Jul 8, 2013

From His Closet #1

     From time to time, I post these Things My Boyfriend Doesn't Like posts and the title itself is pretty self-explanatory - that's when I show some of the pieces from my closet my dear old ball and chain finds appalling rather than appealing. A while back (here and here), some people said I should show what kind of clothes HE wears and since I had thought about it before and think it's a cool idea, here's a new series on the blog: From His Closet.
       First, I chose some of his items I personally like and after he approved them, I asked him if he'd like me to take photos of him wearing these pieces himself and since he's got MySpace, Twitter, Facebook (a private profile and a fan page), Skype, YouTube and probably some other profiles I have no idea of on sites I don't even know exist, he's used to being present on the internet, so of course he said: "Hell no!" and that's why I'm in the shots.

      I have no idea where he got this LSD t-shirt from, but it's definitely one of my favorites. I like the color palette.

      Can you imagine what would happen if a 12-year-old girl was at her local mall and would all of a sudden bump into Justin Bieber? The tears, the shrieking, the tearing-off of one's clothes. That would happen if my boyfriend were to see SpongeBob. He's a SpongeBob maniac. Some time ago, you could get SpongeBob chocolate surprise eggs and he bought over 50 of them (he says it was 30 tops, but that's a big fat lie), just so he would get all of the figurines. He does a pretty accurate impersonation of the sponge too, as far as his (annoying) laughter goes and I'm definitely the Patrick to his SpongeBob in that respect. I'm sure there'll come a time when we'll have SpongeBob plates and cups and glasses at home. I can't wait.

      There's not much to say about the awesomeness of this t-shirt except that I wanted one just like it too when we were there for the first time, but then I let him get it (and got one that says "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Ibiza!" naturally). Now, I can see it actually fits me pretty well too, so I think I'm going to hold on to it for a while. Thank you, boo!

      P.S.: Here's a completely unrelated issue: My blog was hijacked today. I couldn't gain access to it and Blogger (and Google) said that the blog was deleted or removed due to some suspicious activity. Fortunately, the Blogger team fixed and verified everything extremely fast, but I still lost 1 year of my life (give or take) because I FREAKED OUT. Why did I do that? Because I don't back up anything and I have none of the posts saved. Note to self - start saving stuff. Note to hijackers - fuck you, evil trolls!

      You're welcome to follow FPS via Twitter and/or share this post and/or watch this video of me and my boyfriend being silly. There are new posts coming up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so please do come back this Wednesday!



  1. All of those t-shirts are a riot! It's wonderful that you both have a good sense of humour. Surprisingly I had never watched SpongeBob before - I just watched that video - what a funny laugh! That's scary about your blog having been commandeered by evil trolls. I'm glad you got it back.

  2. What do you mean you lost 1 year ? I can read your old post fine ?

  3. I really like the I love Ibiza tee, it looks great on you, but I don't think I could wear a Sponge Bob tee-shirt :)

    Mafalda ♡

  4. That spongebob t-shirt is the absolute cutest!
    And sorry to hear about your highjacking! Happened to me once and it freaked the crap out of me!


  5. I love your bf's t-shirts. He seems like a fun fellow from his taste in fashion.

    Much love,

    Peonies and American Honey

  6. Thank you very much for your nice comment on our blog. I absolutely love the T-shirt "I♥Ibiza" because I do love Ibiza soooooo much!!!:D And even good girls go there, lol.
    Have a fabulous day and come visit us soon.
    Audrey and Pearl

  7. I think this is a great idea!! I'm all for androgynous fashion, so I always enjoy when girls wear things out of their boyfriends closets and mix and match it with their own. I call those people the true fashionistas lol! I think that spongebob tee is so freaking adorable! You should definitely style it with something extravagent! And I'm sorry to hear about the website hijacking, hope it's all sorted now :)


  8. Haha, the LSD trip shirt is great, and you should post his impersonation of Spongebob...haha, that'd be great!

    Enter to win a Snoozer Loser pendant!
    Trendy Teal

  9. Omg glad your blog is okay! I now see why your boyfriend is so critical of your fashion sense... he's a typical graphic tee wearing boy... poor little boy.. Lol, nah for real I like the LSD one ;)

    xo Ashley

  10. Haha, how weird that he is so obsessed with spong bob!

    Oh no, it sucks that you got hijacked!!! Glad you got your blog back though =)

    Corinne x

  11. This is a great idea for a post - I especially love seeing you modelling the boy's clothes, although I could never get away with the same thing myself; my husband is so much taller than me that all of his shirts become dresses when I put them on (and believe me, I've tried; there's a few in his closet I'm dying to steal!) I'm all for you keeping the I <3 Ibiza tee for yourself, it really suits you :)
    PS: I can't imagine the feeling of having your blog hijacked - I had a mini-stroke when I read that and it didn't even happen to me!

  12. I Am In LOVE With Men's T-shirts, Thanks For Your Lovely Comment!

  13. Loving the Ibiza tee you are wearing and I also love the good girls go to heaven tee. I'm still waiting for someone to bring one back for me as a gift!

    You can't really tell their your boyfriend's tees, not saying he dresses in feminine tees or anything but they look kinda unisex so you wouldn't look out of place wearing them down the street.

    So sorry to hear your blog got hijacked - can you imagine if the worst happened eeek! Get backing up girlfriend!

  14. love the top that said I love Ibiza!

  15. totally love the styles girl...i love ibiza esp!! hehe

  16. Hello lovely,
    Ohh my,,, so sorry to heard that your blog been hijack. Hope e/thing will be ok.

    Love the tee's , its cool on ya' =)

    MIA before and get back in track, do visit my blog lovely,

    Yati from Malaysia


  17. I love the Sponge bob tee! So cute! :)
    P.S: That's so so sad about the hijack... :(
    Important Update reg. Fashion Panache Blog

  18. Somehow you make baggy shirts look super stylish, I am jealous :-) I'd just look like a kid wearing dad's shirt. I love the Justin Bie..err sorry... Spongebob tee :-)

  19. love your blog hun x http//www:annainfashion.blogspot.com

  20. love them all but my fav is the I Love Ibiza!
    I also love to take some tees from my boyfriend!


  21. Fun post ;) My boyfriend mostly wears shirts with naked women on them but at least he listens to me when it comes to his other clothes xD
    Also sorry to hear about your blog issue, it seems to have happened to more people lately!

  22. So nice your boyfriend clothes!! I love the ibiza t-shirt =)
    But i think you should post about the things you don`t like about his closet! It would be funny too ;)



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