Oct 28, 2013

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Working Out

      I've had a certain hunch about the mankind for a long time and thanks to Colleen's last post, I now know for sure - we're a lazy species. Or at least we've gotten lazy over the years, women and men alike. You know that joke: Why don't men have cellulite? Because it's ugly. Have you ever heard it? Yes, no? Well, you can forget it. The days of men not having cellulite are long gone - I've seen it, other women have seen it and I think they themselves have seen it too because now you can get anti-cellulite, toning and slimming creams for men as well. The idea behind these creams, be it for men or for women, is (or was?!) that the massage, which is needed to rub the product into the problem area, is what actually works, but now people have gotten so lazy that the thought of massaging your voluptuous thighs alone is too tiring and now you can buy an anti-cellulite cream that works without massage. Uhuh, I'm sure that works. And I'm sure that the progression of human laziness is also a stepping stone for the progression of human stupidity.
      Although I don't think I have any shot at this, I want to at least try and do my part at stopping the advancement of both so I've come up with a list of 10 reasons why everyone should start working out. I'm not going to give the obvious health related arguments because nobody wants to work out, eat right, stop smoking, drink less, have protected sex, stop at the stop sign, etc. because it's healthy, good for you, safe or the right thing to do. No, people will do all of the above if you enforce monetary punishment, threaten to take away something that they like, tell them that they'll be better than someone else or that Jake or Mary won't think they're hot if they don't do this or that because unfortunately, health alone is never a good enough reason - the progression of stupidity has taken its toll. So here's a list of some hard core reasons why you should move your ass and get physical which you might/should take into consideration because honestly, who gives a fuck about health, right?
  1. No matter how mind-blowing you think your love-making performance is, trust me, the chances are with better physical fitness, it'd get even better: Increased flexibility and strength both expand the range of possible sex positions. If nothing else, working out will improve your stamina and the mind-blowing sex (you think) you already bring to the table will last even longer.
  2. When you're running late and you want to catch the leaving train or bus, you have a better chance of catching it. And what's even more important, you won't look like you've just run a marathon or taken a shower fully dressed with your sweat oozing out of every poor from your toes and your butt hole to your armpits and your scalp.
  3. If you develop more muscle mass, you won't get wasted after drinking 2 beers like the biggest sissy on the planet.
  4. You won't run out of breath in the club after 2 songs and then stand like a concrete moron under the performers' platform just staring at the go go dancers for the rest of the night (who don't even break one drop of sweat, of course).
  5. Speaking of go go dancers not breaking a sweat, you on the other hand are, if you're not used to any physical activity, so everyone who walks past you in the crowd knows how it's like to take a boat ride at the Niagara Falls or how it feels to have a lama spit on them.
  6. If you're a girl, you don't have to depend on men to lift or carry your shit around (or take advantage of your girlfriends who are in better physical shape). If you're a guy, you can impress some lovely lady with your mad luggage lifting skills on a plane, bus, train, horse carriage, dog-draw sleigh, wherever.
  7. You can meet other people when you work out and it's very likely that at least some of them look really really good since they too are working out. Even if you're taken, it never hurt nobody just to enjoy the sights - who would mind watching a lovely piece of top sirloin lather up next to you in the joint showers after you've just swam a couple of laps in the swimming pool?
  8. When someone farts and you have nowhere to escape, you can hold your breath longer while you wait for the fart to lose its potency.
  9. I know escalators and elevators are EVERYWHERE because god forbid human race moved on its own, but you should start working out despite this so when there's a blackout or some malfunction and all the weapons of mass transportation die, you don't have to as well while climbing those steps.
  10. If you have a really annoying partner, sibling, roommate or housemate, you have yet another good reason to start working out - so you can get away from them for a while. Pick an activity that you know they don't like or aren't good at and go and enjoy your moment of peace. This reminds me, I have to extend my hourly swims to an hour and a half...
      See, there really are some actual benefits working out brings about. But please, don't get me wrong, I'm not implying that you should become the next Michael Phelps or Martina Navratilova or end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Heidi Klum. I'm not talking about getting skinny or extra bulky, not at all. You can still be sensuously pudgy and have all the junk in the trunk you want, but have a high level of physical fitness as well - high enough not to sweat and pant your way through life, so get a move on!

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  1. Peet, you are just pure genius. Yes you're also super hot, but this, THIS was PURE GENIUS! I have been trying to get my flatmates to work out with me for SO long now and I was on the verge of giving up because after 2 months of "we don't have to go hard, it's just about being healthier" everyone stops listening. And now I have TEN more reasons to get those lazy bastards to join the gym (so really, I have arguments that'll last me another year!) And on that note, I'm printing this list out and sticking it on every available surface in the flat.


  2. These photos are so original and I found your post interesting :)

  3. the only reason why i start working out is for "my health" xx

  4. Another hot post, wheeeeee.

    Working out is fun and addictive. Apart from the times when it is not addictive and you really can't be bothered but then start with the self hate for being a lazy human. Nobody ever regrets working out, but we always regret missing a workout. Poop.

    Tomorrow. =)

    Corinne x

  5. Some of these totally had me ROTFL. Working out just feels flat out good. I was so bloody miserable when I couldn't work out for almost 2 months

    Rowena @ rolala loves,

  6. Hahah, this is why I love coming back to your blog time after time. Speaking about that, my mom is also a huge fan your your writing, she says that it never fails to cheer her up! And I actually enjoy reading everything you write, I know there are people who hardly reads everything, they just go through the pictures and post a comment but it feels nice when someone actually reads them! Your content is always so creative, it brings me back. :)
    Glitter & Blush

  7. Oh man, #2 and 5, so true. Have you ever thought of being a personal trainer? I think you'd get people hitting the gym 24/7! Also, I (Emma) generally tend to comment, but it doesn't matter who you put. You could just write Petite Maison of Fashion since I tend to comment for 2. :)

    I love your dress btw.


  8. Hahaha... best reasons ever! Now I think I'm motivated enough to go back to yoga!


  9. very interesting post, and also love the pics <3
    kisses x

  10. colleen did make me rethink the workout routine but your reason number 8 sold it to me! riding the tube in london i need this extra lung capacity!!!

  11. This was hilarious and brilliants all in one!

  12. Ha! You've totally reminded me of why I need to get my ass back to the gym ;) You look killer in these photos, girl! xo



  13. Well you had me at holding my breath for longer to avoid smelling someone else's farts when I can not escape.

    *puts on trainers and heads out the door for a run*

    ***I'll do that later though

  14. Workouts are great, I do cardio every three days in a week and that has helped a lot. Started this four months ago and friends have seen a lot difference in me. I am not a slim person but I got big bones so doing the normal workout is just a waste of time so I do the cardio stuffs via YouTube channel. Must confess I have the pains I go through the next morning but I am so use to it now.

  15. Who can say no to eyeing a lovely piece of top sirloin lathering up? Hahaha. I've been trying to work out more lately myself.


  16. I forced my backside to go to the gym yesterday. OH THE PAIN TODAY. THE GOOD PAIN. It's difficult with motivation when it gets cold and super gloomy here because they only thing you want to do is watch cheesy 80s workout videos and eat Doritos in your onesie. Warm onesie. Anyway. Exercise good, no exercise bad and intention - not enough.

    Plus, you look fantabulous in these pictures (duh)


  17. I just died laughing at your reasons to start working out! They were all funny but they were serious at the same time! Great way to open everyone's eyes! These photos are to die for! Stunning look in this little black dress and the tattoos are lovely!


  18. Haha, you need to send this to Mens/Women's Health magazine so that they can sell more copies, these are definitely the reasons we should be working out, if everyone read this, they would actually start! I need to listen your fantastic advice and start working out for reasons number 6, 7, 9 and 10. Once I had to walk up 19 floors because the elevators stopped working...just before a uni examination!! It was the worst and by the time I got to the exam room I even forgot the reason I had to be there, thats how tired I was. Thanks for the awesome motivation Beautiful Peet, you are a legend! Love your photos.

  19. Ooh, massages sound good. I've only had one in my life. I'd better star exercising more. I don't want to get cellulite and I'm so out of shape I could conceivably get out of breath from typing (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration). Breath holding is a good ability to have. I don't care about the farts - I just don't like breathing tobacco smoke. I like your tattoos. They're pretty. Good for you keeping in shape. You make that black dress look good. Maybe I'll do a little exercise myself later.


  20. Ha! Peet, you always crack me up. The point about escalators and elevators particularly got to me - people who clog up escalators at subway stations when the stairs are completely vacant have to be the most annoying group of humans on the planet. And they make up 90% of us. Personally, I always take the stairs ;)

  21. I promise I'll start working out (more) if you promise to keep looking freakin fantastic. Woah that body girl!

    xo Ashley

  22. Now these are some motivating reasons to work out! Haha, thanks :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  23. Just your pictures are a reason to work out, even though, I would have to exercize all frigging day for 10 years before I could look that HOT. Anyway. True we're lazy, (I'm actually more and more lazy every single day but I still like to work out -because I like food so much but also cause it helps a little bit with the stress)

  24. Love the pics, how did you even do that? I cant even figure out how to make a picture 600x600 :( haha! Im going to join a kickboxing class soon to try make new friends, hopefully perve at some hot guys....oh and get fit :p xx


  25. great post!! i agree that working out is important for your health and can have it many benefits in everyday life! I'm definitely guilty of not working out though :/ haha I'm so lazy and don't have too much time but i should just suck it up and do it :P


  26. Uhhh yes, I definitely need to start working out. Specially cause of number 2!

    Mili from Call me, Maeby

  27. amen to pretty much everything you just said! do I even have anything to add? well, maybe the fact that working out makes a person happy because you know you have done something good to yourself. at least that's how I feel about it. obviously I don't have the time to work out every day but I'm doing exercises for abs as often as I possibly can and once or twice a week I'm using my running machine. oh and I love your black & white photography here. super fierce!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  28. I hate to work out, but these are good points. I might start again soon.. Fun post!

  29. Ha ha, you've highlighted some really practical and valid reasons beyond health, I'll have to use some of them with my clients!!!

    Babe your photos are hot, you are becoming a true photographer, I love these shots, you look amazing!

    Thanks for the shout out!😃

  30. I love this pot- indeed we all need to get moving, it's not just good for our looks/figure and also for our health :)

  31. Clap clap clap!!
    Inexcusable reasons ... especially the first =) (though getting away people`s farts is also interesting ^^).

    The photos of tattoos are lovely. Maybe I could use some for a collection post of tattoo pictures I like ? =)


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