Sep 18, 2013

Things I Don't Get Part 5

      It's been a long time since the last TIDG post, but here we go with a fresh set of things that just make no sense to me, even though I try hard to make sense of them, because I always try to make sense of everything.
  1. Why are movie theaters always so cold?
  2. Why are people smoking in cars with windows closed?
  3. How come there's so much food in the world and so many nations are getting fatter and fatter, but there are still people dying of hunger?
  4. Why are people (almost exclusively those working in fashion) saying jean, scissor, legging instead of jeans, scissors, leggings - don't they know they sound stupid?
  5. This is only a European thing (or at least a Slovenian thing), in the States I had other problems with public restrooms, but here we go: Why are the toilets for disabled always together with those for ladies? Not that I mind, but it seems illogical, the lines are already long in our restrooms as it is. Are they trying to say that women are more patient and considerate or are they trying to send some other message?
  6. Why is my mailman shoving junk mail in my mailbox when there's nobody home for days, so the mailbox gets full and he has to leave a note saying that a letter is waiting for me at the post office because there wasn't enough room for it, but all the advertisements are neatly shoved inside the frigging box?
  7. How come women have been slaving behind stoves, ceramic cooktops and fireplaces for centuries, but now the most famous cooks, who have their own shows and are teaching women at home how to cook, are men? How the fuck that happened?
  8. How come so many Chinese restaurants are using disposable chopsticks instead of coming up with something washable? Isn't this bamboo genocide morally dubious?
  9. How the fuck does Snooki from Jersey Shore have more Twitter followers than Richie Hawtin?
  10. How come my boyfriend knows how to format his computer, install and use 7 billion apps on his stupid smart phone, remove 13 Trojan horses from my laptop, use 4 different machines simultaneously when he's dj-ing, but every morning his alarm clock has to ring 12 frigging times before he finally manages to silence the damn thing, because he "doesn't know how to shut it off"?

Top - H&M, skirt - NewYorker, heels - eBay

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  1. These posts of yours ALWAYS Make me giggle and nod my head.

  2. I wish I could be of service, but some of these I don't understand either! No. 2 - I suppose it's because they like to choke. And they're obviously stupid. No. 3 - it's all about money. If you have money, you'll eat; if you don't - you'll starve. Greed is everywhere, humanity nowhere in sight.

  3. haha i love reading your stories, totally agree, these things are so weird.
    and your outfit is also really pretty
    x ish

  4. Love love LOVE these posts you do. Number 4.. YES.. what the fuck! Thought I was the only one that thought this was strange. I really really really don't get it. Who the fuck dropped all of the s's?

  5. Your boyfriend is funny. The alarm clock goes of 20 thousand times in the morning here, but Eric says he just doesn't hear it... Boys.

    Did you see that I did a tattoo post?! You said something about it on one of my more recent posts, but girl, I got you! Just search "tatoos" on my blog. You'll see it.

    xo Ashley

  6. Lol...Ohh Peet, you are truly the best, love these posts. Make me think about this nonsensical things that seem impossible to get. I am going to add my 2 cents on some...Nr 3 its because the richer nations need to be more generous and donate more to poorer countries and not eat up all their resources. Nr 7, now here in Safrica, restaurants actually prefer employing male chefs over females, i have no clue why, maybe its because men stay more composed in the kitchen and woman get over emotional and moody? Nr 9, the fact that she has so many followers means that our generation is in more trouble than we thought!

  7. 1) May heat affect the movie film?
    2) Perhaps they cant afford an air freshener and want their car to smell like "something"
    3) Stupid fucking capitalism
    4)... i don't know. I've hever heard this haha but it's funny
    5) Ohhh yes!!! I've been always wondering about that. It's so weird isn't it? In Spain happens the same.
    6) Advertising agencies bribe mailmans.
    7) We have also been among fabrics, needles and stitching and the best designers are still men... Here's something wrong ...
    8) I don't know how is in your country, but in Spain i swear you that sticks aren't made with bamboo...
    9) Because she's the best. And that's all i'll say. Snooki, i love U <3!!!
    10) This one is so funny. I don't want to say bad things about your boyfriend... but he doesn't like yellow so... he is a fishy character... (i didn't know this expression before, it's great. You improve my english babe) =)

    Bigbigbigbig comment!!

  8. Hahahaha OMG that last one! Poor guy!

    Yes why the f*** are the cinema's always cold! I've never noticed anyone saying legging or scissor! Does this happen? And how have I not noticed this! Same goes for the disabled toilet thing. I'm not sure about Australia but I could swear the majority are separate from both males and females. I guess over there they probably put them in female toilets because well our smell SO MUCH better than males. Hahaha!


  9. I'm totally laughing about the men teaching women to cook point. SO TRUE! What happened there??
    Love those red wedges doll, they're stunning just like you :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. I also dont understand #3, and I love #10 ... hahahahha....
    Greatttt stuffffffff!!!!
    IG @gracenjio

  11. Hahahaaha...this post just made me smile and laugh to myself - not good coz I am reading this at work heheh :) yeah, number 10 really baffles me


  12. ok....I'm crazy for you sandals!!!!!ah-mazing!

  13. too funny - as usual - but bamboo grows pretty quickly so don't worry. it's not like oak trees! snooki is still an unexplainable phenomenon...

  14. Attempting to answer the un-answerable:
    1) I don't know.
    2) I think people who smoke in cars with the windows closed are nicotine addled addicts and not very bright.
    3) Maybe there's so much hunger in the world because of greed. There are crops that can't be replanted using the patented seeds, so rich people control the crops, the reckless destroying of dams and irrigation systems in wars, the greedy desire to get labour at below living cost wages, the increasing gap between the wealthiest 1 percent and the rest of us, and misplaced priorities. Governments should spend more money feeding the poor and homeless than they do on building weapons, making wars and spying on all of us, but of course they need people to be poor and desperate so some will steal to get food so they can point to high crime rates to justify their policing budgets. I think many wars result from trying to keep the peasants in line and to retain or get control of natural resources.
    4) Is it possible that some people who work in fashion dropped the "s" from words do it to save a character for their Twitter feeds and then the rest of them followed like mindless sheep? I have to admit to using the word panty instead of panties sometimes.
    5) There should be more and better public toilets everywhere.
    6) Junk mail - ugh. Why do they give such low prices to junk-mailers?
    7) Ummm... sex discrimination? I do remember there being a Rachael Ray show though.
    8) Bamboo grows like a weed and spreads like crazy.
    9) I think the name "Snooki" makes people laugh.
    10) Your boyfriend sounds brilliant. Maybe his brain is off-duty before he's fully awake?
    Sorry for making such a long comment.

    1. I love it when people defend my boyfriend even though they don't know him and I'm "attacking" him!:D

      And I love long and thoughtful comments, so keep them coming.;)

  15. Love this look! You look gorgeous!


  16. Bahaha this is always SO funny! I totally agree on 3, 5 and 8!!
    As for the toilets for disabled people being put together with the women's restrooms it might be because otherwise a person in a wheelchair would have to roll along the "weenie parade" because normally in men's toilets you always have to walk past the urinals before reaching the "normal" toilets - as far as I know at least (and how do I know? well, sometimes it's urgent...)
    Anyways, sitting in a wheelchair gives you approximately the same height as most men's crown jewels, so rolling past them would be, hm well depends on the guys who are standing there...... ;)

  17. hahhahahha i can't stop laughing !!!! i love your posts...i really do bullshit !!!:))) I don't understand how these bloggers don't have time to read this post and just comment : "love this look" ( i do like it though ) pfffff....

    1. I think I love you, babe! Thank you from the bottom of my hear for this comment.

  18. haha I always like this post ! To answer your question about vulgarity I had something special in mind so it doesn't apply to every smoker holding a beer of course BUT what I wanted to say was that I would be more "encline" to find that vulgar than just a sexy dress. it was more to say that it was subjective and we all see it in different stuff -or not- =)

    I have to get your shoes <333

    1. But you didn't answer my other question.:) What's with the changes, babe??

  19. Hello dear,
    would you like to follow each other's blogs on facebook and bloglovin? Btw, love your blog's design, so chic!

    Best wishes,

  20. Are you freaking kidding me with those shoes?! So good.

  21. #3 is so sad. Just read an article about how Chinese people are becoming more rich and obese since they now have access to all the food they want. And yet, 1/2 of the world is hungry. Reality check.

  22. Most North american bathrooms no matter if it si female or male has to have a disable bathroom it has nothing to do with being more patient is the law over here every bathroom regardless of gender is it is made by the government has to have a bathroom for disable people.


  23. I need to do a post like this cos theres lots I dont get haha. Love the polka dot top and the wedges, want! xx

  24. As usual you are goergeous with your questiona and i like your shoes so much (i said shoes not shoe)))

  25. yeah what is it with those damn movie theatres being so cold all the time!!??? It makes NO SENSE!!! xoxo

  26. Lol for the last one! And I agree, I wonder about the same things, the movie theaters are always very cold also here (even in summer have to bring with me a scarf!) and yep, also here toilets for disables are together with the ones for ladies..dont know why!!:) Peet you look very cool and the shoes are to die for!:) Have a good weekend! xo

  27. Such an inspirational post! I enjoyed reading it :) I love your blog, too!
    Would you like to follow each other? If you would, just follow me and leave a comment on my blog, so that I can follow you back :)

    Tina from the Style Sinners
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  28. Number one is like, HELL YES!!? Why so cold!? You almost have to dress in more clothes to go to the movies! As for all the other stuff, you ask some very deep an puzzling questions that i can only ruminate on as I have no I-bloody-dea :-(

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  29. While I know this is an older post, I am going to provide some of the answers, as I just so happen to know several of them.

    1. Having worked at one before, the reason why most theaters are cold is because the theater is compensating for people. Movie theaters use commercial HVAC units that, while efficient at maintaining a temperature, are not slow to cool to a specific temperature. Since each person entering the room will give off approximately 400BTU's of body heat, for every person you add to the room, your body raises the ambient temperature. At capacity for the theater, you will effectively raise the temperature approximately 10 degrees. So, the theater starts cold. As it fills up, the ambient body heat raises the temperature to a comfortable level and the HVAC maintains that comfort. The problem, though, comes when the room isn't filled to capacity. Thus, you feel cold.

    2. The people that I know who smoke leave the windows up because it is either cold outside or they are wanting to intensify the effect (closed room means more smoke inhalation).

    3. Concentration of food, governments, and oppression are the causes of that.

    4. Most people who work in and are big in that kind of fashion are also speaking English as a second (and not primary) language. In the English language, the reason we say jeans, scissors, leggings, etc., when referring to the singular, is because those items have multiple parts. A single jean has two legs so we call them jeans. Glasses have two glass so a single glass is glasses. It's also why we say a "pair" of "jeans" to refer to a single jean set. This, however, isn't true in languages outside of English. For example, in spanish, pantalones (more than one pair of jeans) and pantalon (a single pair of jeans) is used. It is a common error for many non-native English speakers to take the "s" off.

    5. This can only be realized if you walk into a mens restroom. While it's a common misconception that women's bathrooms are always cleaner than mens, it is very much mostly true. Handicap people generally have a harder time getting into the stall and sitting down so imagine doing that in a mens restroom (where most men, sorry guys, can't aim for crap).

    6. Not sure about everywhere, but in the US, junk mail (direct mail advertising) isn't forwardable. By law, it must be delivered to the mailbox. Thank some lobbying group for that.

    7. This is because cooking has never been a women's job outside of the home. Historically, women have been the primary meal preparers for the home. However, in business, women, in general, were not allowed to cook. Times have changed, of course, and that is no longer the case. However, the issue that I would say is that because of the connotation in that women are supposed to be behind the stove, many women simply don't want to cook, which is why you still see the culinary arts being dominated by men.

    8. Actually, washable chopsticks do exist! I own several of them. Sadly, the reason why so many Chinese restaurants use disposable sticks is because of the Chinese Take-out industry. Washable chopsticks are leagues more expensive than disposable ones so the Take-out industry would never be able to afford giving those out (and, likewise, don't). Since most people in the states first learn to use Chopsticks from takeout, they have come to expect those types of chopsticks which is why most sit down Chinese restaurants use them too.

    9. The real question is, Why the fuck is there even a Snooki from Jersey Shore.

    10. See "left brain" vs "right brain".

    1. Thanks for the in depth comment, I appreciate it!! I've never thought of theaters compensating for the probable heat actually, that does make a lot of sense - at least something does.:D And I too own washable chopsticks, but why don't they use them at the restaurants as well? I know, it's wood, it's less hygienic, but don't environmental arguments count for anything?? (It was a rhetorical question, I know they don't.:)) I don't agree with you on most of the other stuff, but your number 9... That's just golden! I agree with that wholeheartedly!!!:D


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