May 1, 2013

Arbeit Macht Frei

      Happy Labor Day! It's Labor Day today and a few days ago it was a national holiday in Slovenia (Day of Uprising Against Occupation). I've never been too big on holidays like these, especially the patriotic ones, because I think if it weren't for countries and national borders there'd be a lot less to bicker over. And to kill people over. But something happened the other day that made me have a change of heart.
      I was at home, when the door bell rang. Naturally, Mr. Fartz started barking and I, naturally, thought: "Fuck me, who now..." I went to open the door and it was the mailman - some package came and I had to sign for it.
      "Sign here and here. And here you put down the date."
      "Ok. What's the date today? I have no idea."
      "Don't you know? The 20th of April."
      "Mmm..." No, I don't, who cares.
      "Today's the birthday of the best person in the world."
      "Yeah? Who's that?" And now you're probably going to say "me" or "my mother" and I'll have to be polite and giggle.
      "Adolf Hitler."
      "..." What?! "Oh, really... That's cool... To know..." Smile. Nervously.
      It was only then that I noticed his head was shaved. Was he being sarcastic? Was he being brutally honest? Is his hair thinning so he has to shave it? Does he have a swastika tattoo on his chest? I didn't and still don't really care, I just found and still find it peculiar. But knowing stuff like that does make sense: We have to remember our history in order not to repeat it. So do you know what this Labor Day is all about or are you just happy you get a day off from work?
      On May 3rd 1886, a strike was held in Chicago where one worker was killed and several were injured by police (the event know as the Haymarket Riot). Workers were on strike because they wanted to secure an 8-hour workday as a part of the national campaign of the 8-Hour Day or 40-Hour Week Movement. Of course, workers gathered again the next day and several more were killed and even more injured. But obviously not in vain. And it'd be a bitch if we forgot that.
       If Adolf was still alive today, it'd be his 124th birthday and he probably wouldn't be too happy about today's holiday since he thought that it was work that made you free. I must say I prefer the 40-Hour Week Movement's slogan: 8 hours labor, 8 hours recreation, 8 hours rest. No doubt that by recreation they meant party.

I'm wearing:
Pants: H&M
Top: H&M
Blazer: eBay
Clogs: Boohoo
Clutch: eBay

      Posting days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so see you back on Friday. Hope you had a work free Labor Day or at least only an 8-hour workday.



  1. That is so weird what that mailman said...kinda creepy!
    I didn't know that, so thanks for informing us as well. Its definitely important to remember the past so we don't repeat it.
    Also, glad the verse helped. Haha, how did your boyfriend take it?
    As for the outfit, wow girl, you are rocking the color! I love this mix of green and blue, and your shoes are fantastic <3

    Trendy Teal

    1. My bf didn't take it.:) He's set in his ways. Very set.:)

  2. Uhh he's a creep! Did you call him out on it? You should have. And then you need to move! P.s. this outfit is killer. Love you in crisp white! The pants are the perfect color too.

    xo Ashley

    1. Call a potential skinhead out?!:D I'm not that adventurous...:) But he seemed pretty jolly and cheery, I'm 75 % sure he was being sarcastic. Probably.:)

  3. Waah, your meeting sounds really strange. I'm so glad that being a nazi is something really uncommon in my everydaylife and eveybody has got a strange and angry look on those people.

    Btw I looove your trousers!

  4. Eeep- creepy potentially Nazi mailman! So weird. And I'm loving the even work, recreation, rest motto. Balance is important! Loving those green jeans! xo


  5. loe the color of your jeans!

  6. that was like a dark seinfeld moment...

    In the UK today was not a holiday! we worked. quite ironic.

    can you imagine that the 8 hour rule was quite revolutionary. mind you people work way more than 8 hours now but still, we complain but better than being serfs I say. Now we just need to get the rest of the world to catch up to our standards!

    The scenery is so lovely by the way - I went to Slovenia last year and it was so beautiful. Just a short drive to Lake Bled and through Ljublana but still...x

    1. You've been here?? I'm always so surprised when I hear people visit our country but I guess we do get some tourists. Thank god!:) Hope you bought something and supported out economy!:D

  7. I always love how thought provoking your posts are. I never even thought about where Labor Day came from! I love that top by the way. I've been having an obsession with polka dots lately.

  8. *silence* Well that was weird! Hopefully, something like this will never happen to me, because either I will not respond for the next few hours, or I'll keep questioning the person.
    I'll just say your outfit is lovely and that I love the color combination and hope I'll never meet such radical persons.

    Have a wonderful day,

  9. Don't you just hate chit chat at your front door!

    No holiday for us here in the UK, but I saw all the well-wishers on Twitter and thought what's that all about and then Googled it. We have a bank holiday next Monday - whooop whoop long weekend, that's the only reason I care about holidays, apart from Christmas to be fair, I make a bit of an effort then!

    I think an 8 hour day is too long, perhaps there needs to be another movement (without the deaths and injuries) for a 6 hour day because let's be honest, nothing productive gets done after 3.00pm!

    OMG that scenery is stunning, I'm sure just 5 minutes in that would change my mindset about life right now, cos I'm feeling quite down at the moment. Anyway a bag like that would soon cheer me up a bit, i saw a similar one in Zara! Cheerio

    1. I agree, THAT scenery is just gorgeous... Wish I lived there but it was a "trip".:)

      You don't get a day off on Labor Day?? In Slovenia we get TWO days off. We get so many days off it's crazy. And so many sick days too. No wonder our economy is shit!!

  10. you look gorgeous and happy labor day!!


  11. Love it!!! Love the pants! You look chic and the springy! For the shoes, I would recommend a pair of nude pink heels? I like the one you are wearing, but I am a big fan of vivid colors lol You are so chic!

    Click here to T.Size Small

    1. I'll definitely try pairing them with nude shoes too to mix things up. Thanks.;)

  12. Whoa- bold mailman... You look great girl!


  13. Loving your shoes!

    What an odd thing for the mail man to say .. ?


  14. Such a great outfit! Love your polka dots top! :)

  15. I love your blog! This post is awesome!
    Check out my blog, write your opinion and maybe...follow?
    Where are you from?

  16. That man sounds odd. Oh dear.

    Um, I also did not know that about labour day, is that also why we have may day in England or is that something different? I should google this. Oh okay, may day and labour day has nothing to do with each other. I am rubbish at my culture. All I care about are pretty dresses and wine and days off.

    I love the outfit, I think it is my fav I have seen on yours!

    Corinne x

  17. i love the clutch baby ! great colour
    new post

  18. Loving this post! Really is amazing
    Love this place and your look, all! =)

  19. I was laboring on labor day but did not over do it, 8 hours were plenty :)

    love your shoes and over sized blue clutch!

  20. Euw - I hate your mailman. I agree with you about not forgetting out history lest we repeat it - but thinking Hitlers birthday is the coolest day is messed up >:(
    If you think of all the terrible things that happened to our ancestors in their search for the freedoms that we take for granted these days is really humbling. Thanks for reminding us :-D

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  21. oh you look adorable in this cute outfit!

    ps - whenevr you feel like, visit Portugal and I'll be sure to welcome you with a nice tasty cake at my place!

    kisses and have a great weekend!

    1. You know what - maybe I should come to Portugal just for your cake!!!:)

  22. Hey there!
    Love the color of your trousers!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it.

    I already followed you through GFC, so if you can please follow me back, that would be great. If you already followed me, then thank you.:)

    Keep in touch!
    Lovely post!

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  23. I'm not totally shocked, and I also don't necessarily think Hitler believed that, although I read that those words were written above the entrance to the concentration camps. Wars, occupations and their aftermath have caused unspeakable suffering amongst civilian populations. I think Hitler got some support from those who felt Germany had been wronged after World War I. It is sickening how the people of any country can be led into a desire for vengeance or be mindlessly patriotic and loyal without seeing the wrongs being done. I see that happening in my own country. Blind loyalty and patriotism, and those who speak against war are often silenced or not give a voice. As disturbing as the mailman might be, to me it is even more disturbing to think that the lessons of history may not be learned. I hope you had a nice Uprising Against Occupation Day. It's nice that the history of Labor Day is remembered somewhere (here).

  24. wonderful pictures. so pretty. love your look and the landscape around you. gorgeous!
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  25. I love this mix of green and blue and your shoes are wonderful!:)

  26. ok that's weird ! You manage to outweird me sometimes... dunno how to live with that

  27. This things can happen? i mean if i open the door to a stranger and he's singing the happy birthday to hitler... i don't know... i will be probaby completely scared and maybe even give me a heart attack.

    I like a lot your white blazer. I'm still looking for one, but none of them convince me. =(



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