Oct 2, 2013

How to Keep Yourself Occupied while Unemployed

      Although I am self-EMPLOYED, there are times when my status inches dangerously close to being UNemployed and this past month has been one of those times. I'm currently weathering through a dry spell and I have plenty of free time with which I sometimes don't know what to do exactly. Of course there's the mandatory initial wallowing period when Miss Self Pity keeps me company but sooner or later I kick the bitch out and get on to more productive things. Since I figure there's a bunch of people who can relate, I've decided to post a list of things with which one can keep her/himself occupied while being out of a job, because being without a job, doesn't necessarily mean you have to be without work - there's always (fun) stuff to do.
  1. Calculate how much money you'd make in the time you haven't had a job if you in fact had one.
  2. Pick up a new hobby, such as drinking. To make things more interesting, invent a drinking game of your own. For example: Drink a glass of wine every time you hear the term recession, inflation, economic crisis, financial crisis or the.
  3. Start stalking your previous employer.
  4. Learn a new skill, for example how to fart silently.
  5. Another hobby you can pick up is black magic - start making voodoo dolls and stick the shit out of people who have rejected your application(sss).
  6. Conduct a little research - see how many days you can go without showering before somebody says something.
  7. Forget learning how to burp the alphabet - master the skill of burp dirty talk and impress your partner next time you (decide to take a shower and) engage in a sexual encounter.
  8. Learn a new language, for example Klingon, Elvish or Izzle.
  9. Color-coordinate your closet. In the dark.
  10. Alphabetize your book collection from Z to A by the first name of the character that appears second in the third quarter of the second chapter of each individual book. Seems like a lot of work? You have a lot of time, don't you?
      Since I've already mastered silent farting years ago and I fo shizzle have no problemizzle with speakizzle Snoop's slangizzle, I've delved into other pastime activities and I'm sure you can guess which tip's my favorite. The second one, of course. But I play a different drinking game: When I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians (or anything else produced by Ryan Seacrest and Kris Jenner), I drink a glass of wine whenever someone says like. I like never remember like how the show like ends, you know? Like.

Top - eBay, pants - eBay, belt - Bershka, heels - eBay, cuff - eBay, ring - eBay, earrings - H&M

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  1. Hahaha omg thanks so much for this post. It made me laugh so hard. I am currently un/self employed. I have my own business but it's been slow lately so I can totally relate! :)

    xo Aubree

    1. Un/self employed. That should be a new status on the forms everywhere because apparently there's a lot of us.:)

  2. Oh the joys of being self-employed... I just finished up a two-week dry spell that felt like an eternity. And involved a lot of drinking wine in the middle of the day while watching reality TV.

  3. Uh, first, why are you such a hot ass? I can't even get over it. Your photography skills have drastically improved, and they weren't even bad in the first place! What gives. Tell me your secrets! Secondly, I'm not even self-employed. I think you have to make money for that. I'm workin' on getting there though. Just a couple more months til I launch my business and then we'll see. In the meantime, blogging, moving, and this new drinking game will be like my only activities. Haha, LIKE!

    xo Ashley

  4. well at least you have the time to do these fabulous photo shoots!

    I will say plod on and carryon as they say. Perhaps reread a few books? You can be the sartorialist in your town and do glamour do and don#ts??

  5. That sounds like a very fun drinking game. I shall start playing today! ;)


  6. Hahaha.... Nice ways to keep oneself occupied while unemployed.. I will try the wine one...
    U look gab in the pics, loved your ring...
    Keep in touch,

  7. Omyword you should be in stand up comedy...now thats something to keep you occupied and it will bring you loads of cash! You are the funniest. I will be taking your recommendations into consideration, especially 5, 8, 9 and 10, lol. Love those bold red heels and the top looks amazing on you! I did see Harry wearing the shirt but decided to keep the contest between just the ladies ;) Thanks so much for your wonderfully kind words, they meant a lot to me.

  8. The 6th photo made me smile! You looks so cute peeking through the fence.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  9. I always like your points of view, and your cloths, and your acessorios...that ring is amazing, btw!


  10. Ha! Your advice is always spot-on ;) Killer look today, girl! Those pants are amazing! xo



  11. Yow, look at that jewellery. Love the sheer top and red heels too. My way of keeping entertained is the internet & tv...sounds healthy huh?

    X. Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

    1. I do the same thing, babe.:) Luckily, I have a dog so I HAVE to get out and move everyday otherwise it's really easy to just stay at home and wallow...

  12. Your jewelry and these photos are so fierce! I realize I sound like Tyra saying that, but it's true!
    Haha, and I'm trying to figure out how to play True American from New Girl...they always make it seem like such a fun drinking game

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  13. I absolutely love these photos. Where did you get that ring? (You can just e-mail me at stuckinsevencontact@gmail.com) I want to wear it all the time! My mom recently got a full time job again after almost two years. She managed to find a part time job in the mean time, but I could tell she was frustrated. I wish I could have shown her this to cheer her up then.

    1. I bet she was VERY frustrated... The situation's just shit, I'm surprised people haven't properly rioted yet.

      You can find a similar ring here: CLICK You can also find other rings, just search for "armour ring".

  14. You're hilarious, at least you're enjoying yourself and looking fab.

  15. Great post, awesome photos and you look absolutely stunning.


  16. OMG!!! You got swags,You are such a crazy little cat. I love your weirdo tips HAhaaaa.... You look amazing babes.
    Mind following one another on Gfc G+ and bloglovin? I will def follow back. Thanks.

  17. god you do make me laugh. I'm in exactly the same boat, being self-employed and always struggling!!! ugh!!! But it is hilarious sometimes. Stalking a former employer sounds like fun. Although all mine were boring bastards.


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  19. oh it would be cool to be drunk all day long...i can do nr 4 :) these photos are totally awesome!!!

  20. I'm sensing some Halloween-ish theme. Love the nails!


  21. Bahahaha Peet have you been making voodoo dolls of me again? Stop attacking my left leg and pick another limb to play with! ;o) you are hilarious, and I too feel your pain, though I spend most of mine watching bad reality like The Real Housewives shows. I should take up that drinking game, every time someone engages in a bitch fight I'll take a swig or two! And your photos totally remind me of some badass super hero or fighter chick that Angelina Jolie would play in a movie, like Tomb Raider or something. Maybe a possible new career move?


    1. Yeah, right. But I must admit I am liking the Angelina Jolie comparison.:D

  22. You really rock that blouse. Your poses featuring your dark nailpolish and striking silver jewelry are awesome - eerily attractive yet sure to strike fear into the heart of any stalked ex-employers. It's a very suspenseful mood.

    Having been self-unemployed many times I admire your list of skill-set development ideas. All kinds of farting skills can prove to be useful and fun. Learning to gain control of cubic feet of production, different aromas, and the variety of pleasing, musical or funny sounds and notes in addition to developing stealth capability require an impressive array of under-appreciated talents.
    You never know when speaking Klingon might come in useful - except when going to a Star Trek convention. Then you know it will be useful.


  23. Gorgeous outfit, I looove that top!
    Also I will come back to some of these points during the next week when university starts again as university means being bored and unemployed, especially when you only have 2 courses a week xD

  24. aaaaw noo dry spells are not good, in any respect. You look too hot in these pics. This use of a tripod is really doing you justice.

    I think you've pretty much covered everything with what to do in your free time lol, mine would include a few shopping expeditions in hope that I could pay off the credit card when the dry spell is over!

  25. I think the voodoo sugestion might work for me. I am gonna try it to the last 3 emploers that said I was in their 3 best candidates after taking the intervie but decided to hire someone else.


  26. This is gonna be me next year after im made redundant lol xx


  27. You are sooooo hot in this outfit! Well I know what to do for my next quiet moment :) burp the alphabet why not !


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