Sep 9, 2013

My First Time

      If you read the title and your dirty mind started to conjure up some nasty things, you can just stop. This is a tag about a bunch of firsts that's going on on YouTube and I thought I would do it and tag some other people, so I'd first like to tag ColleenMaria, Holly, Sonia, Mélo, Minnie, Carina and Ashley - and you can read my answers below.

First tweet:
It was a picture of what a perfect birthday gift for me would be, you can see it here.

First blog post:
I started blogging as a guest blogger on someone else's blog, you can read more on that if you click About above. The first post was a rant about people bitching about changing their hair so the title was It's Just Hair and you can read it here.

First blog you followed:
Dulce Candy's blog.

First Facebook profile picture:
Since I don't have a Facebook profile, there's no old and embarrassing picture to share.

Do you still talk to your first love?

First alcoholic drink:
I was 14 and we were on a gorgeous Croatian island called Hvar. A couple of friends went out to a bar and one was old enough to order alcohol, so she ordered cocktails for everyone, I had something blue. I thought it was the coolest thing ever so I wrote about it in my diary, my father later read my diary and I was fucked. Needless to say his attempt to turn me away from drinking was completely in vain.

First job:
At 15, I was picking pears from 6 a.m. till 3 p.m. during summer for 420 SIT per hour, which is about 2 euros (or 1.5 pounds or 2.5 dollars). Good times.

First car:
My first car was a gray '96 Renault Clio and it was also my last car. Within 6 months after getting my driver's license I had a crash and the car was totaled (it wasn't my fault, some crazy bitch drove into me and pushed me off the road). Now I just borrow cars from people, it's cheaper - for me at least.

First person that texted you today:
My best friend. She said that her dog doesn't like walking in the rain. I texted her back that my dog didn't want to go out to pee this morning either because it was raining and that we have a couple divas for dogs.

Who was the first person you thought of this morning?
My dog.

First great teacher:
My primary Slovene teacher Mrs. Irena Šinkovec. Almost everyone thought she was horrible because she was supposedly too demanding, but I loved her. She really was awesome, I love writing and language because of her.

Where did you go to on your first airplane ride?
My mom took me to London at the end of my primary school because I was a good student. I still wonder what the fuck went wrong after that.

Who was your first best friend? Do you still talk?
My neighbor and kindergarten classmate. Yes, we still talk, she's the one with the diva dog.

Where was your first sleep over?
I have no idea. I have two possible guesses, but I'm really not sure, it was way too long ago.

What was the first thing you did this morning?
Called my boyfriend, who was at work, to tell him I don't want to get out of bed.

What was the first concert you ever went to?
I think it was some local rock group, either Zmelkoow or Zablujena generacija.

First broken bone:
We played dodgeball in primary school and I caught the ball and broke my pinkie. When I came home, my father just glued my broken pinkie to the ring finger next to it with some surgical tape and said: "It'll heal." My pinky is still crooked. Thank you, daddy.

First piercing:
I pierced my tongue at 17 and that opened the piercing floodgates.

First foreign country you've been to:
My family went sailing in Croatia when I was 1 month old.

First movie you remember seeing:
Me and my brother and his friends went to see Who Framed Roger Rabbit at our local theater.

First detention:
We didn't have detention in Slovenia, we got sent out of the classroom to "cool off". It happened once to me in primary school. We had arts and crafts and our teacher decided to make up a fairytale and we had to draw whatever we wanted based on her "inspirational" tale. In the middle of her fairytale, I raised my hand and said: "Teacher, you have no idea how to tell a fairytale." She got mad and sent me out. The message of this story? Some people can't take constructive criticism.

First roommate:
My brother. Does that count?

First sport you were involved in:
I took dancing lessons when I was about 8. I think it was just so my parents got rid of me for 2 hours.

First thing you do when you get home:
My boyfriend would be ecstatic if said "wash my hands" but I never wash my hands when I get home. Never. I always first rub my diva dog's belly and give him a quick full body massage - it's in our contract.

When was your first kiss:
My first kiss was with a girl. And that's all I'm saying.

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  1. Very creative photo's !


  2. It was so intresting to know about u.. Diva dogs . :)
    We girls talk about anything and everything to bbf's..
    I wish i could stop washing habds when I cone home because my family is sick of ny habit of washing hands a zillion times...
    Good to know more sbout u..
    Keep in touch,

    1. Forgot to say that pics are really funny and creative , i enjoyed watching them

  3. I like all your pictures!! The purple makeup is amazing. I kind of suck at remembering to do these, but this time, cross my heart. I'm going to do it. Thanks for tagging me, pretty lady ;)

    xo Ashley

  4. this is suc a fun post! i shd do a youtube video on this hehe...!!

  5. Aww - I think ALL dogs are dives (and they say pets are a reflection of their owners :-P )
    This was an interesting read indeed!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  6. Man candy, get it? haha

  7. ahahah! great post!

  8. Fun post! My parents read my diary once- it was the worst! And I have a contract with my kitty to scratch her belly when I get home as well ;) Love the candy-coated lips!


  9. That's too bad about your first car but I love it about your first kiss, that you think of your dog as a person and that the first movie was "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". What a fun movie. I love your wild makeup in the photos above too.

  10. I missed your blog! Hadn't been here in a while!! Love this shoot <3

  11. Hehehe I love this and am so gonna do one too so thanks for the tag and for giving me an idea on what I should post next LOL. But I'm going to need to sit down and think hard about some of these questions!

    Have a great week darling,

  12. love the post and the photos !!!

  13. I love the photos!!! <3 So creative

    An thanks for nomination haha. So I'm supposed to be completely honest... I have to think a lot about this and search for information.

    thanks for sharing your answers! I laughed a lot!! =)

  14. Thanks for the tag, girl! I enjoyed reading more about your firsts and yes, the title did leave me a bit puzzled considering your articles are often about sex haha :) xx

  15. Unusual questions, I realy enjoyed to read your answers. I'm sure you are a truly special person with incredible personality. Those photographs are also adorable, one more provement of my words)!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  16. Hi Peet, this was such a fun post to read, i enjoyed your answers, really witty and cool list of firsts. Uh oh about your dad reading your diary back then. Thats so funny about what you told your teacher about the fairytale. you were born to be a leader and bold speaker, I find now that I am reading about your history! Its so lovely that you still remain friends with the same person from childhood, thats true friendship! There are so many more great firsts in store for you. Love the awesome makeup, your sweets lipstick looks unbelievably cool!!Thanks for your great comment on my last post doll!

  17. oh my god thanks for tagging me! I'll definitely do this at some point, I'll let you know when I've done it so you can read! Your answers were hilarious, as always. hahahaha xxxx

  18. Oh wow, you've been to Hvar? It's so amazing there, I love it (my sister was there). Oh and first thing I learned: Never ever write your secrets into your diary! ;)

  19. First off, the photos are crazy fricking cool!
    And all I'm gonna say is that your system with the rooms to "cool off" sound WAAAAAY better than detention in my school!


  20. Hahaha awesome, thanks for tagging, this will be so embarassing and so much fun! :D

    Haha how awesome is the story about the broken pinkie?! Your dad is such a badass! Hard knock life in Slovenia huh?! ;)

    Love the make up in your photos! Yummy, must have been so good to eat the lip deco afterwards :)

  21. Interesting firsts! By the way I'm coming to Europe next year, Im thinking we should hang :P x

  22. Hello sweety! Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it, your opinion is so important!
    This is such an amazing post, im in love! (:
    New post on my blog! Stop by me soon!
    Have a really nice day :)

  23. Love these images, no idea how you did it, but looks fab nonetheless.

    Maybe I should consider getting a dog, you seem to have such a good relationship with yours?

    Oooh okay now don't laugh, remember how old I am - what is tagging essentially? I understand it on Instagram and Facebook, but how does it work on blogs. Thank you for the tag though babes! x

  24. Ok, I admit, i clicked on that post because I have a dirty mind (apparently) :D But it was worth reading! You are really witty ;) And the photos are amazing too, haha :) I'm definitely returning to your blog soon! xx


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