Jul 3, 2013

Chasing Penis

      Today is a special day. Why? Because I'm going to talk about the epitome of male grandeur (more like the delusion of grandeur, but still) - the penis. Even the word itself is intriguing, since it's derived from the Latin word for "tail", so whenever big, butch men say they want to go chase some tail (meaning ladies), they might as well say they want some penis. I've seen my fair share of tails back in my chasing days and I'm not saying that there were a lot (or a little), I'm just saying my fair share and surely you agree that fair is never an objective thing. If I had to give you a number, I'd say more than one and less than a hundred. We are talking about only those in real life, right? Moving or still pictures don't count.
      If nothing else, all my experiences with the male phallus have taught me that it is an interesting piece of meat, sometimes a lot more interesting than the person it's attached to. But it doesn't stop with interesting, there are a lot of adjectives, which could be attributed to the outgrowth at hand (purely figuratively speaking, unfortunately there isn't a penis at my hand nor at my sight at the moment) and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. I don't think there is a single thing in the entire world, which could be described with more numerous as well as diverse adjectives than a penis. Let me just list a few: long, thick, smooth, tiny, short, gorgeous, floppy, peculiar, thin, hard, amusing, weird, sad, wet, horrific, massive, average, touchy, incredible, useless, hilarious, shy, fascinating, satisfactory, outstanding, sensitive and as already mentioned interesting and then again - interested. See? I know what I'm talking about apparently. On the other hand, I'm not claiming to be an expert on the subject, but I'm definitely no novice either, although my brother doesn't seem to (want to) know that...
      A while back, my mom, my brother, his wife, my nephew and I got together for lunch and our discussion quickly turned medical as it often does. We started talking about phimosis, which is a condition where the foreskin of the uncircumcised male sexual organ shrinks and gets stuck over the organ's head (you can get more info on the condition here if you really need it, but I warn you, there's a picture and it could be described with yet another adjective - painful; it's amusing too, but mostly just painful). After my mom explained what phimosis is, of course I wanted to know how it's cured, so she said:
      "They pull the foreskin and then..."
      "They pull the foreskin where?" I jumped in.
      "Towards them."
      "Wait, if hypothetically I'm the..."
      "What don't you get?" my brother had to jump in too (usually, my 4-year-old nephew does most of the jumping in, but I have no idea where he was, hopefully somewhere else licking the dessert refrigerator's glass door or something 4-year-olds tend to do).
      "It's not that I don't get it, I just have to get a visual."
      "I know what it is. You've never seen a penis in a non-erect state, that's it. Right, sis?" he said with a grin.
      "No... That's not it. Mom said they pull the foreskin towards them - them who? The patient or the doctor? Do they pull it away from the patient to cut it off or do they just yank it over the penis' head?"
      "Oh, no, no, they just yank it," mom set the record straight.
      "You sure don't need to go to medical school to perform that surgery."
      "I'd be so much easier if they just circumcised everybody, a lot less fuss," bravely said my brother.
      Circumcise. It's not my inch of skin firmly attached to my genital area that's at stake, but even I feel uneasy at the thought of that. I remember an episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte meets an uncircumcised guy and all four of them are shocked and appalled by that fact, one of them even calls him a Shar Pei. In all honesty, Shar Peis are cute and besides harboring bacteria and different penile juices, a foreskin can be cute too. And if I'm even more honest, when the penis is at its most useful that flab of skin doesn't get in the way anyway, so why cut it off?
      Now that's a good question: What was the first person to hack off one's foreskin thinking (and not what was the first person to milk a cow thinking)? There are so many useless body parts that just get in the way, but they still haven't ended on the chopping block. Men don't need nipples either, so why don't we start cutting those off too?

I'm wearing:
Top: eBay
Blazer: eBay
Pants: eBay
Belt: Bershka
Earrings: Six
Heels: Pittarello

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  1. Fantastic outfit dear! ;)
    The pants are amazing, made me want ones! *

  2. I sincerely love that pants! Great matching!


  3. As always intrigued, I want to look on the scary website but I'm at work. Penis isn't really a workprove subject. I looked at it any way haha (not even as sneaky as I wanted it to be haha. I even met someone with this condition (ok two). I might just restrict myself to comment on the outfit, loving the pants ;-)



    1. You've met two guys with phimosis?? Oh, I feel sorry for them, I've got a feeling it really hurts. At least it has to hurt when they yank the foreskin over.:) And you're very brave opening that site at work.;)

  4. Nice pics and that blue skirt is perfect. I like that color.


  5. so nice!!!

    please follow me if you like!

  6. Awesome outfit! So chic:)


  7. I loved the look! It was beautiful

  8. beautiful look! love your pants and you sandals!
    thank you so much for your sweet comments!


  9. You always have the most outrageous and hilarious posts that provoke thought - I love it! Haha, ah man, I'm wincing imagining the yanking part...uggggghhhh. I'm so immature though, I was laughing at most of this xD
    I love your bold blue palazzo pants! You look amazing as always

    Trendy Teal

  10. Once again an interesting read at my work desk haha. Totally agree with the adjectives, could probably think of some more....but I am at work so I shant. xx


    1. You could, right?? There are so many frigging adjectives for a penis it's insane.:D

  11. first of all, your pants are amazing. second of all, this blog post was so amusing. being a girl, i dont know much about circumsion and have never heard of phimosis so...thanks for the new facts haha. but youre right, who was the first person to say 'hey i have a brilliant idea, guys should be circumcised" ?!? haha

    MI Vivere

  12. WAAWWW!!! adore the pants, you styled them perfectly!!!

    tnx so much for stoppin by at my spot, hope to stay in touch! =)

  13. hahaha
    Your issues are a bit pornographic lately, aren`t they? I have not seen many penises ... but none of them was circumcised and i'm really glad about that, because i don't know how would i react in front of something like that xD

    Amazing top!! (ebay, of course XD)


    1. Yup, I've been kind of in a pornographic rut these days... The phase will pass, at least on the blog.:)

  14. Amazing look. I love the heels. And your back tattoo is also beautiful !


  15. You are the best!


  16. Hi babe, your blog topics are always creative, lol. You look stunning, love the fit of the pants and the sophisticated way in which you styled it

  17. Oh man, where do you come up with this stuff? As soon as I saw the title, I knew I was in for a good read.

    Love the skirt, too!

    Corinne x

    1. Thanks.:D I have trouble sleeping at night, so I tend to think a lot.:)

  18. I've gone all prudish so I'm not gonna share my thoughts on the piece of "meat", but I will say that you look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit. A little cleavage, a little tattooed back and gorgeous colour palazzos and sexy shoes! Cute!

    Enjoy the weekend......

  19. I'm in love with your pants and that bralet! Your style is so cool! Haha and yeah, thanks for stalking me on Twitter! :D

  20. I never know quite what I'm going to get to read about when I come to your blog - and that's why I love it :) Since we're on the subject, I have to say I'm pro-circumsion, mainly because when I did work in the medical field, I saw so many men who simply weren't clean enough and got foreskin infections, leading them to have to be circumcised very late in life. Better as a baby when you don't remember the trauma, I think!

    1. A foreskin infection due to lack of hygiene?? Are you kidding me?! Ok, if you're that lazy, yes, I'm pro-circumcision too.:)

  21. Really nice outfit, love the pants :)

    Trendy Bow

  22. Amazing outfit and great inspiration.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  23. love the pants!
    you look great!
    Kisses x

  24. Oddly enough, the man and I were JUST having a conversation about circumcision the other day... This was actually pretty interesting! Phimosis sounds awful... and horrific-looking.. BUT you look beautiful :D

    xo Ashley

  25. Wow, these pants are amazing!


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