Aug 19, 2013

Frigging Tourists

Veronika and me
      Just two more days of our mega 40-day road trip, just two more days in New York. We did some shopping on 5th avenue (and everywhere else), had a Jamaican patty in Queens, drank a whole lot of six packs on our porch in Brooklyn, partied in the Meatpacking District, chilled and watched a softball game in Central Park, waited in line for an hour to get into the Guggenheim for 1 dollar, had a pizza in Little Italy and today we'll go to the Empire State Building and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge - I'd say it has been a pretty damn good NYC visit. Or it is being I should say since it's not over yet. Not quite yet.

      P.S.: A couple of days ago I heard this song. It almost made me give up on music for good, stupid air pollution. But then I saw the video and the world made sense again. Bubble butt! Bubble bubble bubble butt!!

Slovene flag at the Rockefeller Plaza. We got so excited when we saw it, we had to sit on a bench under it and soaked in the moment.
It's weird, I didn't think zigzagging across the States would make me appreciate Slovenia more. But it did.

We got to Times Square during the day and I thought: "Fuck, this is a lot of people!"
Then we got there at night...

I wanted to kill myself. Or everyone else.
But that'd just be too much work.
Frigging tourists.

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  1. super vama je! kolk sm lubosumna za grand canyon, nimate pojmaaaaaa!!! :)

  2. Fun shots! NYC is my favourite place to visit and it sounds like you made the most of it! xo


  3. Seems u guys had lodes of fun in NY... Those small turtles look so cute... Have fun on your road trip girls... Looking forward to wednesday post..
    I am hosting my first giveaway, plz enter..
    Keep in touch,

  4. Holy shit that's a lot of people. Is it weird that I want to go more now? Also, I love you girl but that song... I watched the video.... I can never get those 5 mins back. Lol! Wtf did I just watch!?

    xo Ashley

  5. aha yeah it's pretty busy but I love NY. (Ut's not that much worst than Paris... except now cause Paris is empty).
    Hope you had fun !

  6. I have really loved your trip around the US - even thought it has turned me GREEN with envy. That was a buttload of people in Times Square!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


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