Jul 22, 2013

In the Air Tonight

      I forgot to post this picture and since where I am it's still Monday, this is technically still the Monday post, it's just the 2.0 version.
      Yesterday we were walking down the strip in Vegas and Veronika all of a sudden said: "Wait, is that Mike Tyson??" I turned and there he was - Mike Tyson. Although he looks all jolly in Hangover 2, especially while singing In the Air Tonight, he's still Mike Tyson, so I said: "Do you think I can take a picture or is he going to come running and throw a left hook?!"
      Obviously I took some shots because you can see the photo above and obviously he didn't throw any punches because I'm still alive. I managed to get some 5 shots, he's even looking straight at the camera in the last one, but the picture is blurry because I flinched. I can be pretty ballsy at times, but hey, he's Mike Tyson.

      P.S.: In Vegas I also bought something pink, tiny and adorable for a very special person on the way and I couldn't be more anxious to give the present to her, she'll be the most bad-ass baby on the block. Now I have to get something cool for her brother too.

      Hello from a motel in Blanding, Utah. Come by again sometime soon, let's say Wednesday. Posting days are Mondays, Wednesdays in Fridays - cheers till then!



  1. Utah!! The home of Mormonism! That's all I know about Utah.
    MIKE TYSON! He's like, a REAL celebrity. Great shots, I don't know if I'd have had the lady-balls to snap his picture personally :-/

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  2. aaaah OMG it's MIKE TYSON - amazing, what an experience! You were brave to take those shots, I'd have been too scared that he would bite my ear off! have a great time!

  3. I love these shots, great quality!


  4. HA! BALLS OF STEEL! I love that you got pictures :) That's too cool. Who's having a baby!?

    xo Ashley

    1. My brother and his wife. I'm getting a niece!!!:D

  5. Oh Mike Tyson how cool!!! Cute outfit too, xoxo.

  6. Mike Tyson! Ahhh so cool, but I would have been way too scared to take a snap hehehe! Go you!


  7. Wow! That's an amazing photo you got of Mike Tyson! You are brave! I love that pink Las Vegas baby fashion.


  8. Nice! What a random, but super cool person to see! xo



  9. Mike Tyson?? Really?
    Of all the people you could have found vegas, is undoubtedly one of the worst hahaha!!. I can`t explain how did you take that picture!!! I would run very very far away just after seeing the tattoo!

    PS:Your niece will be the world's coolest baby =)



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