May 20, 2013

Rhinoplasty a la Boo-Boo

      For those of you who aren't quite sure what rhinoplasty is, let me tell you - it's just a fancy word for a nose job. And I don't know why I used it because what I'm about to talk about was more of a hack job than a rhinoplasty and I've had one.
      I've never been a fan of my profile for various reasons, one of them being my nose. It's not that it was overtly horrible but it had a minute bump unnoticeable and unnoticed by everyone but me (which is a common trait of cosmetic flaws). I'd never considered plastic surgery because I thought it would be money well wasted, but the universe obviously decided to get me one. And what an elaborate plan the universe had. It all started when I've met my boyfriend.
      First off, let me say that I love him, he's great (unfortunately this sentence is in dire need of a but, so...), but I sometimes wonder (and I really say this lovingly), how the fuck did he survive this long without a helmet permanently glued to his head and an iron protective cup welded to his crotch to shield his vital organs (at least those are his vital organs from my perfective - and I mean his tongue and penis not his brain and penis, to prevent any misunderstandings). In other words: He's clumsy. Very clumsy.
      At first, I found his clumsiness amusing rather than worrying because he was its sole martyr, but then it started to look for additional victims and I've become the unfortunate target. Or better yet, my nose has. The thing is, he wants to be playful and cute, but he's just deadly so one day his downfall became my downfall when he fell down head first directly on my nose while I was lying on his bed. I literally blacked out for a few seconds and then tears came pouring down, but I didn't get mad - it wasn't his fault. He's clumsy. He just wanted to tickle me and tripped over something, the poor guy.
      The next incident was when something fell on the floor and we both reached for it. He decided to spring up like a frigging dolphin for some reason and bashed his rock-hard head directly into my nose. I was seeing spots for a few moments and then tears came pouring down, but I didn't get mad - it wasn't his fault. He's clumsy. He just wanted to pick something up and I got in the way, the poor guy. But all that changed by the third incident.
      We were walking towards his car, Mr. Fartz was there with us. He was about 3 meters (9 feet) ahead of me when he decided all playful and whimsical to throw his set of keys to me but made a fatal flaw: He first threw the keys and then yelled: "Catch!" I wasn't looking at him, I was looking at the frigging dog and when I heard "catch" I turned around just in time to get hit in the nose by a zooming, spiraling ball of keys. I don't think it would hurt as much if St. Peter threw his set of keys to my face. And what's more, he didn't throw them, he hurled them as if he wanted to hear somebody scream "Strike three! You're out!" And he got what he wanted - that was strike three and I'd definitely had it.
      For seconds, all I saw was darkness and sparks, I knelt down and curled into a ball like a hedgehog grabbing my face and then the tears came pouring down. And I got mad. This was all his fault - he's so frigging clumsy, the idiot! Both he and the dog came running.
      "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Honey, are you ok?? I'm so so sorry!!"
      I just raised my hand. "Don't touch me."
      "I'm really sorry. Did I hit your nose? Please, let me look at it. How bad is it?"
      "Just be quiet."
      "But I'm really sorry. Let me see..."
      "Be. Quiet."
      I got a nasty bruise and my whole face hurt when I chewed for days and sneezing was no picnic either. Later that day, I showed my nose to my mother, who's a doctor, and she did some probing and some squeezing and finally said: "Yup. It's cracked." And that's how I got my nose done - no bump no more. I call it rhinoplasty a la boo-boo. And believe me "boo-boo" doesn't stand for "honey boo-boo", it stands for "it hurt like a mother".

I'm wearing:
Floral leggings: H&M
Top: H&M
Faux leather vest: Newyorker
Lightning bolt ring: eBay
Boots: Dr. Martens + DIY

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  1. i love the story behind the story!! you look beautiful anyway but your nose doesnt account for much of it :)

  2. lovely look! shall we follow? let me know xse

  3. I could never tell ! Anyway, I'm kinda like your BF, freaking clumsy and I'm actually surprised I never hurted him like that... however as much as he is trying to anticipate and protect me there are a lot of stuff he couldn't prevent and I hurted mlyself ^^ I feel like he's the most patient guy ever !

  4. Love your outfit. I can tell by reading this story that you and your bf have a special connection and understand....its really cute :) Hope nothing tears you apart and I hope you don't fracture anything else :)

    Have a great week,

  5. I laughed so hard at your way of describing your boyfriend. :) Such an amusing story (don't take me wrong, I don't find broken noses particularly amusing). I am sorry it was so much pain, but at least you have the nose you always wanted! And let them say it again - everything that's done, is done for a reason.

  6. I would love to get a rhinoplasty too but.. dont have the courage I suppose.
    you look great though


  7. Everything happens for a reason right? Love the leggings :)
    Rebecca x
    Ze Makeup

  8. Silly freakin boys. They really only think with one head or no head. Your nose look good though ;) And those boots are badass!

    xo Ashley

  9. Love your boots!!

  10. Great outfit dear, love the floral leggings!!!!

  11. Okay, I know it was painful at the time, but...HAHAHA! xD
    Oh man, you are a brave girl to stick with your guy despite the demolition he seems to cause. I suppose girls always are drawn to danger. Just never thought it could go this way.
    Love your dark floral leggings and the leather vest!

    Trendy Teal

  12. Hello,Zdravo,Guten Tag,Dober dan,Hola!

    You clumsy pair, what are you like! There's a few body parts where people have operations that make me go oooooh: 1. is the eyes 2. is the lady garden and 3. is the nose, so if any boy had to make me have an operation on any of these parts, there would be a lot of resentment between us, let me tell you!

    Anyway I've never noticed your nose as such, but you are gonna make me stare at it in all your photos now he he.

    Those leggings are fabulous, I have a slightly similar pair, remember the ones with my leather jacket......anyway you don't need a Jill Sander bag, unless you specifically want the brand, just get it from here girlfriend

    1. Really?? I didn't know Zara had a knock-off. Then again, when doesn't Zara have a knock-off... And it's not even that expensive!!

  13. amazing floral jeans!you look so cool


  15. you know - I love flower pants , too :)
    Yours are great!
    See you soon!

  16. Perfect floral leggins!

  17. loooove those boots! and your leggings are amazing too!

  18. great look!! love your pants

  19. Haha, you for sure learned a valuable lesson from your first love! xD
    I guess everyone has its complex. If you would ask me about my nose I would hide it right away. All of my friends make fun of it and say I'm Voldemort, since it's so small you can't even see it ><
    I just love your way of writing! ♥

    Have a lovely Tuesday,

    1. I didn't even think a small nose could be a problem actually... But Voldemort?? That either really cruel or really funny. Or both.:)

  20. sorry about your nose hun thats a blower. love the pants :) cant wait to see your next posts

    love from NYC

  21. Wooo i'm soo sorry about your little nose... And your boyfriend too... he's looking for his dead, poor boy ^^
    I`m very clumsy too, so I know very close how dangerous it is for yourself and the people around you. It sucks.
    Otherwise, I really love your leather vest and this DIY boots. So heavy ^^! And the floral leggings are really cool too. I'm going to your house to steal everything from you!

  22. Oh my goodness, I can't imagine how sore that must be, hope you're okay now. You look amazing, love the floral jeans and how you styled it.

  23. really?! that must have been hell! poor babe! well at least now you a have a perfect nose! ;)
    love the look - you really rock this style! gorgeous!

    wish you a fantastic week!

    a big kiss

  24. Looking at your laughter
    Hear you humming
    Clearly visible in my eye
    Color - color of your beauty

  25. Aww, such a spendid look, honey ^__^

    Lots of Love,


  26. Hahaha! Poor nose. When I was younger my best friends little brother hit me in the nose (I don't remember if it was a head butt or punch) but it bleed for AGES and I have had nose bleeds every since, also a slight bump on my nose but I don't mind it, it's kind of cute.

    Your boyfriend must have felt terrible!

    Corinne x

    1. Yeah, for a few minutes he did and the he tried to blame it on me: "Why didn't you catch them? Why did you have to look the other way?" :)

  27. Great shoes!! <3

    Enter my giveaway an win a Vogue t-shirt :)


  28. Stunning look!


  29. OMG you are hilarious! I loved the story! in my situation... I'm the clumsy one! the boy never gets mad though - but then again, I don't throw keys at his nose! lol I hope you love your new nose!!!
    I have to say I really really enjoy your blog. I told my fiance the two orange jokes in your last post - he didn't laugh but I did the whole time I was telling them :)
    and I love your leggings!
    have a lovely week!


    1. He didn't like them??:D I had a list of orange jokes and I read them to my bf to see which ones he'd laugh at and that's how I chose those two.:) So it's 3 against 1, your finance's the odd one.:P

  30. Nice look sweetie!!! The boots and the vest are amazing!!!

  31. A nose job is a nose job, I guess ;) The good thing is, you're able to make fun of the whole terrible - but terribly funny - situation now. Also, the combination of floral leggings and Doc Marten boots is pretty ingenious, I must say.

  32. Those shoes are really crazy, love them!! :)

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  33. really cool outfit!
    if you want leather skirts check out asos!

  34. So, there are several things I want to say about this post:
    - I LOVE YOUR DR MARTENS! I've had a pair for yearssss and think I need a new one. Actually I was looking at some new ones that came out and are super cute! Which I consider to be weird for Dr Martens, since "cute" wouldn't be a common word to describe a pair of Dr Martens... You know what I mean. I really like how you added studs to them!
    - I have the same kinds of problems with my boyfriend who also happens to be EXTRA clumsy! He keeps bumping into my nose and one time I even thought he cracked it. My mum has told me I should get a nose surgery, but I also think it's a waste of money... Although I see that little bump that you were talking about, that NObody else notices except for you (and my mum, in my case).
    - Love your leggings!


  35. such a nice outfit
    i love the legging !v

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    Coline ♡

  36. Love this outfit! Those pants are perfection. Thanks you for visiting Infinite Style!

    Juliette Laura

  37. Hey Dear,
    great pictures and a beautiful outfit. The shoes look awesome with this leggins.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I hope you drop by soon.

  38. Wow, sorry you've had to suffer the folly of a clumsy boyfriend, but sounds like you got what you wanted in the end (and that he really is quite sweet :)). You're such a great story-teller, and this was a fantastic one! Loving your outfit here- the floral leggings are amazing! xo


  39. Hi Beaut :)

    What a cute/unfortunate/"frigging" hilarious story! I'm having Rhinoplasty next month and I'm PeePeeing my pants about it! You're gorgeous anyway, but tell the Mr. to be less frigging clumsy or he'll have me to answer to :-p

    Once again, thanks for stopping by sugar xx

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