Jul 17, 2013

Love Is Free

      A couple of days ago we were at the Hollywood Walk of Fame here in L.A. and it's pretty unimpressive - the crowds are insane, the street's dirty and so are the adjacent areas. I saw two Bing Crosby stars and I thought that was weird, so I checked it online. He actually has 3 and some people have up to 5 stars, each for a different category (film, singing, theatre...) and you have to be nominated to get one and then you have to pay about $25 000. Ha. But why does Donald Trump have one?
      When we were driving back to the hostel, we drove through Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive and the scenery was something completely different. Clean, bright streets, no people begging for attention or money - a complete 360. We were staring at the imposant glass skyscrapers, taking pictures like crazy - the views at night are really something. All of a sudden we saw a bunch of people lying on the street. On the other side, there was a line of people waiting to get into the homeless shelter for the night. I saw a girl not much older than me patiently waiting, squeezing a small pillow tight to her chest. We went completely quiet, we didn't say a word. It took us less than a two-minute drive and it seemed we crossed over into another galaxy, not just neighbourhood.
      After about a minute, Veronika said: "Ma ne me jebat." I guess you could translate that as "you got to be fucking kidding me". I didn't said anything. I didn't know what to say. I felt so incredibly guilty: I've spent this hefty amount of money to come here and I'm still spending money basically just to have fun while the world could make better use of it. Love is free, but apparently nothing else is...

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  1. You girls rock!!! Enjoy the rest of the trip and be safe***

  2. awesome pics ! I wish I was there with you !

  3. Really amazing pics .. <3

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  4. Its hard to see that, isn't it? It makes you feel guilty. Its good to remember to be aware though.
    Other than that though, these photos are spectacular! I really love how you caught the motion and bustle of where you're at. Those skateboarders make for fun photo subjects! :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Beautiful photos! Loved
    It was all captured the minimum details*

  6. Such Awesome pictures Petra! Wow.
    But your'e in the land of the free where meritocracy rules - it's not very capitalist of you worrying about homeless people!! I guess anywhere you go in the world you can be reminded of poverty - not nice.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  7. You have some amazing people and action shots!!


  8. I am loving all of your travel photos, especially the 2nd to last one - breathtaking!

  9. More fun pictures! I love the store with "cigarettes knives gifts" HAHA! What a place... That's so interesting that you have to pay for a star on the walk, and that you can have up to 5! Who has 5?! That's insane. My man said he'd pay for one if he had it lying around... I don't think he knows you have to be nominated. What a loser ;)

    xo Ashley

  10. At least America offers services for the poor (i.e. welfare, shelters), think about those in third world countries, who live and die on the streets. It's really unfortunate. I think we should balance our lives with having fun and spoiling our selves a little, but also helping those in need.

    That being said, Hollywood is still magical :)


  11. Very beautiful photos :)

    I follow you beautiful blog on Bloglovin. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog www.gabusiek.blogspot.com

  12. Saj če tak gledaš, si si denar sama zaslužila s svojim delom, tako da ne rabiš imet občutka krivde. Čeprav te po drugi strani razumem, ker se sama tudi večkrat počutim krivo oz. odgovorno za krivice na svetu.
    Kot je rekla komentatorka pred mano, je najboljše neko ravnovesje. In ni nujno, da nekomu pomagamo z denarjem (ker niti vedno ne moremo) Dosti je že to, da nekoga poslušamo, mu damo potrditev, se mu nasmehnemo itd. in mu s tem damo občutek ljubljenosti, vrednosti, mu vlijemo voljo do življenja in do ubiranja novih poti.

    Fotke so super duper!

    In tak čisto mimogrede, tvoj blog me je zasvojil!


  13. Awesome pictures! Have a fab time in vegas, don't gamble too much :P xx


  14. All I can say is JEALOUS - This looks amazing girl! xx

  15. I've been wondering more and more how the politicians here justify wasting so much money on things like wars and surveillance when there are so many homeless people in our country. How sad. Your photographs are amazing!

  16. I guess it happens everywhere, but it is in big cities where the contrast is bigger. And even more in Hollywood, home of very rich people. Of course you feel guilty because you are there while lots of people are miserable. But there are people in need everywhere, it should not be forgotten. And you have to be very very grateful to be there. You are very very lucky =)
    At least serves to realize it, that is fine.

    PS: oh my god! The Doors star!! (this one that cost 25,000 to my boyfriend ^^)



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