brand here but th smiley is missing. German mayonaise is serious business, just so you know. ;)

    And omg yeeess i don't get it why people have to post 20 photos of one and the same outfit! It's always like this: scroll scroll scrooll - still the same post? oh yes scroll scroll...
    I already feel stupid when I post more than maybe 5 pics or so.

  18. Bah, I always love reading your lists! And I have to agree- all babies are definitely not cute. In fact, most aren't cute. But luckily most of them end up turning out ok ;) And the smiley on the majo jar is pretty funny! But a winky face probably would have been a bit more ominous- then you would have known for sure they were up to no good ;)



  19. Thank you for sweet comment on my blog!! :)
    I absolutely love this post, because of pics and also because of those facts.. i absolutely agree!!
    and I´m probably the only one person which have never seen any part of twilight...and i will never try! and that smiley on the mayonese?? wtf? :D it´s incredible! better dont eat it anymore! who knows what that smiley really means.. :D
    I hope there will be 1 more part of things you dont get and i will surely agree!!
    meanwhile good luck :P


  20. haha your post is so awesome!! I completly agree with #1-6 and def 8!!
    Thanks for your comment on my post!


  21. ahah loved reading you!


  22. Such a nice outfit darling!
    I like your sense of style :)


  23. i really like your striped skirt!
    #10--this is why i do my own medical research haha
    #4--yea i don't really get it, either
    #8--so glad you said this because it is just so unnecessary -___-
    #1--i sweat a lot for some reason...i'll take as much power as i can get LOL

  24. amazing post as usual!!!
    Have a nice day! besos.


  25. Such an interesting post!
    I just stumbled accross your blog and I love what I have seen so far! You have a great blog filled with many interesting posts.
    Maybe you might consider following each other on GFC and Bloglovin? I will wait for you on my blog!


  26. I always laugh a lot with your posts... no matter if i'm sad or tired or almost dying ^^

    I completely agree about ugly babies... and the stupid amount of equal pictures in posts. Yes, i usually upload a lot of pictures... but hell, try to get a different expression, background, i don't know... photographic plane??

    Buuuuuutttttt i used to love twilight saga.... i love twilight saga now... I mean, not the films (kirsten stewart doesn't act bad... she doesn't act, that's all [except in runaways film ¿have you seen it?]), but i'm a bit friki about all the sagas (vampires, magic, epic, medieval, orcs, elves, dwarves, fairy...)

    PD. Maybe next time i`ll go to market i could send you a 2€ beautifull and really old telephone =) haha!!
    PDD. How can you buy such good things like this skirt on ebay? How do you find them? Lots of people buys beautiful things in ebay but i don't understand how!!

    1. Thanks, babe. I'm happy my words make someone else happy. A LOT. Thank you for the compliment...

      As for the eBay shopping - it takes a lot of time, there's no other trick. You put in maxi skirt, click search and then scroll through 80+ pages of hits.:D I pour myself a glass of wine and make an evening out of it.:) That skirt was actually a regular maxi skirt which I re-made into a fishtail one because it wasn't long enough.

  27. (: Reb, xoxo.

    *Sul mio blog c'è un nuovo outfit, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

  28. i want your shoes !! absolutely ! eheh
    new post

  29. Great Outfit, I love your skirt.
    I haven't heard of the farmer/cow thing before, but you're right, it's so obvious!

  30. Fantastic look :)

    Skirt is so great!


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