Jul 15, 2013

On the Road

      Finally, we got our car on Saturday and you can see it in the photo above. No, just kidding, we got a white Chevy Impala, not nearly as cool as the one in the picture.
      If you're not from the States, then you know we don't all have automatics, some of us drive proper cars with stick shifts. Everybody says that automatics are easier to drive, but if you know how to do something the "hard" way, the easy way isn't easy, it's just fucked up. When I first drove the car, I forgot after a while that there's no clutch and I stepped on the brake like it's the clutch and the car STOPPED, everything went flying through the air and me and Veronika got glued to the windshield. Funny. After that, we were good, I learned my lesson, I just did that one more time-ish.
      When we left San Francisco, we stopped at Bakersfield on our way to L.A. and we went out for a few drinks. The place was called Padre and it was a mixture of Ave, KMŠ and Top, but you have to be from my hometown and/or live/study in our caital to know what that means, so for all of you, to whom that doesn't apply, I have a story. When I went to the restroom, I asked a girl if the crowd there's always so desperate and in dire need of attention (especially the male population) and the girl said: "Yes, I heard one girl just say 'I'm getting every hepatitis from A to Z tonight.'" Funny. The party ended at 2 a.m., which is just shameful, because we party till 7 a.m., but that was ok since we had to get up early and hit the road again.
      We spent the night in the car and at about 4 a.m. our car got egged and spray-painted - who knew Bakersfield of all cities is going to be such a riot. I wonder though how we're going to explain the black spray paint stripe across the side of our car to Hertz. Funny.

      And some leftover shots from San Fran.

Feels like home.

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  1. It's always very nice to discover new places thanks to bloggers.
    And talking about bad driving experiences, driving an automatic car was OK for me in the States, but it was quite another story in Australia! I kept looking for the stick on the right-hand side, and there was just the f... door!


  2. Nice photo's! I'm sorry to hear about your rental car .. what a bunch of hoodlums .. cheez. Slightly embarrassed for the people in the state of California!

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  3. LOL at the spray paint stripe. WHOOPS! Hopefully that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg... The pictures are great :) STOP BY CINCINNATI!

    xo Ashley

    1. Cincinnati is actually on our way from Miami to Chicago, so it's doable, but it's too soon to promise anything. I'll tell you for sure in about a month. It would be cool to meet, that's for sure!!!:)

  4. Killer photos! Sounds like your trip has been super eventful so far :)



  5. looks like such a fun trip <3 these photos are stunning

    Alexa <3

  6. Your pictures are fantastic! I love all the scenery shots, it looks so beautiful there! Sounds like you're having a fun trip too!

  7. Oh man so jeally of you! Those photos are fabulous, all those golden mountains, gahhh! Been dreaming of my roadtrip for ages! Though how shitty your car got spray painted! While you were in the car! OMG!


  8. Whoa egged and painted what crazy americans did that?lol hope the insurance company doesnt sting you too much!! xx


  9. TOO jealous of you and your awesome adventures. P.S. next time Im out clubbing I'm gonna say that hepatitis quote and see the looks I get...

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  10. Oh God, the white Chevy Impala - the standard North American rent-a-car, it's certainly going to make your road trip interesting ;) It looks like you've seen some amazing sights already, in spite of the car incident, though! Some of these photos are just gorgeous - like, worthy of hanging in a gallery gorgeous.

  11. sounds like a good trip! Have a great time dear :)

  12. Awesome pics! So cool:)


  13. Wow, picture overload! Looks like a fun trip to me...


  14. hey were was this sealion ;) he looks so confy and happy ;)

    1. That was near San Simeon on the Pacific coast.:)

  15. I don't understand how can i love so much the straight roads. I have a friend who always says that when everything in life becomes a shit, we will rent a harley davidson and go to Texas, to drive until no gasoline, or get high with drugs or fall off a cliff just like Thelma and Louise. I don`t know, something like that.
    The pictures are cool! I love the seal!! =)

    Peopla living in small places is strange. Did you only go out until 2 a.m. but they painted the car?
    My head can't assimilate this.



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