May 3, 2013

So Much to Do, So Little Time

      If you've read this post, you already know I'm self-employed and this last month was pretty crazy for me, work-wise. I had a few things going on at once making my schedule not exactly hate my life but I was far from loving it for sure. What made the matters worse was seeing a loved one kicking it back and enjoying his life day in, day out. Watching him really made me think I chose the wrong species for incarnation this time around.

      Tuesday, April 30 2013, through my eyes:

07:15 - Got up, put on my trusty sweatpants and t-shirt.
07:17 - Made myself a cup of coco, filled my dog's bowls with water and dog food, gave him his pill with a teaspoon of cheese spread (Because we didn't get him neutered, he has trouble with an enlarged prostate so he has to get his pill everyday or else he can't pee. My advice to male readers: Get your balls chopped off as soon as possible.).
07:25 - Walked the dog.
07:40 - Turned on my computer and started working (ignoring the dog staring at me because if I looked at him, he'd think it was play time).
14:20 - Saw what time it was, decided I must be getting hungry so I ate one of those frozen dinners, which are very bad for you but taste really good.
14:40 - Walked the dog.
15:05 - Started working.
17:35 - Ran out of something, went to an office supply store, before I left the dog barked for a few moments (He's a very co-dependent creature, he'd live in my pocket or under my shirt if that were possible.).
17:55 - Got back from the store, the dog almost wagged his tail off, had to pet him for a minute or so or else he wouldn't calm down, started working.
19:30 - Walked the dog.
20:15 - Started working.
23:15 - My boyfriend came by, couldn't ignore him so I had to stop working.
23:20 - The dog, the boyfriend and me sat on the couch, watched TV, the dog was in the middle (where else) and both of us had to pet and cuddle him or else he wouldn't stop scratching.
00:05 - Went to bed, out cold.

      Tuesday, April 30 2013, through my dog's eyes:

07:15 - Woke up.
07:17 - Drank some water (finally she decided to fill the bowl again) and got some yummy white stuff (my favorite moment of the day or at least top 3 easy).
07:18 - Went back to my bed, it was way too early for me, dude.
07:25 - Had to go out for a walk (I hate walking this early, the grass is wet and I get my balls all soaked and cold, walking me this early is just so inconsiderate.).
07:40 - Got home, she took my collar off and started toweling me dry - if we slept a little longer, you wouldn't have to do this annoying shit! Ok, rubbing my belly does feel kind of nice...
 07:41 - Followed her into her room, sat behind her as she sat on her chair, stared at the back of her head, making her look at me.
07:44 - Staring didn't work.
07:45 - Drank some water out of boredom.
07:46 - Licked the water bowl dry out of boredom.
07:47 - Came back to her room, lay down thinking what to do next.
07:52 - Fell asleep from too much thinking.
10:35 - Woke up, licked my front left paw, thought it was something there, it wasn't, thinking what to do next.
10:42 - Fell asleep from too much thinking.
12:05 - Woke up, went to the kitchen to drink some water, the bowl was empty so I lay down on the kitchen floor, waiting for her to fill it again.
12:11 - Still waiting.
12:14 - Accidentally fell asleep, damn.
13:25 - Woke up, got back to her room, sat behind her, tried staring again.
13:28 - Felt tired from sitting, had to lie down.
13:37 - Fell asleep (so tired, dude...).
14:20 - The bitch woke me up!
14:21 - No, it was fine, she went to the kitchen, that meant it was LUNCH TIME!! I like lunch time, there's always something in it for me so I don't mind being woken up for LUNCH TIME!! (What are we having today?)
14:22 - She saw my water bowl was empty and filled it (Who cares about the stupid water, dude, let's eat!!).
14:40 - Went out for a walk and it was so frigging hot! I peed a little, I pooped a little, I sniffed a little, but mostly I just wanted to go back inside (I wonder how do I make her carry me...).
15:05 - Got back home, no toweling (thank the lord), WATER TIME!!
15:07 - Emptied the water bowl. Now what?
15:08 - Followed her into her room and that bitch was glued to the computer again. I hate technology!
15:09 - In my desperate attempt to make her stop, I started licking her leg.
15:12 - Couldn't feel my tongue anymore, had to stop (all that licking in vain...).
15:20 - Fell asleep.
17:35 - She woke me up... What? She's leaving?! NO. DON'T GO. Where are you going? WAIT. I WANNA GO WITH YOU! NO! NO, NO!
17:36 - Lay down by the front door, waited.
17:55 - SHE'S HOME! SHE'S HOME! I thought she'd never come back, but she did, she came back!! Now rub my belly, bitch.
17:57 - What? This is all I get? Fine. I'll pee in your shoe one day or chew your face off while you sleep, you'll see...
18:03 - Fell asleep, tired from excitement.
18:50 - Woke up, licked my balls a little, changed my position, fell asleep again.
19:30 - She woke me up, we went out for a walk. (It was nice, I found a piece of something tasty and she didn't saw me eat it because she was on her phone - I love technology! We saw a cat, the fat bastard attacked me and she scared him away, I love it when she does that, it shows that she cares. I peed a little, I pooped a little, I sniffed a little and then I just wanted to go back inside (I wonder how do I make her carry me...).)
20:15 - Back home again. Now what?
20:21 - Fell asleep, tired from the walk.
23:15 - The doorbell woke me up, the dude came. I like him, he always brings me stuff and plays with me - he knows he has to go through me to get to her. I make the rules, he's well aware of that, he ain't stupid.
23:20 - COUCH TIME!! That's my favorite time in the world. I just look at her with my big brown eyes and she feels so guilty for abandoning me the entire day that she pets me like crazy for what feels like hours. Humans are so easy. Now rub my belly, bitch.
00:05 - Finally went to bed. (I was so tired, it was a long day, dude!)

      I don't know why people think the term "a dog's life" implies a hard and unpleasant existence... When your only problem is being alone for 20 minutes, you know you've got it made.

      Have an awesome weekend, everyone! Thanks for reading, it literally makes my day when I hear people read what I write so - THANK YOU. There are new posts coming up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so you're more than welcome to come back next Monday!



  1. That is an adorable post - your outfit, your fart machine, and your schedules. he is a stepford dog eh?

    I used to think I wanted to be a dog but actually being so needy must be so exhausting. Just constantly wanting to eat, walk and smell. It is too consuming. i used to feel like that so I know hehe

    have a lovely weekend x

  2. love it !!
    i love dogs, but it does seem like an immense resposibility
    love the all white look too
    xx ish

  3. hhhhmm, it almost sounds like having to look after a baby - in fact I'm not sure which is more time consuming or body exhausting based on this post. I don't own any pets, for similar reasons to why I don't own any children.

    Despite the fact that through your dogs eyes it looks like you have neglected him, I know you give that dog loads of love, care and attention!

    I love that tee-shirt, I have a similar one but the lips are black, I prefer the red lips!

    Bank holiday weekend - yeaaah! Later

  4. This is such a cool top and what a statement it makes against the all white

  5. Your pup is so cute! And the days I work from home I can imagine my dog thinking pretty much the exact same thing, haha!


  6. great look! love it all white on white!

  7. cute! xx

  8. Bahaha, this is hilarious! I've evaluated my cat's day like this as well and have definitely concluded that felines have it waaay better than humans. This was such a fun read, as always, and I love the look of Mr. Fartz in glasses :)


  9. Haha this is freaking awesome. And I LOVE the pics :p xo

  10. great total white look!
    have a great weekend!

  11. hahah girl! reading you makes me miss my dogs SO much, it's crazy ! they're so cute ! Well I guess it's a very good thing that you got that much work... I actually wish I did : it's very quiet now.
    OOOOh I KNEW you would like the snails. If you come to Paris I'll bring you to that restaurant so you can try it ! Anyway yes my favorite coke is cherry coke actually, I'm crazy about it. I don't like "light coke" though but I guess my friend bought it just for the nice bottle, and I'm find with that :)

    1. Never had cherry coke actually... Didn't even know it existed, to tell you the truth.:D I heard they used to make vanilla coke, I'd like to try that one!

    2. dudette how is that possible ? They don't sell it in your supermarket ? (if not, you need to move, seriously).
      Anyway another thing I should put on the list for when you get your ass here =)

  12. This is such a cool look! Awesome tee!

  13. Hahahahahaha. 'Fell asleep from too much thinking'. Poor dog, what a hard life he has! He looks like a cool dude, that first picture is awesome with him with the glasses on, you should get that framed, yo.

    You are so funny, I really love reading your posts because I never ever can tell what I am going to get, but it always makes me smile.

    You walk your dog 3 times a day? That is a lot, isn't it? I don't know, I am a bad pet mum. I had a dog when I was 16 and one day I came home and wanted to play with said dog and she was gone. GONE I TELL YOU. My mum was on the phone (which is why I wanted to play with the dog, she was using the phone and we had old dial up internet so I could not internet) and I was laying the floor shouting OLLIE OLLIE and my mum stopped talking no the phone, said 'Corinne, Ollie is gone'. I was like 'WHHHAAAAAAAATTTT'. And she was like 'Well, she was your dog and you didn't pay enough attention to her, so we gave her away on Sunday - we thought you just were not mentioning it'. This was Thursday.

    Was hard to argue her point after that.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Less work and more playing with dog, yes?

    1. No, poor Ollie! And poor you, that had to suck. But you kind of weren't in a position to argue, that's true...:)

      I actually take him out four times a day, the last "walk" is right before we go to bed so he goes to sleep with an empty bladder.:) And usually, when I'm not this busy, walks are longer and there's play time and interaction - he's a pretty happy little pooch.

      Happy weekend to you too!!;)

  14. ok and i forgot to mention this outfit is just amazing. You look so so classy, very annoying where does the short come from?

    1. It's annoying that I'm classy???:D The top was actually a gift, my friend had it made (the white top is from H&M and then she had the face printed on) for my birthday because she said the face looks like me. She bought me a bright red lipstick too to go with it.:)

  15. * too adorable to read *

    geezz your dog is cute,
    and love your sneakers, hunn

    Yati from Malaysia

    check out my new post :

  16. That is such a funny and lovely post! Your dog must very cute! :)

  17. So fun look and post!! Your dog is so cute!

  18. Oh dogs. My poor little one is left home alone from about 9:30 when my parents leave for work until 2:30 when I get home from school. Her way of begging for attention is to rub her face all over you until you pet her. I love the all white look. Very summery and refreshing :)

  19. Hiiiiii!!!
    First of all... i think i've fixed the Selene's button on my blog, but here is the facebook of my band: Think there are a few videos there but you can see everything you want searching in youtube "selene huesca".

    Really nice your dog's day hahaha...Lovely sunglases in that pic... i can almost see your dog face in your t-shirt =)

    I laughed a lot with the videos too. Thank you, as always!!!


  20. haha wish i had a dog! x

  21. That was funny! How do you come up with all this stuff?

    Your dog is so cute by the way! I miss my dogs:(!


  22. Hi, thank you for comming by again sweety!

    You look gorgeous!love your dog:)


  23. Love the white on white outfit! haha, gosh! Seems like you had to do so much and your dog's only problem was where to sleep, right? It would've been nice if he could've helped you!

  24. i always like reading your blog :))))
    love the outfit !

  25. Wooow this outfit is absolutely genius, really well done!!


  26. That is such a funny and lovely post! Your dog is soooooo cute :)))

    The Fashion Heels

  27. I can't watch those shows either. It's painful, way to painful. I completely understand why you might love your dog more than other human beings. People just disappoint you, but I don't think a dog will ever do so.

    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  28. Cutest post of the day. I love your all white suite!

  29. Such a funny post! Your dog is so cute! :)

    Away From Blue

  30. Hi beautiful!! Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it like always :)
    Btw you look so stunning, that outfit is so stylish on you :)
    Come to see my new post at;

  31. I love your all white outfit. It makes your hair, sunglasses and the print on your top stand out
    Your advice for male readers had me protectively covering the family jewels with both hands. It's true I don't want prostate problems but.. eeep!
    Mister Fartz is lucky that you are so aware of the doggy perspective.
    I don't think I have ever seen a dog looking so happy wearing sunglasses.

  32. Amazing post! I love it:)

  33. love everything!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  34. I lovve your all white outfit! And I love that YOU are basically on your top. My favorite thing about this post though? Your dog's in sunglasses! I almost peed, laughing. So funny. I think he sleeps ALMOST as much as Todd. It's like they're cats...

    xo Ashley

  35. Laughing my ass off! Your'e so lucky you have a little friend who loves you unconditionally - I wanna get a dog but I think I should concentrate on keeping a house plant alive first.
    You should totally write a book of all your thoughts - it's the next logical step from blogging ;-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


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