Apr 24, 2013

Why Aren't You Married Yet?!

      Yesterday I saw a tweet that France (finally) legalized gay marriage. My first response (after retweeting, dooh) was: "Cool, that means more people will get divorced." This should by no means be misunderstood as me not supporting gay rights or being against gay marriage - I'm against marriage in general. Or at least I was until... Well, until yesterday. Now I think EVERYBODY should get married. Everybody but me.
      Although I'm not a fan of marriage, I'd never make the effort and take the time to protest against it publicly. The decision other people make to tie the knot does not concern me in any way, it does not influence my life in any way and is none of my business in any way. That's why I don't get why anybody would protest against gay marriage. How does that concern you? Legalizing gay marriage doesn't mean that after two gays or lesbians got married, they'd move in with you. No. It would have ZERO effect on your life, you wouldn't even know it happened. So why do you care? You hear people saying: "It's wrong because it's undermining the sanctity of marriage." How? Your wife giving a blow job to her coworker or your husband sticking his penis into your best friend's vagina that's undermining the sanctity of marriage. "But it's desecrating God's name." Are you a complete dumbass? What kind of an argument is that? Don't you think God, as you see him, can take care of himself and smite whoever he thinks needs smiting? Who made you the all mighty protector of God's frigging name? Besides, I've never seen any ® next to his name, it's not trademarked, it doesn't need protection. For Peet's sake, go fuck yourself with your shortsighted useless appendage you call your mind. If anything, I'd go protest against people who protest against gay marriage, I'd devote my time to that cause, no doubt. BUT...
      Yesterday, after seeing that tweet, I started thinking: "Why would it be a good thing to get married? Half of the marriages end with a divorce anyway." So I did a little research: Yes, in Slovenia (where I'm from) half the people who get married get divorced (after 12 years on average) and the percentage is even higher for other countries. Getting married in Slovenia, I'm talking about a civil marriage, is mostly free, although in some municipalities you have to pay about €30 for a marriage license, whereas in the USA you have to pay about €25 and in the UK the fee is about €35. Lovely, right? Our governments support marriages and are happy for the newlyweds so them not charging or charging close to nothing is somewhat of a wedding gift, right? Guess again. Imagine a dentist giving you candy for free and then charging you a small fortune to fix your teeth. To get divorced in Slovenia, you have to pay anywhere from €300 to €1.000 - this is solely for the paperwork and court fees, monetary damages caused by your loving spouse, whom you promised to stay together with till death do you part 12 years ago, aren't included. The cost of a divorce in the USA is about €600 and the cost in the UK is: about €270 for the court fee, €50 for the decree absolute and anywhere from €550 to €1.400 for your lawyer's fee. Are you married? There's a 50 % chance you better start saving.
      Since getting a divorce seems to be a means for people to contribute to the economy, my question is: Why aren't governments more open to gay marriages? If they were smart, they'd let dogs and hamsters and gardenias get married so there'd be more court fees to collect later on. You want to end the financial crisis? Legalize marijuana, prostitution, gay marriage, legalize everything and anything you think is wrong for other people to do to themselves, which has no effect on the quality of your life. And then tax it. Done.     

I'm wearing:
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  1. wonderful look :)
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  2. look carinissimo (: Reb, xoxo.

    *Sul mio blog c'è un nuovo post, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

  3. one of my best friends who is gay always says - " geez, the one great thing about being gay was not having the stress of getting married and now all everyone can ask me is when are you getting married. boring dahling."

    Yes agree, but then again not much makes sense about naysayers.

    1. I'd love to meet this friend of yours.:)

    2. i'd love to meet your friend too.. :D

  4. Thank you for the nice comment :)

    so cool!!!!
    I love that pants and bag<3

  5. your words are so true, i am religious and divorce is not done in my family, that's why i plan to wait a long time, like till i'm 30 at least, so i know a hundred percent that he's right
    xx ish

  6. Good read! I totally agree with you about the absurdity of those who protest gay marriage. No logical argument there and I was happy to see that France made that call! And even though I think I'll get married one day, I can totally see the argument against it. Definitely not for everyone and always good to question tradition like that. Really enjoyed your insight and sass, as always ;)



  7. beautiful jacket! love a total white look!


  8. You're SO RIGHT Peet - as always -_-
    Humans are weird animals for sure. I've been with my BF for 7 years and people every now and then ask us when we're getting married - to be honest I just don't see the point. In the eyes of the law after 3 years we have a common law marriage and we have to share half our shit if we break up anyway - if either of us dies I have all the rights of a wife - I just never had the $10,000 ceremony to pay for! which isn't helping the economy at all - my BAD. Having said that - I was bridesmaid for my best friend and her wedding was one of the best days of my life... and when My other best friend Jacqui got a civil Union to her girlfriend Kate I took the ceremony video and it was just like any other wedding - except there were two brides wearing dresses and no groom ;-)
    Gay marriage was never about God - as a polite society we need equality across all people in society; gays, women, black people - in 50 years people will look back on "The Gay marriage issue" and laugh our asses off that it was ever an ISSUE.
    Wow - what a rant Paula.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  9. "For Peet's sake, go fuck yourself...' probably my favorite line in that post :) Love it!



  10. Well don't get me started on marriage - it's not something I aspire to at all. I don't have a separate savings account for the big day (as my friend does) and I'm not panicking that I'm the only one out of my friends that is still a spinster - I take pride in it actually!

    I only have a couple of gay friends, in fact I would't even call them friends, more acquaintances, but it wouldn't phase me in any shape or form if they got married, I would even be a bridesmaid if they ever asked me.

    It's interesting; I wonder if you and I are not bothered about gay marriage because we are not passionate about marriage in general anyway. Perhaps someone who really respects and appreciates marriage and what it stands for religiously and historically, would be offended on the basis that they feel it belittles their marrige? I don't know, but I think it is narrow minded to condemn gay marriage.

    oooh that bag is too cute!


    1. On a separate note - seriously I do not want to look 21! When I'm 50, it'll be great that I look 40, but at this age, the youngest I want to look is 25. I won't go in the stories of why! but thank you!

  11. I love your look ! Oh well can't believe they talk about us legalizing gay marriage until slovenia... this has been such a freaking scandal here and I am so tired of people fighting about that !!! Jeez! Why would they care ? Gay are gay so... married or not ? what does it change or us... Most of them will not get married but they will have the choice... it doesn't change anything in my life... but it might change it for some of them so... I hope people will stop fighting now =)

  12. Your outfit looks nice and practical. I am grateful that there are people like you who can succinctly put into words the nature of the idiotic arguments people who oppose gay marriage use. The nailpolish on your ring-less finger looks pretty.


  13. Your gorgeous and LOVE your style!!!


  14. You and my boyfriend should be BEST friends. He tells me the SAME thing every single day.

    xo Ashley

    1. Maybe you all should come and visit, since Todd and my dog and me and your bf would get along. You can just stand by and watch.:D

  15. love the mint pants, =)

    there's always a worth idea behind your post , i love that :)

    Yati from Malaysia

  16. Cool look. I´m with you there. I don´t care about getting married at all. Everyone who wants to tie the knot. Good luck <3


  17. You took the words out of my mouth - the fact that France just legalised gay marriage seems absurd to me, and what's even worse that in Canada, where I'm from, the political leaders have legalised it but really wish they could take it back. No joke. I don't know if you've ever watched the show The Newsroom, but in one of their episodes they do a great bit on this subject, asking a political candidate questions about exactly what has changed in his life since gay marriage was legalised... and of course he can't answer anything!

    Marriage is a gamble no matter who you're getting into it with and what their gender is. I never thought I would get married; in fact, it still baffles me that I am married, even though it's been almost three years, and I'm quite convinced that if it weren't for my husband being exactly the person he is, I'd be spending my life alone :)


  18. great bag ! i love the colour :)
    new post

  19. I love the way you explain things. You are the best.

    I always thought the same way as you, like,, why does it matter if two men get married, why does it matter if two women have sex? What does it have to do with anybody else? We all strive for happiness and love, so what gives somebody the right to try and take it from somebody else! The world is messed up.

    Corinne x

    1. My thoughts exactly - if it makes someone else happy and it has nothing to do with you, why fuss about it?! Messed up indeed...

  20. I love your blog! This post is awesome!
    Check out my blog, write your opinion and maybe...follow?
    Where are you from?

    1. Thank you, honey! Of course I'll check it, I always do.;)

      And to answer your question: I'm from Slovenia.

  21. well said! and i love your bag :)

    xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com

  22. Hi beautiful!! Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it like always :)
    Btw you look so stunning, that outfit is so stylish on you :)
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  23. i support gay marriage and i think it should be legal in each and every country !!
    you look awesome like alway !!
    love the bag !

  24. I am married an everything is good!


  25. I think getting married should be a choice, but a choice for everyone. Whether you want to get married or not is your business. I personally don't really want to get married. I could see myself in a long term relationship, but I can't see myself in a church with the long white dress and all done up in front of 50+ people and in debt at least $25,000 just to be with someone I love. Nope. But if you feel that all that is right for you, the by all means.
    I love the bag by the way!

  26. i like ur point of view! great post!

    and of course - a very cool look! <3

  27. Marriage should be a life long commitment..

    Lovely post!

    How about we follow each other on GFC and bloglovin:D

    Danica Stark

  28. A very intelligent post ;)
    In spain the new goverment wanted to ban the gay marriage that previous goverment introduced (finally they couldnt do it)... so, why? Because peope who vote them are very traditional and conservative (is that the word in english?) and they want them to be happy to get more votes next elections. And everything it`s the same lie, foerever.
    But i pray every day for them to have a sensible head lighting like yours, and realize that in this time of global crisis they`re losing thousands of euros.

    PD. i love your blue bag ^^
    PDD. thank you a lot for listening us in youtube! You said cool things about us, thanks!!!! =)


  29. Omg. There is an intellectual soulmate to me out there!!!! I have been saying exactly the same things forever. God, gay marriage and I swear in the US the divorce lawyers were the most benevolent supporters of gay marriage to obtain a brand new bunch of clients!! Too funny Peet. God, who made everyone perfect and in his image so the believers say. Yet can't reconcile in their head that when he made gay folks that that must mean they're perfect too. Nope they say. They are going against god and are one sick bunch of mofo's. How nuts is that argument???

    I have a saying. Just because you function well in an insane world does NOT mean you are not crazy. LoL!!! You're priceless. Gosh I love how your mind works!

    Btw, I have to clarify. I'm an old conservative white hetero married guy with 3 grown kids and still can see the stupidity in this train of thought. How sad I have to clarify. You rock, woman. I do not use the word girls unless you're under the age of 16.

    1. You sure know how to sweet talk a person, don't you??:D It's good to read a comment from someone who gets it. Or I should say me. And I'll be 28 this year so woman away.:)

      P.S.: Your kids are lucky to have such an open-minded parent. I hope they know that.


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