Aug 9, 2013

I Left My Heart in Chicago

      Since I'm not particularly attached to my hometown or my home country, I was afraid that I'd love it here so much that I'd hate coming home because this is what almost always happens whenever I go just about anywhere. Well that wasn't the case here, at least not till we got to Chicago. But Chicago... I fell in love. And now coming home in 10 days is going to be bitter sweet.

I know it's the most cliche Chicago picture ever, but I got to take it - did you?
Now here's an oxymoron if I ever saw one.

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  1. beautiful american city.Great photos xxx

  2. Hey girl, thanks for your message : don't worry about me (or anyone) just enjoy your trip and blog later :)))
    No, I haven't been to Chicago but I wish I did :(
    I'm glad you're enjoying your trip, but since you've been a very bad girl(not blogging), I would accept your apologies if they come with your sandals, how about that ? (yeah I know I have to improve my negociation skills)

  3. Chicago has the best food but don't be fooled their winters are atrocious!!

  4. HOW amazing is this please? It reminds me of NYC a lot and I absolutely want to go there, too!

  5. great photos! loved the last one!
    have lots and lots of fun!

  6. I've been to Chicago before and it really is a killer city! Would love to go back sometime soon. So exciting that you're visiting Toronto soon! Let me know if you need any recommendations :)


  7. We are very much alike darling. I have never really felt attached to my country of birth either and when traveled overseas have always felt like 'I could live here' or 'I should live here'. Every time. Going to America the first time two years ago I really felt like I'd found a home for me in New York though LA still calls to me in my veins, which is weird because I never got a chance to see it. Chicago is gorgeous, I've had the two most influential people in my life advise me to see Chicago because it was just brilliant. I don't know if I could live there since there's no coastline or salt water. Which I think I kinda need near by and I don't think Lake Michigan could sate this need hehehe! I love the token bean shots, if you're in Chicago, you HAVE to take a photo of yourself taking a photo in the reflection, I mean you just do. Like the bull in NYC, you have to have a photo groping his balls no!?


  8. I want to visit Chicago SO badly. Eric says it's way high up on the crime rate scale but I think it sounds dreamy :) Glad you liked it so much! These pictures are great as always.

    xo Ashley

  9. OMG first of all your photography is amazing, can't remember whether I asked you what camera you are using; I'm due an upgrade and love the way your pictures look.

    This place looks too cool, even from the photos I can see why you feel the way you do about not wanting to go home. It's not a place that has ever really been on my radar, but definitely one of my places to go now, for sure.

    Thanks for sharing babes, and your lovely comment. I appreciate you posting whilst you are away, I didn't whilst in NYC and probably wont for my next holiday eeek. I've really enjoying living vicariously through your travels x

    1. Hi hon! I'm using a Nikon D90. I bought it used, I'm cheap.:)

      And posting while travelling has been a nuisance on occasion, but I'm travelling for 6 weeks so I kind of have to.:)

  10. I lived in Chi town before and this post makes me nostalgic about it so much :) love Chicago!

  11. I know exaaaactly how you feel, Im the same way! And the photos are very nice, I can see you had so much fun x

  12. Wauw this is beautiful, the last picture is so cool!

  13. Super cute pictures.

  14. great post honey, i really love this landscape!


  15. Nice blog/Do Drop by my blog

    Great post

  16. These pics are wonderful :) now we want to visit Chicago, especially for the Anish Kapoor's sculpture...
    We just made a post about San Francisco!
    Wanna float with us?
    The Floating Team!

  17. wow, great pics!
    I love NYC!
    the last one is amazing!
    kisses x

  18. Love the photos! :D

    Anushka Makar

  19. After seeing this pics I want to go there so bad!!


  20. Your photos from Chicago are beautiful. You're not the only blogger I now who loves Chicago. Miss Caitlin of Candyfloss & Persie also loves Chicago. I think it would be nice to visit there in the summer but I think it would be a little too cold and windy for my liking in the winter. Someday maybe I'll visit there. Love the pics. Was it hard conquering any fear of heights in that last photo? It's a beauty.

  21. Beautiful pics!! I have fear about feeling the same as you when i go to New York. I'd probably want to stay there forever =)

    Where is the last picture? Very dizzy!!



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