Apr 22, 2013

Think the Fuck Pink

      I have two let's call them mottoes in life: One is "don't be a pussy, be a woman" and the other one is "think the fuck pink". I don't necessarily live by the latter as much as I should and as much as I do by the former but there are people in my life who neglect the power of positive thinking and positive wording of those thoughts to an even bigger degree.
      Regardless of the fact that roughly 75 % of people's thoughts resemble a self-pitying black hole, they expect positive stuff to happen to them and I always say: "How? On what grounds? Think the fuck pink," and pinkness will swallow you up like a huge, fluffy, pink marshmallow. Or a turquoise, red, leopard or polka dot one, doesn't matter. Of course, they always snarl something negative and condescending in return. OK, fine. You think the power of positive thinking is some meaningless voodoo bullshit? You're wrong. And I'm going to tell you why. So this post is for you, you know who you are. If you're thinking: "Is she talking about me?" - YES, I am. I am talking about you and, please, stop with the negativity because it's affecting me too. Here's why...
      It's been years since I saw the movie London with Jessica Biel and Jason Statham but it stuck in my mind. Especially the scene, where London (Jessica Biel) says that there was a study conducted in Japan where they took two pots of cooked rice and put them in two separate rooms; then they let people in one room to say nice things to one pot of rice but to the other pot in the other room, people said mean, nasty stuff. After a month, rice that they'd said positive things to was still edible, while the other one turned into a black, rotten mush. Cool, huh? At first, I doubted the credibility of it because of three reasons: It's said in a movie (1) by a semi-naked Jessica Biel (2) while smoking weed (3). But it's been bothering me and a few days ago, I decided to check it. You know what? It's true.
      She's talking about Dr. Masaru Emoto's rice experiment and you have people doing that at home and making videos about it and posting it on their blogs. It's real. In the movie, it's used as a proof that god exists, which I don't necessarily agree with, but I do think it proves that negative words have a negative effect. An actual, physical effect. If some rice, which (probably) can't feel and think, is affected by negativity to such an extent, think about what constantly putting yourself or others down and being negative does to you. And others around you!
      To conclude, I'll mention another movie. After Avatar came out, the number of suicides increased and more people got depressed supposedly because Pandora wasn't real and our world wasn't as magical. Well... It kind of is. Except people need giant ass flowers, which shrink when you touch them, and they need the ground to light up when they walk on it to see that. Even if we lived in a world like Pandora, the majority wouldn't (know how to) appreciate it and they'd still doubt and question and ignore everything because to them it'd all be just a bunch of meaningless voodoo bullshit.

I'm wearing:
Faux leather pants: Tally Weijl
Shirt: H&M + local seamstress
Blazer: eBay
Heels: eBay
Bow tie broach: Oh, Henry! by Irena

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  1. nice outfit :)
    visit me : http://nicoraulea.blogspot.ro/

  2. Great post...seriously it takes science to prove the metaphysical sometimes.

    although I threatened to kill my roses because they weren't blooming when they should have because i think they were going on strike and i had a heart to heart with them and explained that i have a small window box and you cant be so selfish bc there are other flowers who would love to be here so behave yourself or i will kick you out and then i swear they bloomed the next day.

    true story.

    Funny bc i was thinking about doing a post similar bc the winter blues is getting everyone so down and thereby creating a vicious cycle!!

    Lovely writing x

  3. yes, Eurocrem is definitely the best chocolate ever, glad I bought another 400 gr yesterday! you look amazing, love these heels! :)

  4. love the writing, i agree, if you always think negative, you start to live and become negative yourself.
    a wise lesson dear.
    adore your look too, the leather pants are amazing and adore the mullet top
    xx ish

  5. As a scientist myself, well a nutritionist, but they call us scientists because we do science research blah blah blah, I have to read more in to this experiment - I'm fascinated. I certainly agree that negativity rubs off on other people, but other objects? - Intwwwesting!

    Oh god I was thinking "is she talking about me" and even if you weren't you could be as I can be really negative sometimes and am always wanting more - you've seen my posts haven't you, wanting to shop in designer shops and live in a mansion with a walk-in closet, but what the £$%*& am I doing about it! Oh god you were talking about me aaah!

    P.S. Sexy pants, I need me a pair and I love the touch with the bow


  6. I am SO positive it is insane! And you know what - nothing really bad has ever happened to me, cause if life gives you lemons, you make LEMONADE! My Mum always said "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" and I think the black rice would agree. As for people being depressed about our world not being as pretty as Avatars (I've never seen the movie) to them I say there is beauty in EVERYTHING and you just have to look a little harder sometimes. Then again people are retarded and do SUCH retarded things - when will this island be ready? You know, the island that we can put all these people and LEAVE them to kill each other off. Oooh, went dark there Paula.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

    clap clap clap! Congrats another time =)
    I didn't know anything about the rice experiment. unusual... but really interesting. It reminds me on the famous book "The secret" (i haven't read it but i've seen the documentary. Have you?? you should... i'ts the most "Think the fuck pink" i've ever seen =))
    I agree about everything. It's also known that complains and regrets are very psychosomatic and can be the origin for lots of diseases...

    Anyway... i love your bow tie! it looks really amazing ^^

  8. That rice study is one of the coolest things I've ever heard! There definitely is something to be said for positive energy and a certain lesson to us all about the damange our negative thoughts can actually do. Loved this! And those red shoes are amazing :)



  9. Wow. I have a friend who is eternally positive, and it's kind of annoying sometimes, but this makes me want to change. This is a lesson to me to think positive as I move on to college.

  10. great post... love the rice experiment xx

  11. Nice outfit, love the pants!

  12. Needed this. I need to start producing more positive vibes.


  13. Grate look I really love it!
    Colors is perfect!

  14. For real? Oh dear, believe me, sometimes my skin is as dry as the sahara, but fortunately there are no ugly spots, you're right. Think the fuck pink-thanks so much for giving me that motto. It'll be the next thing I'm gonna shout at one of those "I'm always in a bad mood"-guys.

  15. Un look muy llevadero y chic, me gusta,I like the color, you want us to follow each other?

  16. amazing outfit! I love the blouse with the bowtie!! <3

    Love&Studs FACEBOOK

  17. What a wonderful blog dear !

    Hope you can come visit mine sometime :)



  18. I really like this outfit specially the blue electric blazer

  19. great outfit, love the pops of color!

    xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com

  20. Wow! This is probably the best post out there that describes ME! I couldn't agree more with everything you said!

    Some people think it isn't true but thinking positive helps in so many ways. My boyfriend and I are all about positive thoughts/energy. We have been practicing it for about 3 years now and seriously we have done some crazy things with just thinking! But just as positive thoughts have turned into really good things, negative thoughts have turned into really bad things. So, you really have to control your thoughts. If you believe in it, it can be pretty intense!

  21. great look! love the shirt, dear! and love your two mottoes! :) thanks for your comment! following you now :)


  22. I don't know.. I agree that teacher only get meaner with time but I think there's to much subjectivity to comment this. My mother asked me if I would have liked the teachers I do my tutoring with as my class teachers (after I told her that I hate school, teachers&students). My tutoring teachers are all ok, but I wouldn't have liked them and respected, if they would have been my class teachers. The film is worth a watch anyway ;)
    Wow, I haven't heard about the experiment, this definitely proves the power of positive thinking. I'm that kind of persons which only has negative thoughts and ask herself after why that happened to me. Can't be helped.
    Also, I love the colors in your outfit!

    Have a wonderful day,

  23. A) Love your outfit. Everything. B) I agree wholeheartedly. There's so much to appreciate in life, but the people who can't see that, wouldn't be happy with a "perfect" world even. C) Fuck Avatar. Ferngully, ALL. DAY.

    xo Ashley

  24. I couldn't agree with you more regarding the importance of positive thinking. I used to be a very very negative depressive type of person, until one day I decided to change my attitude on life and appreciate even the smallest of details. Every since then, my whole world has turned around and I am so much happier than I have ever been. Attitude is what its all about.


    PS: You look awesome in this outfit BTW!

  25. great outfit! love the heels


  26. Gorgeous outfit.. and possibly the best title for a blog post, ever?! hehe xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  27. You know that is true. If we keep thinking negatively only bad things will happen. Positive thinking may not be magic but it helps us believe in ourselves :)

  28. Gurl, I do not believe that experiment. Therefore you have to remind me to research it when I am not getting ready for work and running later (like now).

    I am kind of a negative thinker. Esp at the moment because I am so busy and stressed with work stuff oh no. Think positive think positive okay.

    Corinne x

  29. Nice outfit :)


  30. Amazing outfit! Sorry for chickening out about the challenge btw, I had it all written and then just hesitated. I'm a little bit of a wimp when it comes to that, because it doesn't fit into my blog like it does yours, since my blog is only about inspo. Soooorry!


  31. girl! u r not only stylish and gorgeous! u r also a very clever and strong woman!! keep it up! Love the way u write )


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