May 22, 2013

When Is Pain Worth It

      I can still remember the day we learned about the human nervous system in our biology class in primary school. Among other things, the teacher said it helps us survive by acting like our alarm system - when you're standing too close to fire and you feel your skin burning, it's your nerves telling you: "Go back or else you'll get burned and eventually die." She went on giving some more examples and finally concluded:
      "Pain is good for you. Pain tells you when something is wrong thus saving your life."
      I'm sure half the people didn't listen, while the other half agreed or better yet, almost the entire other half but one boy wonder did. My classmate slouching on the desk, leaning his burdened head on his arm, opened his mouth and said:
      "I wish I didn't have nerves."
      "I'm sorry?" said the teacher.
      "I wish I didn't have nerves. Then I wouldn't feel any pain."
      "Yes, but feeling pain helps you survive. Not feeling pain would be dangerous."
      "Why? It wouldn't hurt."
      "If somebody cut off your arm, you'd still lose an arm, even though that wouldn't hurt."
      "I wouldn't let anybody cut off my arm."
      I'm not paid enough for this bullshit. "Ok, forget that. How about the fire situation I talked about before. If you didn't feel pain, you wouldn't move back and you'd eventually die."
      "But it wouldn't hurt."
      "You'd die. Do you get it? Die. DIE."
      "Yeah... But still... It wouldn't hurt."
      This just goes to show that - even though most people don't want to admit this - education is lost on some. Needless to say, that's where the verbal cul-de-sac ended because we had other stuff to cover and the teacher estimated that it would be pointless explaining him how it's not the pain that kills you but the thing causing the pain, therefore removing the pain would do nothing to prolong your life. Dooh.
      Looking back, I have to give the guy some credit, since it's hard accepting something as painful as pain as something positive. But that's exactly what I'm going to do today - give some reasons or situations, imaginary or real, portraying the necessity or the upside of pain. I must admit, finding these wasn't easy, but I love a challenge and I'm kind of into pain so this was actually fun!
      The first one was obvious - tattoos. Tattoos are definitely worth the pain and as I've said here, no pain is forever. Of course, there's a slight chance that you get something stupid done like "Michael, I love you" and then down the road you find out that Michael recreationally fucks other women on weekends or is gay and it turns out that the pain wasn't worth it, but that's just bad planning.
      Another one I came up with is labor. Labor is painful, even with epidural (it still has to hurt afterwards). But keep in mind that it takes time for labor pain to be worth it: You have to wait till the little munchkins are old enough to make them into your little butlers or at least make them take out the garbage. That's when pain is worth it. (If they don't want to do that then you've obviously trained them wrong.)
      When you pierce your earlobes and a month later you can wear a pair of bad-ass earrings. That's when pain is worth it. Or you can wait about 10 years for the holes to close and then you decide to wear earrings again and the girl at the shop tells you: "You don't need to get these re-pierced, I bet I can put earrings through the holes you already have," and then you say: "Erm... Ok..." and then blood is gushing everywhere and minutes later she says: "See, I told you I'd get them through," and then after a month you can wear your F U earrings to that shop. That's when pain is worth it.
      Or even better, when your nipple piercing gets infested and at first it feels as if your nipple is on fire and then gradually it feels as if your whole boob is on fire and you go to the emergency room and a hot doctor is working and says: "Could you take off your shirt for me, please, miss?" and then 20 seconds later: "Does it hurt when I do this?" That's when pain is worth it.
      But this last example is my favorite and sums up the beauty that is pain perfectly. When a boyfriend is pacing up and down the room nagging about dog hair or his girlfriend not putting away her slippers properly or something as monumental as that and he hits his little toe against a nightstand and stops talking. That's when pain is worth it.

      Trivial fact: Today is exactly 6 months since I've started this blog. I was hesitant about doing it at first and questioned if I made the right decision and one day I said to my boyfriend: "You know what? I'll stick it out for 6 months and then I'll see." And he said: "Sure. Wait 6 moths and then quit blogging and everything and become a shepherd." But it sounded way cooler because he said shepherd in Bosnian, which is ČOBAN (click the speaker icon). And you know what? A life of a ČOBAN doesn't sound too badly actually...

I'm wearing:
Blazer: eBay
Top: Newyorker
Pants: Tally Weijl
Belt: H&M
Heels: eBay

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  1. You are so kind! Thank you for the lovely comment!
    Love how you combined the blazer with the leather pants!

  2. Could you look more amazing? I love this look. The heels with the blazer. Wauw I fell in love with that blazer! Xo

  3. Well this made me LOL a couple of times! And I so agree with the last thing you mentioned - that's truly one glorious moment when the pain is absolutely worth it! Great post, really enjoyed it. Also, congrats on the 6 months milestone. Make sure you make it 6 more! xx

  4. Allright, beside the fact that you look freaking hot with this outfit I wonder if that's some "Hello Kitty vendetta" : Why did you pick a tattoo saying "I love you MICHAEL" uh ?

    1. I didn't think of Jackson, I swear to god!:D I have no idea, why I said Michael, it was the first male English name that popped into my head, honestly.:)

  5. You always make me laugh with your posts! Your sense of humor is just hilarious. You should write a book :)
    Love the examples of when pain is worth it. Definitely the last one is the best
    Your leather pants and red heels are hot!

    Trendy Teal

  6. Haha! Yes, sometimes a bit pain is ok... But im not a person who likes it. I've been thinking about getting a tattoo on my neck for ages and i never go to do it because im really afraid.

    Anyway, congratulations for your 6 months birtday =) I really want to arrive to the same date on my blog but i don't know...

    Very pretty on red and leather! ^^

  7. love the outfit - hate pain.

    PS congrats on your 6 months - we both started around the same time!! ( great minds think alike or fools seldom differ LOL!) Here is to many more and continued success x

    1. I agree.:) And thanks. Right back at ya!!;)

  8. Love your blazer, pants, shoes.... just give me everything! Every time you wear those heels my mouth waters a bit. No, I don't think that's creepy.

    xo Ashley

    1. I don't think that's creepy either!:D

  9. This look is absolutely awesome! I love those red pumps and that blazer is really cool looking!

  10. I love your outfit!
    Amazing red heels!
    Congratulations your 6 months,u doing very good job on your blog:)
    Kisses x

  11. hahaha I love the convo you had with your teacher. You raised some good points! Pain is shit when you want to wear heels. And congrats on your 6 months! :)

  12. hey darling! great look and great post as always!
    thank you so much for your sweet comment! I love my dog too!!!! ahahahahahah
    his name is SUR, means south!

  13. Merci for your lovely Comment! :) You look awesome - this Outfit is great! Pain has always been a part of my life - and I think the more we suffer the stronger we grow. Sometimes I need a hard kick of life in my butt to know I am alive and need to work hard to have success - and take nothing for granted! Love, Kyra

  14. a little aggressive beauty but i like )

  15. Congrats on 6 months! Maybe you can now blog about being a shepherd? Heehee... Great post as always, definitely some great examples of when the pain is worth it. And loving the outfit- the stripes are great and the leather pants are killer! xo


    1. That would make for an interesting blog. "Counted sheep this morning. All there." :D

  16. love leather and red ! very cool :)
    thanks for your lovely comment :)

  17. What an awesome and cogent post on pain. My view of it is similar to your for the most part. There are times when pain is necessary to let us know when we've hurt ourselves, broken or torn something, are geting burned etc.. I wish the pain could be turned off when there's nothing you can do to help the situation - like when you're getting something treated and doing what you can to heal. Then there's the other aspect of pain you brought up. Like when people like me sign on to be on the receiving end of a spanking, when it's supposed to hurt. I know that's not what most people are looking for, but each to their own right?

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. There can be a think line between pleasure and pain...

  18. Great little article! You look great regardless :)

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  19. You look amazing girl! Love your shirt! ;)

  20. wow, stunning!!!! Great pictures as well! Gladly followed you with GFC and on Bloglovin', hope you can do same;)
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra


  22. Hi dear!! Like always thanks for your sweet comment, I am delighted to know your opinion :)
    By the way, i like your post very much, your heels are so amazing!!
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  23. Hey! Thank yoy so much for your comment.
    Nice look! I love your pants :)

    I'm following you back.

  24. whooaa sexy momma! in those pants, jacket and shoes. I agree with all of your points. Another one that my mum always says I'm crazy about is stupidly high heels. I'm not great at wearing heels but I wear them because I'm only 5ft 4.5 and they make my whole outfit look better, but girl at the end of the day or night, my feet are killing me; I mean my toes, calves and thighs are in pain, but when you look good and the guy you have gone out on date with says you look hot, it's worth it!!

    I want to see you in your flares!

    1. I wanted to mention that but the post got too long already.:) Heels are always great when you're super tiny and you're with a huge guy - that's when pain is worth it.:)

  25. You look stunning, dear!

    Win a pair of sunglasses:

  26. great look honeyyy! thanx for your comment, shall we follow? let me know XSE

  27. Hey girl! First, I just wanna say THANKS for your insanely lovely comment :D Decided to visit your blog and guess what - I fell in love with you and your style! Actually this exact look is sooo edgy and just 'WOW'. This t-shirt.. :D Do I even have to talk about it? Sooo soo so cool!
    Followed you on GFC and Bloglovin. Follow back if you want to, darling!

    xx Oksana

  28. wow, stunning look!!! love it:))

  29. Your style is incredible, love the savvy styling in this look, adding the red shoes is perfect and the striped blazer is ultimate trendy sophistication. I to say I don't know if pain is ever worth it (like the guy in your class), especially when theres needles of any kind involved ;0 I enjoyed reading your point of view on my Cannes post. Aren't you glad its the end of the week? Have a great one dear!

  30. Amazing outfit! Your shoes are fab!

  31. Your look is really nice!! :)

  32. Cute blog and I loooveeee those shoes! I just took college bio last semester and my knowledge of the nervous system was definitely refreshed!
    Follow me and I'll follow you. <3

  33. I flipping love that blazer and yea I guess there are some perks to pain such as being able to recognize certain things, like if you were in a crappy relationship and the other person mistreated you, if you didn't feel the pain of mistreatment you'd go on in the crap relationship never knowing there's better, because you can't even recognize the bad, I don't know that was just my take on it

  34. Wow, great style and amazing red high heels! Love them! Great story, too - true... Love from Munich,


  35. Every look you posted I fall in love, just perfect this red heels and striped!

  36. I'm glad you stuck it out. Your posts are some the most interesting I read. I especially loved your last terrible as it is to wish pain on someone else...


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