Aug 12, 2013

You Say Ivan, I Say Ivan

      Before I left for my 6-week road trip, my boyfriend gave me a pat on the back and said: "Say hi to all the Bosnians in the States for me." And I shook his hand and said: "I'm sure we'll see someone from the Balkans while we're there, you're everywhere." Which brings me to this next story...
     While we were in Vegas, we drove to the Death Valley (you can see the photos here). The heat was pretty unbearable, it literally felt like walking into a furnace and although that's not THE point, it's a point I had to mention - it was hot, really hot. Like really really hot. Not just hot, but hot hot. Ok, moving on.
     As soon as we got there, we got hungry and decided to grab a bite at the nearest restaurant, which incidentally was the Corkscrew Saloon. We got in, drank some water, ordered (I had a stake something and Veronika had a quesadilla something), drank some water, got the food, drank some water, ate the food, loved the food, drank some water and asked for the check. And drank some more water. (Remember? Furnace? Really really hot? Like hot hot? Ok, moving on.) When the check came, I picked it up.
      "Let's see, what's the waiter's name..." I said scanning the text. "Oh, he's Ivan," reading the name like this. Then Ivan came, Veronika gave him her credit card and Ivan left. When he came back, he said:
      "Here's your card, ma'am. Pa pozdravite mi Sloveniju." In case you're wondering, the second sentence is Serbian for "say hi to Slovenia". Mine and Veronika's jaws just dropped. Apparently Ivan wasn't Ivan, but Ivan. He came from Serbia decades ago for work and never returned home and somehow ended at the Death Valley Corkscrew Saloon of all places. He remembers Slovenia, he went there once, it's gorgeous, he misses his homeland too and would love to go back. "Well... Maybe... Someday." Home is where your heart is and Ivan's heart obviously isn't in the Death Valley - no fucking wonder. But either way - you say tomato, I say tomato - and you say Ivan and I say Ivan.

      P.S.: The pictures today are totally unrelated. In Toronto we met up with a Slovene friend (Beni) and spent a day with some of his other Slovene friends - apparently we're everywhere too. And for a change, I didn't take the pictures, Beni and Rok did, except for the first two, doggy photography is my field of expertise.

We did some proper laundry for the first time in 35 days.

Beni and me.



Beni's gorgeous second cousin Nicole.

It's a bitch when the frisbee is faster than you. Way faster.

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  1. Hi dear, your holidays sounds like an epic adventure, I still have to catch up! It amazing how you find someone from your country everywhere you go. When I went to Abu Dhabi, have of the guys working at Ferrari World were from South Africa...its strange where people end up. Super fun pics!

  2. Looks like a fun time! And who's you redhead friend?

  3. Ur trip subds fun, u drank so much of water.. !!!
    Keep in touch,

  4. Funny story, you guys are a laugh, xoxo.

  5. Yay, Toronto! Glad you got to relax and have some beers (and laundry) with friends :)


  6. Hahaha that's so cool. My parents were born in Portugal and I know no one in Australia with the same ethnicity as us so when I went to America I was so mind blown at all the Portuguese peeps! I have a ton of family so I was expecting to find only them not towns upon cities of them. The most crazy thing was all the Portuguese flags in new York City LOL


  7. I love the short of Beni's cousin going for that frisbee!

    ♥ ♥

  8. It looks like you had fun holidays :)


  9. ha ha I get excited when I'm in a foreign country and here a Brit, despite the fact that Brits are everywhere, so to be greeted like that by the waiter must have been hilarious - like you say jaw dropping. How lovely......

    What crazy friends you have - but in a good way. Any guy who can style his hair like that for fun can be in my gang!

    take care hun!

  10. Hahaha it's the same with Germans, no matter where you go, there will be germans noticing that you're German. But it's interesting to hear that this Ivan wants to go back to his homeland but somehow got stuck in Death valley. I'm reading a lot about immigrants in the US lately (for the bachelor thesis) and most immigrants go to the US with the plan of going back hoem someday but in the end never make it. Sad somehow, isn't it?

    Anyways, looks like you had a fun time in Toronto! :)

  11. Cool post darling.... Wait which boy is your BF Beni ? Is Ivan on the pics ? I'm confused. =P Ok when are my NYC pics coming ?

  12. In this tiny town in Wales - Called Wiseman's Bridge - I met this couple from Christchurch in New Zealand randomly - was weird to hear that familiar countrymans accent so far from home - but ever so slightly comforting. But yeah, anywhere in the world you go you will always meet a kiwi - and I guess a Slovenian, in Death Valley ;-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


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