Apr 17, 2013

Things My Boyfriend Doesn't Like Part 4

      If you've read some of the previous TMBDL posts, you already know how picky and opinionated my boyfriend can be. But to his defense, men in general can be very demanding, difficult to please and all kinds of annoying. Truth be told, I can think of only one reason why it's good to have them around and one reason only and I think every woman in need knows what I'm talking about - they're strong so they can open jars and carry things when we don't feel like it, right? But moving on to things my boyfriend isn't too fond of.

      My boyfriend hates plaid, that's no mystery so whenever I wear this shirt from C&A, he goes all pale and looks like he's about to puke. He doesn't say it but I know what he's thinking: "I bet I can make that piece of shit look better by throwing up all over it."

      I like this H&M shirt, I think it's adorable. And very versatile. Well, guess what, my boyfriend doesn't. The first time I wore it, he took one look at it and said: "What is this - an Amish shirt or what?!" On his behalf, I'd like to apologize to any Amish person reading this and ask you: "What the heck are you doing searching the Internet?!"

      Leather vests are cool and I don't care what anyone says. I actually wish I had one in white too! But I know someone, who wishes I had not even this one in black. A few weeks ago, we were going out and I decided to wear it. As soon as I opened the door, he said:
      "Do you think we're going to a biker rally? I haven't come to pick you up on a Harley, you know."
      Maybe we should in fact go to a biker rally so I can meet a nice, big Hells Angels member, who'd sit on you and fart in your face the whole night. Geez. "Oh, honey, you're so witty."
      "I think so too."

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  1. Replies
    1. Oh, come on, you know you want him just as much as I do.:P

    2. I don't think so! He's just .... how can I say ... to girly for me :D

    3. So you're saying you need a man's man. You said it, not me.;)

      All jokes aside, I think you'd make an adorable couple.

    4. Alex, U And Me ... Saimo La Coppia Piu' Bella Del Mondo :)

  2. amazing looks



  3. funny! I hate it sometimes whey my hubby gives me a weird look about my outfit

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  4. Aww - he;s just trying to protect you #grin. Guys have HUGE opinions on girls fashion! Why don't they just give it up and realize we know* what we're doing!!? *sort of

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  5. Your BF is a smartass... perfect match !
    I really don't get why he doesn't like the 3 pieces you've shown.BUT I would totally break up with you because of the last legging.

  6. Thaaa sounds just like my boyfriend. Boys should more often have a look into a fashoin magazine. Or out of the window. Or at their own wardrobe ;)

  7. love that B&W shirt!


  8. Plaid is intrinsically masculine so it is a Pavlovian thing.

    But I love the vest!! I love this series!

  9. Haha, I don't think I have ever known of a man to really notice/care about clothing. Next time he says something about your fashion choices, give him a quick tap in the nuts.

    Um, the leggings. In the last photo. Put them on again and take photos. I want to see them. I think I like them. I think I want them.

    Corinne x

    1. :D You're absolutely right - he needs some nut-tapping!!:D

  10. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    Gah your boyfriend sounds just like my mum, she doesn't like anything velvet, all black outfits, knee socks or when I wear slip dresses. Obviously my entire wardrobe. I think you look amazing in plaid x

  11. Men... I don't think there is a single man on earth who understands the concept of a vest. They just don't get what they're for or why we wear them. Maybe they would have an easier time getting through life if they realised that most women don't dress to impress men - or even consider what men might think of how they look before putting together an outfit ;)

  12. Lol - my boyf hates when i steal his clothes. I do it anyway :P:P


  13. ha ha. I haven't had a boyfriend for a while, but from what I can remember his lips were always sealed regarding my fashion/style. Now I don't know whether that's because I got it right every time or whether he was scared of the mouthful he would get off me if he dared to criticize.

    Out of interest when he does moan about what you are wearing, do you then go and change? I'll pop back and check your reply later!

    I love the leather vest and I'm imagining all the things it would go with in my wardrobe right now. I have a plaid-ish shirt from oasis which I love!


    1. You probably looked perfect every time. Or are you that intimidating??:)

      And no way, I've never changed for him. If he doesn't like something, he can look the other way, that's how I see it.:)

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    I realy like those outfits, im in love with your blog!!
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  15. I love those clothes! I don't think you should care too much what he thinks about them. Fashion is about expressing yourself, not what other people think you should be wearing. Keep on rocking them especially that leather vest! So cute :)


  16. hhahaha these posts are so awesome. that H&M shirt is one of the cutest! hate him for hating it ;) my bf hates all kinds of sports' jackets on me... especially if they are in dark green and violet. i don't care too much though and you shouldn't either ;)

  17. Bah! Guys' taste in fashion is always so intriguing! If it's not a short skirt and a top that shows off the boobies they're not interested ;) Loving that leather vest- it's killer!



  18. Actually, I think I watched half of an episode of GG with a friend xD But it didn't captivated me, so I let it be. I can see drama everywhere in my daily life, why watch a show specially for this? I'm happy to see other persons watched Lie to Me as well, it was so good!
    I love plaid shirts as well and I wouldn't give them up either xP

    Have a nice day,

  19. My boyfriend hates when I wear leggings or heels

  20. Leather vests are "SO" cool, actually

  21. Whaaaat?! Are you serious? Someone wouldn't actually like a leather vest?! That is crazy, really! Leather vests are pretty badass and possibly the coolest thing by far, in the clothing world haha! You are lucky. I wish I had one!


  22. this post are so funny!

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  23. My boyfriend is the same way!! What do they know anyway? Nothing.

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  25. my husband also hates plaid haha
    brooke @ what2wear

  26. wow love third set! Super! Thanks for comments and I follow you hope you follow me back!

  27. AMAZING!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!! :)



  28. yay, funny post but real. My boyfriend is on same way :)
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  29. Haha... Well Guys don't understand much when it comes for fashion do they ;)

  30. I love all of these pieces :) Lol, boys know nothing about fashion. My guy has told me numerous times that he doesn't like leggings under skirts and dresses, or by themselves. Guess what I've been wearing non stop ;)

    xo Ashley

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