Jun 5, 2013

Say Cheese!

      If this is your first time here - where the hell have you been? If you've been here before, then you've probably already noticed I have a dog. Although I've said here he's very co-dependent, that's not the whole truth. I'm very co-dependent too and I try to take him along with me as much as I can. I never take him to a bar though, I'm not one of those people, but he's always there whenever I'm taking these pictures and this has already been documented. Twice.
      The last time we went picture-taking, he was there too, what else. Usually it's pretty uneventful, we get to a place, we take a few shots, I look at them, I bitch and complain, we take a few more, I get fed up and we leave, all the while the dog is benevolently sniffing away or trying to get into the shot because he wants to see what I'm doing. But not this time.
      As soon as my boyfriend took two photos, he said: "The dog is getting away."
      "Leave him, he won't go far."
      "No, I mean it, he's really getting away."
      I looked around the corner and I saw him looking up at something, wagging his tail. He does that whenever he sees a sand lizard (I have no idea why), so I thought there's nothing to be worried about. Then all of a sudden, all hell broke loose. He started barking like a little maniac, which he is, and I leaned in a little more to see what he was barking at. It was his arch enemy, Felis catus, a cat. It was standing on the fence, back arched, eyes blood red looking like a real Devil's spawn. I'd bark scared too if I were him.
      The cat hurled itself at him and landed right on his head, clawing wherever it could. The dog started squealing like a gutted pig shaking his head trying to get it off, which he did, but then he made a fatal mistake. In an attempt to flee from the psycho cat, he ran straight over its front yard and through the open front door into the house, which made the cat even angrier. Before it could attack again, my boyfriend intervened, grabbed the dog and pushed him to safety towards me. And what did the dog do? He barked: "You think you're gonna mess with me?! Nobody fucks with me, you mother-woof-woof!!" and he ran straight towards the cat. Again. Just in time before round two would've started, I grabbed him by his collar thinking: "Oh no, Muhammad, let's let Mike have this one as long as you still have both of your ears."
      Then we changed our location, it seemed fitting. After two shots, my boyfriend said: "The dog is getting away."
      "Now what?!"
       I ran to get him and I saw a little girl some 7 years old holding him by his collar, dragging him away.
      "What are you doing?!" The little girl froze. "I said, what are you doing?!"
      "I'm just... I'm taking him to you. Or I mean... I thought he was lost."
      "No, you didn't! You're taking him way!" The little sneak tried to take him home!
      "I was just trying to help."
      "You can't steal a dog! You can't just grab random dogs and take them home! Didn't anyone tell you that you shouldn't touch dogs you don't know because they can bite you?!" I was so pissed, now I looked like that psycho cat. The dog hid behind me. "Look," I said more calmly, "if you were trying to help, thanks, but he's not lost, he's mine. And you really shouldn't be touching dogs on the street for your own sake. Ok?" She nodded. And get your own dog, you little... Witch.
      Mohammad and I returned to my boyfriend everything but ready to say cheese: "Let's take these stupid pics and get out of here." Which we did in about 0.37 minute.

I'm wearing:
Crop top: eBay
Blazer: eBay
Pants: eBay
Belt: Bershka

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  1. Ah, what an ordeal! I guess it wouldn't be any fun if dogs behaved ;-)

    Great pics though! Really fashionable!


    1. The naughtier they are the better. As long as they don't chew the furniture!!:D

  2. You look freakin' hot, lady! Glad you saved your dog fro both the cat and the evil little girl ;)

    xo Ashley

  3. love the color of your blazer! really amazing!


  4. i gosh seems like a complete drame, i don't have any pets, it would be too much for me, but i do love dogs, and your dogs sounds adorably foolish haha
    love your outfit too, the blazer is amazing and adore the crop top
    xx ish

  5. oh god, I don't have a dog but I can imagine him and that cat! And hey, that little girl! Gosh, you must have been stressed! Love the pictures though, the bralet looks amazing :)

  6. Wow, sounds like quite a series of events to go through to get these photos!
    Haha, but you got them, and this crop top is sexy! I love these photos. Now I want to redo the ones I got with mine haha :P
    Oh right, and as for why I want to be a waitress? More money, and instantly. As a poor college student, I could use the daily cash. I know, customers suck (I still have to deal with them as a line attendant), so why not just deal with them and get more money for doing it, right? Haha

    Trendy Teal

  7. great outfit! have you ever posted about your tattoos? id be really interested to hear about them.


  8. The little girl probably learned her lesson. I teach my daughters not to touch dogs or get close to them, because you never know what could happen. And if the dog is really small and if the owner allows it, I let them pat it gently, but that's about it really.
    I own a Hermann turtle, it's so tiny and cute, I'd be mad if someone tried to steal it from me!

  9. ahaha, nice post and good humor )

  10. I love that crop top! You look stunning. Xo

  11. Amazing top, you look so pretty


  12. ahhahha I tried to steal dog when I was little too... My parents didn't want me to have one so I prentended they were lost just like this ! lol
    anyway you're annoyingly rockstar on these pics...who would guess you had a crazy dog, a crazy cat and a little...witch around !

  13. your body is perfect:) you look amazing in this top:)

  14. love the top! you look great, xoxo

    love, Yulia

  15. awesome outfit,really love the cropped top and I'm glad you saved your dog from the vicious cat and the dog snatching girl
    Deejay Speaks

  16. Bahaha... The precious life lesson that 7-year-old girls can be just as malicious as angry cats ;) Loving your outfit here- the hot pink and the pattern are fantastic! :)



  17. nice outfit! i like it!!

  18. I love your stories :-) Sounds like you've got your hands full with that dog of yours, haha.

  19. Haha, what a crazy story! I can't believe that little girl!
    Love your crop top, super cute!

  20. I can picture Mr. Fartz's misadventures clearly from your description. When I was young our family had both a cat and a medium to small size dog (a mutt like me). The dog learned her lesson. It nipped at the cat and wound up with the cat riding her around the yard, holding on to the dogs back securely with its claws. The dog and cat eventually became friends, protected each other and would lie down next to each other. I think my sister and I probably encouraged them to get along with treats.

    Your bustier style crop top with front zipper is pretty and I love the colour of the blazer you paired it with. Your eye-makeup looks pretty too. P.S.: Thank you for subscribing to me on Twitter :)

    1. I thought I did that already long time ago, I was really surprised when I accidentally saw I'm not following. Well, better late than never, right?:)

  21. Lovely crop top


  22. i love your humour :)))) always did...always will :))
    love the top also :)

  23. really love the blazer and the black and white mossaic printedcrop top! great look hun! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  24. hehe, most stories of yours involve animals and that's really cute&fun. I love croptops and you wear them well
    * MlleWanderlust ✡

  25. I can't wait till you have kids! the stories will be just as hilarious...PS love the styling of the pics- you look hot girlfriend!

    1. That will be a long wait, my dear, and it won't be fruitful.;)

  26. I love your outfit, specially your aztec top. Gorgeous. :)
    Thank you for visiting my page by the way. Glad you know Laureen Uy. :)


  27. Oh my goodness, these two should have their own reality show on Animal Planet! I can't believe the cat attacked your dog! Hope he's okay. Then the poor thing almost got dognapped, he deserves a day at the doggy day spa after this ordeal. On the upside, lurv your cropped top, looks fabulous on you!

  28. You should be careful with your dog... Some people tried stealing my dog once. It's weird, but it actually happens. And how do you find all this stuff on Ebay? Ebay is dangerous for me. The other day I saw this Chanel nail polish which was originally $11, I started betting and got SO excited I ended up winning and paying like $28, which is already more than what an actual Chanel color costs at a store...

    1. :D eBay shopping can be tricky, I'll give you that. Maybe I should make a post on how I look and shop for things...

  29. Haha this is so funny!! Yeah my mom caught some guy trying to take our dog once too, he claimed he thought it was his. Yeah right.

    Sophisticated Lace

  30. Geez drama! Cant believe a little girl was trying to steal your dog haha. Love the crop top by the way! Puty its too cold here to rock them :P xx


  31. really cool aztec crop top and it's amazing when we find great things at ebay at a fraction of the normal retail price <3

    check out my latest blog post featuring mixed outfits and photos! :)

    1. I agree 100 %!!! That's why there's no shopping place like eBay in my opinion, eBay's simply the best.:)

  32. Good grief, sounds like an eventful photo shoot! The snaps turned out really well, anyway - you are rocking that crop top!

  33. I like your pink blazer!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  34. I loveee the crop top with the blazer!!
    I can't believe that little girl tried to take your dog! It's good you taught her a lesson lol


  35. Naughty little fart Machine >;D

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  36. your dog always creates problems haha! is a spoilt child, and must be very cute if cats have so much envy and girls want to steal it...
    Otherwise, I love the top!! (yes, I know it's printed. What will i do?, the tribal print is the only tolerate ... ^ ^). The blazer is just great!, I love the color.

    I read one of the comments, and yes, I'm all in favor of you to show us how do you find these great things on ebay ... please!please! please!


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