Jun 7, 2013

I'm in the Mood for Sushi

      I've been thinking about writing something in relation to my little hometown for a while and now seems the perfect time to do it. Why? Because I've been given an opportunity to collaborate with a local youth organization and participate in one of their projects called Bit & Beat. How does it work? All of the participants had to come to a place called Vipavski Križ this morning and create something today to be a part of the exhibit held in the Gallery of Vipavski Križ, which opened today. So while you're reading this post, someone in that gallery could be reading this too and I think that's at least really cool if not frigging surreal. Therefore I better not use words like shit and ass and stuff like that, right?
      As I sit here in this pretty close to perfect spot of Earth overlooking this fair town of ours, one thing is certain - my feelings are conflicting. Its beauty cannot be denied, but I wonder if my feelings could be compared to every mother finding their own children gorgeous. Or better yet every child thinking their mom is beautiful and I'd have to be one spoiled brat to say that I don't find my hometown charming in a way. Although I'm not sure that the concept of 50 shades of grey isn't stupid, there definitely are more shades of charming and if New York is charming like Angelina Jolie is charming, then my hometown is... Well, no Angelina Jolie.
      If I had to make a TV show comparison, New York would be C.S.I. (New York, dooh), while my hometown would be Cheers, you know that show about a bar where "everybody knows your name". To tell you the truth, I've never got why people find that charming about small towns. You'd be surprised how few nice things all these people that know each other's name have to say about each other. From this perspective, maybe it's better to be just another number in the C.S.I. crowd - all those numbers don't talk shi... bad about each other because they just couldn't care less.
      If I had to make a culinary comparison, I'd say New York is a 5 course meal with foie gras and beef Wellington, while my hometown is a meatloaf or a burek and your preference merely is a thing of personal taste. The sad thing is that in every meatloaf or burek you find that extra burned brownish-black piece that leaves a bitter aftertaste, no matter how scrumptious and juicy every previous bite was. That's how I feel living here, like I have my mouth full of burek and I'm ready to try this new sushi place across the street.
      The truth is, whether you'd take a bullet for a burek or you just couldn't care less for it, you can't deny that when it comes to our town, things are going downhill faster than a mammoth, who tripped on the top of that mountain from the first photo back in last ice age. That's why I always remember a certain frog experiment when thinking about my hometown: If you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, it'll jump out, but if you put it in a pot of cold water and heat it gradually, the frog won't notice the situation is getting worse and will cook to death.
      Every now and then I have to lift up my shirt to see if my bellybutton is still there and my skin isn't green, because I really don't want to turn into the frog from the experiment. Or any kind of frog for that matter. If things get any worse, I can only hope that I'll hop out before I'm cooked... I mean dead.

I'm wearing:
Pants: H&M
Top: H&M
Sports bra: H&M
Sandals: Zara

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  1. Love the heels and top! The jeans is great with it. Xo

  2. Your nailpolish looks pretty on both your fingernails and toenails and I love the green colour of your pants. That's a pretty view where you were sitting in the first photo.
    I concur with your comparison of small towns versus cities. The gossip behind the back is deadly in small towns, but it's usually more scenic, healthy and GENERALLY less noisy - except for a few inconsiderate obnoxious (fill in the appropriate insulting noun). I do miss the variety of cuisine in the city. I also understand the frog in the water syndrome. Sometimes I wonder whether I should hop out of the pot.

  3. Um, wow, that first photo is stunning! It makes me miss the views I would see in the Philippines.
    I love your light green pants - that shade of green is different than most of the ones I see! I like it :)

    Trendy Teal

  4. I am not a huge fan of small towns either - i love big cities and have only lived in them. But this is also an issue of you just needing to go off and explore a bit - you may end up like most people who go and explore but end up realizing they love it or they will never be able to live there again - it is rather binary. But I think you are ready for a world wide tour by the sounds of it!

    1. Who said I only lived in my hometown? If I hadn't lived outside it in a "proper" city I wouldn't have the experience to compare the two, would I?;)

  5. Love your pictures ans style! Perfect sandals! Love from Munich,


  6. Oooooh I love your sandals, they're gorgeous.

  7. Very cool tank :) I wish I had some hometown pride, but I just can't wait to get outta here

    xo Ashley

  8. Oh I love your top!

    ♥ Oksana

  9. Shoes. Gorgeous!


  10. i've lived in small cities and big ones and i believe both hold their own charm. i would have to agree though - sometimes we get the itch to get out for a bit, explore, and only then can we come back to a place and appreciate it for what it is or decide it no longer suits us because we have changed. i do have to say tho - the view in that first image is stunning! as are the black shoes x emerald green pants. :)

  11. Funny you think we all love our hometown... I just hate it ! Each time I have to go there (Basically Xmas)I'm like "OH it's still ugly and boring !". If my parents weren't there I'd probably never go back
    Girl, you have VERY sexy shoes, I want them !

  12. I love the trousers and the sandals!


  13. In love with you shoes!! <3


  14. Love the outfit! Those sandals are to die for.

  15. A great looks! I like it!
    Have a nice day!


  16. Love your coloured jeans, very cool xoxo


  17. It's seem an amzing place!!!!!!!! Fantastic look!

  18. Hey, love your style and love your blog...following you! (:

    Participate and win a Free pair for yourself. It ends on 14th of June. x


  19. Love, love, love this outfit! Especially the cut of this shirt and your shoes! Good job ;)

  20. Cool pictures! That sounds like an awesome opportunity - haha good idea about the swearing :) x

  21. Hahaha, oh dear. This is a lovely piece, kind of bitter sweet, but you describe your feelings towards the town in a way that I can almost taste your words! You do wonderful wonderful blog posts =)

    Corinne x

  22. The photos are beautiful, the outfit looks so great! Mint and grey is such a good combo actually!

    And ooh yesss I'm totally down with you! You don't like your small town? I grew up in a village with 180 citizens only - imagine how well people know each other there (actually most of them are related to each other in one or another way). I spent 20 years of my life there and also have this bittersweet view on the place. Of course it's charming and rurally romantic and shit - but that's only the outside. The inside is ugly.

    I'm definitely happy that I live in a bigger city now!!!

  23. Follow you =) love your blog so much.
    maybe you follow back *.*

  24. amazing outfit, you look so so pretty

    happy sunday

  25. Nice :D


  26. Love the back of your top and th heels!!



  28. Congrats on your collab! This post was deep Petra, and I can kinda see what you mean. I come from a larger city (more like a lasagne than a 5 star meal) but having spent the last 6 months in a small town (where everyone knows your name) I can see the benefits of living in a dispassionate city... and I definitley recommend you get out of the pot of water before you boil and see the sights. After all, you can always come back if you find you miss it :-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  29. Love the drop dead gorgeous scene. I really like the inside black bra (?) you added with the overall! It's so cute and chic!

  30. Congrats on this collaboration! I love your sandals, they are gorgeous!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  31. Those heels are gorgeous <3


  32. Hi dear...okay I have to say I am one of those people who find small towns charming, far more than the hustle and bustle of cities. Your town looks really quaint and lovely in these images. Would love to see more. I also come from a small town where everybody (almost) knows everyone and agreed there is a fair amount of politics and everyone talks about everyone. I think its the same in cities, however it happens within certain circles of people or within suburbs. Love your pedicure shade and super cute green jeans...Thanks for sharing your fashion opinions with me...I do recall that Britney video! May this week be a great one for you!

  33. love the very first picture and love your top, and thanks for sharing about your hometown

  34. Hi, Peet.

    First, I love everything about the outfit. Sandals, pants, and top, even the polish and the hair.
    Second, great photos. I like how it captures how quaint and quiet and subtly pretty your town is, makes you want to see more.
    Third, I do agree that small towns have a certain charm to them. I guess you just hafto immerse in both cold and hot water for you to appreciate both temperatures. I appreciate the writing, I like bloggers who aren't shallow.

    Keep in touch! <3


  35. i absolutely love the shoes and pant color!



  36. just wanted to say in regards to your comment....yes please write a post about penises. Oh my god. That would be rad. If anyone tells you not to, tell them to go take a jump off a bridge. Thanks so much for your kind words about my last post, I was a bit worried people might not understand the whole slave/captive idea. I know that my mind is quite dark and twisted by most people's standards! The captive one is actually based on my number one fantasy - a home invasion ;) lol

    thanka again for being so cool :)

    Holly xoxo

  37. I think I have the same kind of relationship with my home town. It's sort of a love/hate relationship, because this is where I feel comfortable and most at home, but at the same time I can't help feeling trapped by the small-town mentality and seduced by the endless possibilities the world has to offer. Love your top as well! :)

    M ♥ xx


  38. Such a nice place to contemplate.
    Cool tank top, love it! And I love your tattoos, sexxxy! My bf just has a lot of tattoo, he just love the ink! Imma get my own soon. :)


  39. Great outfit, but I'm in love with your heels!
    Kisses x

  40. I tried that top on Saturday and i was about to buy it haha! So of course ... good choice;)
    I feel similar about my home. I like my town, it's small and quiet ... but it is impossible to walk 10 minutes without finding someone who knows you and wants to say hello. It is impossible to walk 10 minutes without someone criticizes you for something (especially your clothes). I've been five months living in Barcelona and I feel my mind has been amazing release. There is nothing better than doing what the hell you want because nobody knows you. I think that until you try it, you don't know how addictive it can be.
    But the good thing is over, and in two weeks I have to go back, so I hope that won't change my mind again, and I could still feel just as free to make me give a shit what others, locked forever in the town, think of me.


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