Aug 2, 2013

I'm in Miami, Bitch!

      Do you know this song? It's my current favorite. And this one is a close second, because I can finally scream the chorus loud and proud - it's true.
      The first day we got to Miami we went to the beach, we needed some R&R - badly. We found a relatively unpopulated stretch of sand and crashed. In about a minute or 2, a young couple crashed right next to our right. Ok, fine, exhibitionism is a game to play too I guess. It was impossible to not hear their conversation and it made me think - do all freshly enamored people have to be annoying, is that some unwritten but strictly observed universal rule? It sure seems so.
      "I'll have to get in again, you know," the guy said, speaking about taking a swim.
      "Noooo. Do you really have to go?"
      "Yes. I wanna."
      "No, don't go." Kiss. Kiss kiss. Kisskisskisskisskiiiiiiiiss. Kiss. Kiss Kiss.
      "But I really wanna go."
      "I'll miss you." Just go with him, you stupid b...each babe.
      "I'll be back soon." Fucking get into the frigging ocean already!!!
      He never went.
      To our left there was a young family, a daddy, a mommy and a baby. As soon as they came, dad ran into the ocean, mom stayed behind and watched the kid - what else. Then he came back, she handed over the diaper filler and went for a quick dip herself. When she got back, she shrieked: "Come here, you sugar pie!" talking to the baby - what else. The whole time they were there, the mommy and the daddy didn't kiss once, I don't think they even looked at each other and the only conversation they had was:
      "Where are the spare diapers?"
      And people ask me how come I don't want to have kids. A wise man learns by the mistake of others, a fool by his own.
      Yesterday we went down to Key West where they say it's the southernmost part of the continental US which just isn't true - Key West is a town on an island, it's not a part of the continent, they just connected it with a road. And that's not even the most southern part. The most southern part is on a military base, but people let alone tourists aren't allowed there. But I'm sure all those people standing in line to take a picture next to the mark don't know that.
      Behind the mark there's a fence and I walked up to it and saw the bird (in that picture you can actually see the southernmost part of the un-continental US in the background). A woman was also there taking pictures of the bird when all of a sudden the bird moved, that's what they do. I said out loud:
      "No, you stupid bird!" I didn't say stupid, but I curse too much anyway.
      The woman laughed and said: "A beautiful sight, isn't it?"
      "Yes, gorgeous. And those stupid people are taking a stupid picture next to the stupid red buoy. Stup."


Hemingways's house in Key West.

A six toed cat.

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  1. The compulsion some "planners" have to connect every island they can with bridges seems a little illogical. Of course I'm sure that wouldn't stop me from driving there as you did. I think I did see glimpse of the Florida keys in a dumb movie (True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger). So is the "Southernmost Point" North of the military base? If it is then is the base not part of the un-continental U.S. or is it just "military intelligence" at work? Oh, never mind. I forgot that George Orwell's 1984 was the template - I should have employed doublethink.
    Miami beach looks gorgeous and so does your body in that beautiful orange yellow bikini! That would make a nice pinup photo. I love your tattoo. It must have hurt a lot when you got it. Your turquoise toenail polish is pretty.
    I'd love to go to Miami Beach some day. Enjoy your time there :)

  2. I love your tattoos!

  3. HAHA Interesting post. I like your pictures.


  4. Giirrrrrllll dat ass. Also, I want a beach :( -jealous

    xo Ashley

  5. haha so true for the kids ! I can't picture myself talking about... diapers!
    Anyway...your pics make me travel, thanks for the ride my friend!

  6. Pretty pictures!

    ♥ Oksana

  7. Hi there! I just came across your post about hair dye and I have a couple of questions. It would be great if you could email me at Thank you so much, and by the way, you are so beautiful!

  8. HA! I hope your'e tearing it up in Miami!!?

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  9. Wow, in Miami! I wish you lots of fun over there, must be so cool! Haha oh and that girl & boy seem to be so in love. SO kitschy, gosh.

  10. Well, I dont know what i prefer... being a mom with children and lose the romance, or be sweeter than candy and dont detach my boyfriend anymore. Both things give me quite scary haha

    What a coincidence, I just saw on TV a story of Key West (Cayo Hueso here(. I've only seen people with lots of money and big hotels. That sucks. I have envy.I've seen the giant red buoy saying that is closer to Cuba than Miami.
    And that obsession about connecting all islands with bridges?? Everything is very rare.

    Hey, I love your ass with orange bikini!! haha
    And the cat with six toes is sure the weirder thing you have seen throughout the trip!


    PS. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comment!! I will trust more in couch surfing because of you. Feel great!

    And enjoy bitch!!!

  11. amazing place!

    - A.

  12. Those pics are absolutely amazing!!! Love Miami!
    Style Without Limits

  13. LOVE those murals!


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