Sep 4, 2013

How Do You Know the Lovey Dovey Period Is Over - a Love Quiz

      At first I wanted to call this post How Do You Know You've Been Together for Too Long but that would be depressing and would imply that all relationships are doomed to end bitterly, which isn't necessarily true. But the fact is that any given relationship goes from the initial fireworks and lovey-dovey period to I-want-to-kill-you-in-your-sleep period, that's just the natural progression of things. No need to worry though, because if you survive the latter, your relationship grows and with time hot, crazy, passionate sex is replaced with other, better, deeper, more meaningful things - and as soon as I figure out which those are, I'm going to share them with you, but for now, let's get on with the quiz.

      How Do You Know the Lovey Dovey Period Is Over Quiz

      Read the following examples (which may or may not be based on actual events from real life) and think if that ever happened to you: Answer truthfully with YES or NO. At the end, count your yeses and see if you can count your blessings too or if you're just doomed.
  1. You're sitting on his lap, you're face to face, kissing, when he suddenly tilts slightly and - farts.
  2. You stopped having sex in the car because you don't want to mess up the car.
  3. The phrase "You're so dirty!" isn't followed by "Let's fuck!" but with "Don't you think it's time to change that shirt?"
  4. You're walking around the apartment only in a g-string and instead of taking the thong off, he says: "Put some clothes on, neighbors will see you!"
  5. You're kissing on the couch, watching a movie on the TV and then you stop kissing because: "The commercials are over, move, I can't see the TV."
  6. You stopped taking showers together because it's just too crowded.
  7. He comes over and first gets on his knees to pet the dog, he asks the dog what did he do today and gives the dog a treat he went and bought specifically for him. All you get is: "Hi."
  8. When he's giving you oral pleasure, your phone rings and you HAVE TO check who's texting you.
  9. You go to sex shops only to pick up gifts for your friends' birthdays and not stuff for you two anymore.
  10. When you're topless, he plays the accordion on your ribcage and not with your boobs.
      1-3 yeses: There's still lovey in your relationship, but all the doveys have definitely flown away. Occasionally you still make your friends sick with your public expressions of affection, so enjoy while you still can.

      4-7 yeses: You're neither here nor there, you're stuck in the middle. Even though the middle is supposed to be the happy one, this is not the case. You should definitely start thinking about investing in a good vibrator.
      8-10 yeses: I'm sorry, but there's more romance between Marge and Homer Simpson than between you and your partner. There's a better chance of Rosie O'Donnell shooting a pictorial for FHM than you getting laid tonight.

Skirt - eBay, blazer - eBay, top - H&M, belt - Bershka, heels - Pittarello, rings - H&M

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  1. Hi dear :) The photos you choose for your last post are so beautiful!!
    Need to say that your blog is a good inspiration :)
    Come to see my new post, ill delighted to know your opinion :)

  2. Hee hee, this may explain why I'm not in a relationship. I'm single, therefore all non-applicable, so I will just sit staring at your jacket and shoes. Love them!

  3. Haha, great quiz you've created :P
    Love the striped blazer you're rocking, it gives this pretty, flowy skirt the perfect amount of structure.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. You just keep getting hotter! Meow ;) I'd say I'm only like 1 yes. Doing pretty good, eh? Please don't tell me you made this quiz because you're in the 8-10 range. You just got back from a trip for fucks sake!

    xo Ashley

    1. I KNOW!!! But going away for 6 weeks isn't that big of a deal after all.:) What if I told you that all of these examples but one actually happened?:D

  5. I used to be such a huge fan of all those quizes when I was a teenager but now I find them all just utterly pointless. same story with Cosmopolitan: I used to read it (their quizes too) like a crazy person but now I don't even want to touch it. anyway, I love your outfit. those shoes are crazy cool and so is the striped blazer. well and the pastel shade skirt adds some girliness which is also a nice touch.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. And after you read the quiz, you saw that it's nothing like those in Cosmo, right?;)

      Tnx for the compliment, dear, I'm a huge fan of these shoes too.:)

  6. great outfit!
    you look so sophisticated!

  7. Ok I need to stop reading your shit in public! I literally have both hands over my mouth sputtering and people are looking at me all funny like! Oh man, I wish I could have answered these properly, but I've been single for a while now so...

    Seriously amazing - this needs to be featured worldwide, in couple counseling sessions everywhere and in every single magazine. Take this shit global!

  8. Firstly, beautiful photos. Secondly.. this post has be ringing alarm bells because I was a 'yes' to many of those answers :\ I hate how long term relationships lose their excitement!

    xx opinionslave

    PS- If you could click 'Like' on this page I would be SO honoured!!

  9. Love the rings & black and white jacket. Meanwhile, 9 years later and I haven't gone through the I want to kill you shit about to hit the fan?


    x. Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

    1. You haven't??? You're my hero!!!:D

  10. So, so true! Haha!

  11. Hi Peet, you need to sell this post to Cosmopolitan magazine, it will bring up their ratings! Really insightful into relationships in a very fun way. I am not in one now but I can imagine how true these points are. Love your fabulous styling of the feminine skirt, love the slick striped blazer. P.S I have included a link now about the coffee on my last post.

    1. I checked it out! It's crazy that coffee can be that good for you when for ages people have been saying it's bad.

  12. Fun post. Thanks for the heads up! Killer jacket by the way.

  13. Ahah you are brilliant Peet! I always enjoy this kind of quizes:D Looking so cool, love the skirt and the blazer, the shoes are to die for! xo

  14. Hilarious. Makes me slightly glad I'm single :D hahahahahah xoxoxox

  15. Hey hun it's been ages I dropped by I feel sorry bat that. motherhood has taken over' hehe. Love the quiz a nd quiet true haha

  16. Oh my god!! I hate you ... or him ... or me... I don't understand anything.
    Three minutes ago I thought everything in my life was wonderful, the fact that when he kisses me he farts sonorously just meant that our confidence grows more every day and also our love.
    After doing your test I've gotten 5 yeas ... 5! Is my relationship going to plummet? I think I will not sleep this night! hahaha

    indeed, the skirt is gorgeous and superfeminine <3 <3


  17. Haha : did he propose whith these H&M rings ?
    (I had to ask)

  18. You're funny! Some of those things sound familiar - my physical relationships were so long ago that I'll need to hire an investigative historian to find out how many yesses there used to be. I love your skirt.


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