May 8, 2013

Things I Don't Get Part 3

      It's time for another TIDG post - the list of things I don't get. When I say I don't get something, it doesn't mean that I'm judging (ok, maybe a little judgment is being passed with the last TIDG post's number 9), it only means that my brain doesn't resonate in a way to accept a certain fact or event as its. Some people don't get why other people pierce and tattoo themselves, that concept is foreign to them - (there can be) no judgment attached. And some particular stuff isn't being got by me and is alien to me - no judgment attached. Simple.
  1. Pistachio ice cream. Pistachios are salty. I know nuts by themselves aren't salty, but so aren't beans or meat but they still don't make ice cream out of that. What's next? Bacon ice cream? Or dry, salty strawberries?
  2. People not using their turn signals. That's the only way of communicating with other drivers on the road and even that's not much (several hand gestures aren't included since those aren't productive). And people say: "There's nobody behind me, I'm going to signal when I turn when there are other people behind me." No, you won't. Either you do it all the time or you don't do it at all. And it's bugging me out - use the frigging signal!
  3. My seamstress. I love her, she's a cool lady, she's done some pretty weird looking, hoochie party-wear for me without ever raising an eyebrow and in retrospect, I commend her for that, BUT... The other day, I brought her some stuff and she looked at it and said: "This fabric is too thick, I wouldn't be able to use my machine, I'd have to sew it by hand," and pushes it away. And that was it. She wouldn't sew that because she'd have to do it by hand. But she's a SEAM-stress, making seams is her job. I don't care if she uses a machine, her bare hands or black magic - just sew the damn thing. No. "I'd have to do it by hand."
  4. Why so many people decide to wear Uggs. Even the people that created the brand know and admit they're Ugg-ly. I think they created those just to see how many people would actually pay to parade in them in public - and they don't come cheap. I have proof that those shouldn't be worn outside: In Sex and the City (a show styled by Patricia Field, a multiple award winning stylist) they appear once and only once. Samantha wears them in the 19th episode of the 6th season while she's at home in her pajamas smoking weed. Got the message? Away from public eye and stoned - that's when you should wear Uggs.
  5. Pregnant women saying they're eating for two. No, you're not. That's a myth. When you're the most pregnant, you only need to intake 300 calories more than usual. That's a plate of pasta. Without sauce. Even if you were eating for two, that other person is as big as your head, you're not eating for two sumo wrestlers.
  6. Women wearing halter, racer back, backless, one shoulder, etc. tops or dresses and showing their bra straps. What's the point of putting on an open back dress if you have your bra on display in the middle of your back? We have the technology to send people into space, I think there's technology to accommodate your boobs in a halter top available as well.
  7. Kim Kardashian. But not just in general, because in general I like her - I have a specific event in mind, which I don't get. If you watch Kourtney and Kim take Miami, then you know that one day Scott decided to go shoot himself an alligator to make loafers out of its skin. When he got home, Kim was outraged saying how could he kill the poor animal. Well... You wear fur, honey. Those chinchillas who's fur you're wearing aren't just cold because they're without their fur, they're out cold, because somebody else killed them for you. And for reprimanding Scott you're being a hypocrite.
  8. Why don't more people stand up to Joan Rivers like Adam Hill, who publicly attacked her. Did she Mr. Miyagied or B-Rabbited everyone (if you haven't watched 8th Mile, than you couldn't possibly know what I'm talking about and I'm sorry)? She's a smart, successful and hilarious woman, but she does kind of look like the long lost sister of the bride of Wildenstein, which makes her an easy target.
  9. Women saying that they only shop at Zara and hate brands like Bershka, Pull and Bear, etc. The truth is it's the same brand. Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius and Bershka are all one brand (Inditex Group). Besides, even though you pay more for your clothes, you still got them at a "fast food" clothing store, you just paid more. Clever, huh?
  10. Why they sell jewelry tree stands when you can make one yourself from an actual tree branch. For free. Are we so disconnected from nature, so lazy or so unresourceful? I get why they sell cars, I'm not going to make that myself. Or sunglasses. But artificial miniature trees so you can hang your jewelry?
      That's it for today. I like these posts, they're a great way of catharsis. Before I started this blog, a friend of mine said I should blog so I'll be able to vent. And she was right. Venting is my new best friend since holding stuff inside can be detrimental to your health: You can get ulcers, gallstones, eye infections, migraines and all kinds of unpleasantries, which negativity manifests itself as, and we wouldn't want that to happen now, would we? Can I get a Mexican wave for venting?!

I'm wearing:
Shirt: Newyorker
Leggings: eBay
Jacket: Newyorker
Hat: Newyorker (men)
Sunglasses: H&M
Boots: eBay
Bag: eBay

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  1. I love your posts. They always make me laugh!

  2. I totally agree about Uggs _so UGGly
    Zara is NOT a flash brand - their shit is awesome, but it aint original, flash or couture #comeonpeople.
    I don't think the rules apply to nuts the same as they do with other savoury foods - for example bacon. Cause you can encrust nuts with sugar and honey and stuff and they're delicious. But then again, bacon is really good with maple syrup - so maybe I'm a bit weird.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  3. great post as always! love that klein jacket and your jeans are amazing!

  4. Don't even get me started on Uggs. When I see someone wearing them, particularly with shorts I get diarrhea. ANd I'm with you on the turn signal thing. The look you're rockin' here is super rad! I don't know if I'd be able to pull off snakeskin leggings, but you look great!!!

  5. Your friend was right. A blog is a fun place to vent. The things you don't get are fun to read. I agree with you about almost all of them. I agree about the the ice cream. The thought of those other possible flavors you mentioned - yuck! The people who don't use their turn signals are idiots! They will inevitably cause accidents and should not be driving. I guess your seamstress has more work than she needs? I never even mention Uggs if they're worn in an outfit post because I usually try to not to be negative when commenting - usually. That eating for two thing probably increases the likelihood of having stretch-marks afterwards. I do like most underwear as outerwear looks so I'm fine with the open back dress and the bra on display. I'm a vegetarian and don't go for the animal skin or fur looks. I think a lot of guys like to watch Kim Kardashian to look at her bottom. I haven't watched the 8th Mile but I've seen Joan Rivers a lot. She's well known for her zingers. Maybe people are kinder to her because she does it for comedy and is kid of old. You made good points on 9 and 10.

    I love the look of those leggings you're wearing!

  6. i totally agree, also don't get uggs bloody hate them.
    and love those heels, so badass
    xx ish

  7. I lovvve your jacket. But the best thing in this post? The Ugg dilemma. MAKE IT STOP. Please for the love of anything holy, make it stop.

    xo Ashley

  8. I can feel another long comment coming on, so I apologize in advance, but I guess the comment box is a fun place to vent too!

    1. You missed off pancakes with syrup and bacon. Ooh so yummy, had them again on Monday. They just work somehow

    2. OMG do not get me started on people who don't use their signal, but even more annoying are people who use their signal and then just pull out, just because they are indicating. Even when you are using your signal, you need to wait for a space, not assume the person behind you is going to slow down from 50 miles per hour to 15 miles per hour to let you through!!

    3. I don't blame your seamstress! but hold on you have a personal seamstress??

    4. It's a good point about the Uggs appearing in Sex and the City, I remember the exact episode, however although I don't own a pair, I do like them when worn on the right person with the right outfit

    5. As a nutritionist I get this all the time - so annoying!

    6. Agree

    7. hhhm true, haven't seen her wearing real fur, will have to check that out. Don't really get the difference between eating animals and wearing animals!!

    8. No people shouldn't stand up to Joan Rivers, they should just take her for what she is - an excellent comedian having a laugh, although I've never been on the receiving end soooo

    9. Love Zara, but never heard of those other two brands. It's like people who say they wouldn't drive a Skoda but they would drive a Volkswagon golf - it's the same people

    10. No opinion apart from to say I am lazy like your seamstress


    p.s. love those leggings!

    1. Lazy like my seamstress.:D I don't think either one of you is lazy she's just... I don't know what and you are... I don't know what either.:) But definitely not lazy. Too busy maybe? And she's not mine per se, I just go to her constantly whenever I need something sewn so I just call her mine. She's my extended family. Per se.:)

    2. oh gosh that's terrible of me, I just realized I tarnished your seamstress with the same brush as me! ooops. Don't think too deeply about what I am, with things like that I'm down right LAZY! Simples!

  9. Uggs are just plain wrong. Amazing shoes btw! x


  10. 1) actually salt and sweet are a match made in heave in gastronomy - want to lift an ordinary chocolate milk to dessert during a dinner party like you made an effort? add salt. salted caramel is another thing. Plus in Asia - they do add salt to manogs and pineapples. It is a sensory device to highlight a certain taste.
    3) hand sewing is terrible for arthritis and is notorious for repetitive physical disorders so once they do one they have to do everything so i cant blame her
    4)i have never owned uggs even though i am half australian
    All the rest agree - but Joan Rivers - she is what she is and I absolutely respect her and love her - her life has been full of incidents and she is an 80 year old plus women who is saying what she thinks( and most of the time what we think inside but only say in the confines of our inner sanctum_ - people want to stand up to her - fair dues - we are all entitled to an opinion but does he not know her life story? people with tragic incidents in their lives and with most trauma are usually comedians because they saw the other side so nothing - absolutely nothing is taboo - she even jokes about suicide.( her husband killed himself) I think Adam was just playing to the crowd - if he wanted a true rant then go on about Kim Jong Un...If people can't take a joke then people should truly live in north korea because no one jokes around there.

    1. "If people can't take a joke then people should truly live in North Korea because no one jokes around there." - quote of the month.

  11. Thanks so much for visiting Pirate Hart!!
    Love your look here!


    Pirate Hart

  12. Oh my goodness numbers 2, 4, 6, 9, and 10. I freaking hate people who don't use turn signals! Here: at about 2 minutes. Uggs are overpriced flat boots that just look awful. Why? And if you don't have a racer back bra or separate cups, just let 'em hang! Wearing a bra too much isn't good for your boobs anyways. Fast fashion companies. I can say that I would be willing to pay more for clothes that would last longer. They've sacrificed quality and labor rights just to make clothes cheaper. Makes me so mad! And lastly, DIY. It saves you SO MUCH MONEY! You can make your own lipstick, lip gloss, and nail polish. You can make your own jewelry stand. You can go to yard sales and benefit from the stupid people who paid full price in the first place! And that is my comment rant.


    bacon ice cream ;)
    enjoy :P

    1. No. Frigging. Way. You made that and put it online yourself just to mess with my head. No way that is real!!

  14. I always enjoy reading these lists! Sarcastic, but spot-on! I agree with most of them, especially the lack of turn signal and Uggs. Both make me cringe! And I love the idea of making a jewelry tree with pieces of a real tree! xo


  15. Oh #8 - Joan Rivers. My mom sent me her book, "I hate everyone starting with me" and in this book, Ms Rivers does make fun of everyone, however, she makes fun of people who should never, ever be made fun of .. such as Anne Frank. I mean, come on .. John Rivers wouldn't last 1 sec in an Anne Frank situation. That book pisses me off.

    #10 .. I bought a jewelry tree .. lol. I live in California where palm trees don't make good jewelry stands ;-)


  16. great post!!! love it
    btw I love your shoes!

  17. I love these posts - even if they might be construed as judgemental by some, this is your space; you get to be judgemental if you want :) About pistachio ice cream, personally I love it. But I've learned that pistachios really can work in almost anything and, since my husband is a chef, that anything can be made into ice cream. Bacon has been done. Fish has been done. Everything. I wouldn't recommend eating most of it, but if you have an ice cream maker, the possibilities are endless :)
    PS: Those pants look amazing on you!

    1. Thank you for acknowledging my space!:) I've never even thought about it like that, I always think I have to explain myself and apologize, but no, this is my space, I set it up! Thanks for reminding me that.:)

  18. Amazing look! So cool:)

    Join my giveaway:

  19. I love the shoes and jacket, Peet!

    Wehh, Uggs, I do not get this either. I remember once I went on a day trip to the seaside and saw a family of a Mother, Father and a boy about 7 years old all wearing Uggs. I wanted to walk up to them and vomit on their feet.

    Corinne x

    1. FATHER?!?!?! Ahahahahahahahaaa!

  20. I agree so many bad things out there: uggs, women showing a bra on a backless dress! LOL! but I do like pistachio ice cream. Your outfit totally rocks, I love your printed leggings! I have been to your blog a few times and love it! I am following you on bloglovin, if you want you can follow me back! :)


  21. love your boots and the blazer :D


  22. shoes and pants are the best part of this look !!
    great style as always !
    new post

  23. Nice jacket!
    I agree about the turn signals!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  24. 1/ never liked pictachio ice cream and never thought it tasted the same as the pistachio
    3/ oh I like your seamstress ! (never would pay her for anything though) but she sounds like a really...lazy/special girl. One told me that once : I never went back. A lot of them also want me to take my measures myself before I go see them. Dude, what about I take your business and the money with it, don't work it might make you tired !
    4/ at first i thought UGGS were made to wear inside the house in the winter. I kinda likes them. No they're not pretty but they look sooo comfy.

    1. Taking measurements before you get there?!?! What are the seamstress of the world coming to?!:D

  25. Great post! I agree with so many things, especially the things about uggs, pregnant women and drivers that don't turn the signal on (that drives me crazy too)!! Also I love you outfit, it resemble so much with what I'm usually wearing :X

  26. Inspired! Great post!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  27. I agree with pretty much everything on here. Except I kind of like pistachio ice cream... But yeah, what you say about Uggs is entirely true. What's the big deal about them anyway? Well, you look awesome. Those snake print pants are freakin' cute, and I love those tough-looking wedges!

    May the force be with you.

  28. You are extremely hillarios! Love your posts. hahahahahaaa

  29. lol great post and wow that jacket I want!!!!
    You look fantastic!!

    xoxo kisses Tamara Chloé

  30. Lol..I love you! :D


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