Jul 31, 2013

From His Closet #2

      This is the second part of the FHC series and I think the timing is perfect. For the past two days we've been drving and only driving, so I didn't took any pictures and nothing special happen - luckily I prepared a few posts in advance for occasions like this one. We did meet some amazing people in Mobil (who'll hopefully come to visit us in Slovenia one day!) and we went to a strip club and had a blast (go figures). Since you can't take pictures in strip clubs, you'll have to settle for these, sorry.

The shirt says French Connection United Kingdom, it's a label. If you see anything else, that's on your dirty mind. (Trust me, after 3 weeks without my boyfriend I see something a lot different than FUCK, I mean FCUK.)

I got him this t-shirt from Pull & Bear in Barcelona because he in fact is another freak.

I like the song and I think it's really cool when men wear something pink, that's why this shirt is one of my favorites. It's that simple. I'm simple. Ish.

      We're about to leave Sarasota to go to Miami where we'll stay for 4 days, at least that's the plan. Feel free to follow FPS via Twitter and do drop by this Friday when I'll post something new. Posting days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!



  1. Haha, I didn't see it at first!


  2. Sounds like a real hood tim...
    I lived fcuk one, their t shirst are always so creative
    Keep in touch

  3. Yay Miami! Next stop: Cincinnati :D I can't waaaiiit. Friends!! I like the FCUK shirt lol it's so dirty in the best way

    xo Ashley

  4. The funniest thing about FCUK is most of their clothes are really pretty and girly - Juxtaposition! Have fun in Miami! Don't spend all your singles at once.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  5. I love bang bang too.. and hum I guess I have a dirty mind... =P

  6. Lovin those tee's =)

    you rock it gal !



  7. The graphics on those t-shirts are fabulous. I'm loving reading of your adventures. One good thing about going to a strip club is that you probably didn't drink much. Their drinks are usually very expensive. I wonder what they charge for a soda pop or orange juice? Wow, you did a lot of driving between posts! Have fun in Miami!


  8. Love the Bang Bang song in the film Kill Bill, wasn't that bothered about the song before that. Love you FCUK top - a quirky twist on the original!

  9. I love the song too!! so i think the tshirt is perfect!!
    And the fcuk one is great too!!!

    Your bf has a great style haha



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