Jul 24, 2013

Stupid Red Rocks

      Today I don't have much time - again. And the constant rush is really starting to bug me, but what can I do, that's travelling...
      In Utah, we went to the Arches Natural Park. I'm not the most athletic person, but I can (and will) swim for 2 hours straight, walk around a city for an entire day or go clubbing for 10 hours - no biggy. But walking up a hill... That's my worst punishment, especially when done at noon and in 99 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) with close to no water. When we got to the top and saw the delicate arhc, which supposed to be mesmerizing, I said: "That's it?! Are you fucking kidding me?!" I was really pissed.
      After 2 minutes, a group of Americans reached the top and a guy said: "Are you fucking kidding me?! We hiked like crazy up the stupid hill for this?!" I concurred. Out loud. Then we both agreed we should catch a plane ride back to the parking lot. I'm not even posting pictures of the stupid arches because they're just a huge rip off. Stupid rock. Stupid red rock.

       P.S.: We got a parking ticket in Denver. That's the second one, the first was in L.A. Think about it - you can smoke weed anywhere in all of Colorado, because they legalized it about a year ago, but you can't park anywhere. Liberties are a very peculiar thing here in the States...

I can't go any further, really, are you sure? Damn, I really wanted to go up there.

Around the corner Gandalf and Frodo were having a smoke. Honest.

With views like these one really can't complain.

Lake Powell.

The Monument Valley by night.

The coolest thing in Arches was this guy. His name is Harry and he's 10 centimeters/4 inches long. He doesn't like humans, I get him, we got along.

      Posting days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so hopefully this isn't your last time here. I'm off to Rapid City now and I gotta run so bye!



  1. Love the Lord of the Rings esq comment - now that was funny.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  2. That lake is beautiful. Sorry about your rock trip though.. Stupid rocks. Who the hell cares about rock anyway?

    xo Ashley

  3. Awesome pictures! That's so funny about climbing the hill and commiserating with Americans about the lousy view! Maybe you should write a travel guide so other people dont get caught out! 38 degrees though, YUCK.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  4. wow gorgeous pics I love it dear ! Sounds like someone is having fun !

  5. Holy crap, these photos are all just exquisite!


  6. Nice post and so good pictures

  7. A-MA-ZING!
    have fun!


  8. Great photos ;)


  9. AHHHHHHHHHH! Arches is on my list to do! You lucky thing, though trekking through 38 degree heat will make anything lame hahaha. Like I said I've been dying to do a US roadtrip thing (I think the world knows this about me by now) and I actually have two trips planned. Arches is in the second, less talked about adventure. but after seeing your little friend Harry, I am not so f***** sure anymore!


  10. Oh wow!! I know you are not happy with your experience, but I think the view of this is spectacular. It really does look amazing, maybe you have edited your photos lol, or maybe you just had to be there, but I would be soooo happy to have seen this in person. I can't believe what an adventure you are on, but thanks for taking us with you enjoooy!!


  11. Lovely photo's! Don't rush and enjoy everything. We all will be here when you are back. Don't stress :)


  12. You're funny! I love the pics. I'd always imagined it would be fun running around a place like that in my underwear for a movie, but I'm not into those high temperatures and it sounds like way too much effort. Now I know not to try to hike up to the arch - in fact I think just seeing your photos will do. I see feet dipped in Lake Powell. How was the water?

  13. i loved the arches but never made it to lake powell - lucky you!

  14. Note to myself: no visit Arches Natural Park in my travel to USA.
    But... photos tell me i's a really nice place. Even more if I can see Frodo, Gandalf or Harry (and get out alive) XD



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