Jun 17, 2013

Things I Don't Get Part 4

      As I predicted in the first Things I Don't Get post, this really is a fruitful series because things I can't seem to understand keep piling up and now we have the fourth edition after the second and third one. Maybe this means I'm slow, who knows (maybe the fact that I don't know what this means means I'm slow, who knows), but let's get on with this post's mindbogglers. I don't get...
  1. Why some people take dogs with them when they go to bars. Dogs, unlike people, aren't bar animals.
  2. The awesomeness of Taylor Swift's music. The awesomeness is what bewilders me.
  3. How people think dance music and hip hop go together. This is horrible, this is horrible (so horrible I want to cut my ears off and feed them to the first stray cat I see just to be sure I never hear this track again) and this is horrible (ok, not horrible, but surely you agree this version is better). There isn't a single clubber or hip-hopper, who thinks this sounds good. Maybe people who listen to Taylor Swift do, who knows.
  4. Why there are two different prices for a haircut at the hairdresser's: one for a woman's haircut and one for a man's haircut. I've got plenty of (very) short haircuts and have always paid for a woman's haircut and I've seen guys with long hair pay for a man's haircut so it's got nothing to do with hair. What does stuff you have or don't have attached to your crotch have to do with the price you have to pay to get your hair (growing on your head) cut?
  5. Bloggers posting Instaposts (posts comprised of pictures they've just recently posted on Instagram). You already posted those pics on the internet, didn't you?
  6. Bloggers posting monthly recap posts. People can easily scroll through your blog and see what you've posted in the last 30 days. Yearly recap maybe, but every month? To me it seems like white noise.
  7. Why there are so many English expressions for a woman's Fallopian tube. There's "Fallopian tube", "oviduct", "uterine tube" and "salpinx" (Italian and German also have more than one term). In Slovene, we only have one: jajcevod, which is pretty self-explanatory and could easily be translated into English as "eggoway" ("e" or "o" is an infix, Slovene loves those). Now that would be easier to understand, I think (if you don't mistake it for a chicken anus or rectum).
  8. Why people are going crazy over Swedish House Mafia NOW. The stuff they play at gigs these days (not produce) is shit. You should've heard Axwell back in the day when he was playing at a club not much bigger than my apartment for less than 300 people, that was music. They're really talented and Steve Angello looks hot too so they could've been Beyonce of dance music, but they're more like Britney Spears - wasted, a mess and lip-syncing.
  9. Paying (lots of) money for an ice sculpture - those things melt.
  10. Why (mostly male) drivers (almost always) park their cars in reverse. Either way you look at it, you have to go in reverse once, but if you do it sooner rather than later you have to squeeze your car into a narrower space, which is in my opinion just plain dumb.

I'm wearing:
Blouse: H&M
Earrings: DIY

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous dear, and I just LOVE your non-smile ;)

  2. What a sexy sheer blouse!
    Haha, and yes, the awesomeness of Taylor Swift is rather mind-boggling. I don't get it either

    Trendy Teal

  3. Haha, I always argue with my boyfriend about parking in reverse :p
    He does it and I don't ;p


    1. Same here.:D Come on, it's just stupid.

  4. That blouse is fantastic!! You look amazing with it!!!

  5. HA the instaposts... oh god. I've debated on whether or not to do it but I just feel like it wastes posting time. I love these pictures, girl. So sexy and mysterious.

    xo Ashley

  6. Guilty of 6! But I don't normally tell people what I do so is that ok? :) but ice sculpture is a esoteric live in the moment tho I would never pay for it!you would love Taylor swift if you were 8. My neighbour girls love her!

    1. No, no, what you do is different. I mean those monthly outfit of the day recap posts. Like Ashley about said, I think those are just wasting posting time...

  7. Hey my friend... you got me laughing again... man so true for the haircut, I was like "Hey that's frigging true! why do we pay more ???". Honestly I just think it s because woman go and pay for haircut anyway, while mens don't if they judge it too expensive. Unfair but true. Just like the fact that french pay their clothes 20% more than others and the reason is : "they're used to it" =P

    1. If we're paying more just because we're used to, that SUCKS.

  8. Hi Peet, oh my gosh, I don't need the comedy channel when I have your blog as entertainment, This was so hilarious! I also don't get the awesomeness of Swift's music, among many other new musos. I have to ask my hairdresser about the haircut gender discrimination next time, its quite a serious matter now that you mention it! Don't get the Intaposts either. The masses take a long while to catch onto an obscure music band and then suddenly overnight they are turned into sensations and everyone is listening to them. Thats when I stop. I have noticed that males like parking in reverse - I think they trying to show off some type of skill, who knows? Love the blouse, looks ultra chic. Thanks for your style insight on my last post! I really appreciate that you mentioned that, it does take a lot of time to put those posts together and find designers...I hope the effort is worth it, lol. Have a great week babe, you made my day with this post.

  9. love your shirt and love your posts!
    have a great week darling!


  10. #10 is so true my bf does that all the time and to me it's just time consuming lol


  11. Your post made me laugh out loud. Indeed, why do people buy ice sculpture? I couldn't possibly buy one. Can you imagine one in Brazil?
    Useless and wouldn't last an hour.

    Loved the smoke effect you gave, is that a background? Lovely

    Thank you for your nice comment of my blog.

    1. :D An ice sculpture in Brazil, priceless!!:D

      I found a picture of smoke online and merged it in Photoshop with mine I took in front of a white wall. Not at all difficult, but I think it looks cool.:)

  12. Amazing pictures! And your tattoo is awesome! :)


  13. Amazing shirt!!! One more great article ;)



  14. 1 and 10 were my favorite. I have a friend that takes her dog to the cafe, the pub, everywhere. She ties it on a lead and it runs around my legs, tying my legs up in knots, then she takes a plate (made for humans) and puts some of our expensive meal we're sharing onto it and puts it onto the floor. So the dog gets my food and my mobility. Shits me to tears.

  15. Hehe, fun post :-) It's so unfair that they charge more for a woman's hair cut than a man's. Seriously, all I want it for you to trim my ends. Just like you trim my boyfriend's ends. Now why does he pay half of what I have to pay, huh? And I love Taylor Swift :-)

  16. Aw, I like Taylor Swift. I guess it's just nice to see an artist that just sings, plays guitar and that's it. No gimmicky stuff.

    I never heard of Swedish House Mafia until I got Sirus radio and stared listening to BPM :-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

    PS: Had to delete my first comment as I miss-interpreted your 2nd point ;-)

    1. I appreciate the no gimmicks aspect too! And she can sing and play and looks gorgeous, no question about that, I'm just not feeling her music.:)

  17. such a pretty shirt. love this kind of thing for Spring and Summer. xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  18. First of all can I just say you look super chic and super sexy in this post. I love your blouse! With a gorgeous tattoo like that, sheer blouses are a must!

    Secondly I kinda like those summary posts because I don't get to read blog posts as often as I like and therefore the summary posts are qite useful sometimes rather than having to scroll through lots of older posts.

    Thirdly IF I did ever get married, I've always said I would like an ice sculpture in the reception, I just love the whole concept of them.

    I watched Taylor Swift's life story on E! I kinda respect what she has achieved, but not really my kinda music.



    1. I watched life story too and I think she's very talented and dedicated and deserves all the fame and glory, I just don't get how can her music be so popular. But luckily for her, it is.:)

  19. LOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! I can not!!! you are hilarious!

    great post!


  20. Your tattoo is immense!

    p.s ....Amen on the Taylor swift thought!

    now following you on bloglovin too!

    Emmie :) x

  21. I totally agree with your comment about people taking their pets to bars. When I lived in Italy I sat across from a German Shepherd while enjoying pizza at a restaurant, it was the most awkward dinning experience of my life. That said, I will admit that many of the pets people take to restaurants behave much better than their owners.


    Peonies and American Honey

  22. Tay is amazing. love your tattoo:)

  23. Bahahaha OMG I can't stop laughing over this! But first, AXWELL! NOMG I took a trip down memory lane! They don't do house music like they did back then and he was the SHIT. I feel like listening to some old school MOS now. And the Insta post thang, I am so guilty of doing that sometimes - though once every 3 or 6 months when I literally have nothing to post! ;o) And on the subject of hair cuts, what about colouring! Man I never get how it runs into the hundreds of dollars.


    1. I know!! Getting your hair colored at the hairdresser's is the worst!

      And yes, they used to be the shit, now they're just shit.:)

  24. Haha, these lists always crack me up! Loving the sheer blouse and your back tattoo is great! xo



  25. i love your blouse. and also, people actually bring their dogs to bars? whaaaat?

    MI Vivere

    1. Yup.:) You haven't seen any? Where I'm from it's an epidemic.:D

  26. You look so sexy today!
    Amazing post! You are great!


  27. amazing pictures


  28. I've never seen a dog on a bar!
    I am not a fan of Taylor Swift either.
    Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  29. very sexy look!
    The shirt is beautiful, and your tattoos looks awesome!
    love the pics, especially the last one!
    kisses x

  30. Your sheer black H&M blouse is beautiful and very much in vogue. I also like your choice of lingerie. The tattoo on your back is a pretty one and also large. It must have hurt a lot getting it. I don't have any myself- at least not yet anyway. I have to admit that the things you've listed don't make sense to me either. There are people who get popular and have a lot of fans who. in my opinion, don't have much of an ear for music and must like being bored.

  31. I'm very very sorry for my disappearance... in the new post you can see aaaall the things i did last two weeks. My life is completely crazy.
    That said, I would add that I agree about the compilation posts. Once ago I considered it (maybe it gives you more visitors, more followers?). But I thought if I was bored about others, people would also get bored of my ... obviously.
    And most importantly ... How can you be so beautiful in these photos? Seriously, the shirt looks great and retouching with smoke its perfect. My congratulations!!!



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