Oct 7, 2013

I Really Don't Want to Eat Anymore

      Remember this post? It was focused on how bad we treat our food and although it was mostly regarding vegetables and fruit, the point was clear: I don't want to eat anymore. This time around, I have stumbled across some new information (at least it was new to me) which REALLY made me not want to eat anymore. If you think this is about vegetarianism, you're wrong, it's not - although that point is a valid one too, but it's not what this post is about.
      A few days ago I watched a French documentary on food and it just might had been better if I didn't because ignorance really is bliss, especially when there's absolutely nothing you can do about the situation. What am I talking about? Let me just enumerate some of the facts that were brought to light in the documentary:
  • There are pesticides in flour which is used to make bread and other pastry, not just because they spray crops with them, but because they "have to" mix grain with them while it's in storage otherwise it goes bad. They could store them in special silos which are cool and don't heat over 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit), but those cost more money than the regular ones, so they just contaminate it with a shitload of pesticides.
  • You may think wholegrain bread is healthier for you, but it contains more pesticides because the outer part of the grain (the shell that contains more fiber and should therefore be good for you) comes in direct contact with pesticides.
  • Every other French baker buys and bakes frozen croissants because they take less time to make (10 minutes vs. several hours).
  • Supermarket chains and many bakeries use prepared mixtures for wholegrain bread, which contain about 200 additives, because it takes less time to make (1 hour vs. 8 hours).
  • The pigs don't have any fat on them anymore (no bacon) because they're malnourished, they're basically dietetic.
  • A female pig can have 20 and more babies per litter (in nature they have them up to 7), they keep the babies in separate stalls so that the mother can't trample them because there are so many (and you can't sell a smashed piglet).
  • All of the pigs are artificially inseminated.
  • Fish farms keep their salmons under constant light and heat so that they have no sense of seasons changing and they reproduce all the time.
       Although I think knowledge is power, I couldn't watch the whole documentary - I take everything that has to do with the maltreatment of animals to heart and as a human being, I feel responsible for the horrible situation that they're put in and it just hurts too much. Basically, I'm a big sissy. But after seeing and hearing all of that, I needed to talk to somebody. Unfortunately, I talked to my mother. Why unfortunately? Because she didn't put me at ease, at the end of our conversation, we were just both miserable. She's a doctor and immediately she said:
      "Don't think the situation's any different in medicine. At least 50 % of what we do and prescribe is pointless, the situation is hopeless."
      "Do you mean prescribing all those cold medicines and antibiotics?"
      "Yes, that too, but also drugs for inducing labor. Most pregnant women are induced, after their due date, before their due date, doesn't matter."
      "Wait... Why?"
      "Because it costs money. Every time you administer that drug, somebody makes profit off it."
      "Ok... That's just horrible."
      "Yes, it is. It's like with those pigs - it's an industry." And she's right, you have women at 45 who get artificially inseminated (in vitro) and get pregnant with more babies that it's natural for them to have (octomom) and then they get drugs for labor induction and one more pat on the back and they're done. Next!
      "Ok, but sometimes you need to do that because it's just past the due date, right?"
      "Yes, sometimes. But there are more and more babies who're induced regardless."
      "So basically there are more and more babies who don't want to be born."
      "That's right."
      "Don't you think there's something wrong with this picture if babies don't want to be born?"
      "Yes... It is... You were induced a couple of days after your due date too, you know?"
      "See, I didn't want to come into this world. I was smart."
      "Your brother was also induced a week earlier for no reason."
      "And that was 35 years ago..."
      "Yes, we have successfully screwed this world up completely."

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  1. So many intresting info , specialy the wheat bread one..
    Keep in touch,

  2. First of all, aside from all the sadness. I want a teacup pig. Second though, and most importantly, I am also a sissy. I respect how realistic your mom is, but now I'm sad and need a hug. :( Poor animals.

    xo Ashley

    1. That's how I felt after watching that documentary...

  3. There isn't much you can do except shop for organically produced products. As far as medical stuff goes, I will say that this is why I don't support cancer research. No one in their right mind wants to stop cancer .. it makes too much money, it keeps the big ball rolling in research grants and you know, women (the one with the boobs), gladly keep giving money to Susan G Kolmen for a "cure". Good luck with that, I say .. I donate my money to the puppies and the kitties of the world.

    Anyway, Good post though, it was a sad read, but I'm glad I read it.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  4. I think you are so so so right! I wish I would be able to do it so!


  5. Oh, that's horrible. I'm a sissy too, but I'm really interested in watching this documentary!


  6. The way food is produced is truly disturbing on so many levels. Never mind the pharmaceutical industry. If I get started on that I might write you a book instead of a comment. I find I'm getting fussier and fussier about food as I get older and although I know tastes change, I think it has more to do with how much I've learned about food and how much that knowledge has turned me off of it.

  7. So true.. I wouldn't even know where to start about how we messed up the world. Sometimes I feel like half of us is born with a "missing part" (the HUMAN one), I just don't get it. I'm trying to watch what I eat but I have to say I'm having a hard time with candies and sodas ^^

  8. Pigs are cute, when they're pink (aka really not most of the time because they snort and roll in the mud and smell so bad) (but I'd like a little tea cup pig please).


  9. Omg poor piggies :( The only reason they're concerned with their safety is cause they can't sell smushed ones?! :( I don't want to eat anymore either (even though I don't eat pork to begin with)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  10. This makes my heart hurt. I'm like you I have a MASSIVE soft spot for animals (except insects, spiders, bees, snakes and sharks LOL) so I know all too well about this. I also have many vegetarian and vegan friends who post things like these on FB all the time! I watched a Jamie Oliver special on chickens a few years ago and haven't been the same. If you want to watch it it's called "Jamies Fowl Dinners", though I have to warn you it's horrific. What they do to chickens, their lives or lack there off is disgusting. Basically chicken has just become this mass produced product. From the time they're born they're separated into sexes, males being of no use and disposed in the most DISGUSTING way and females separated for either meat or egg laying purposes. From birth those fluffy yellow things have their destiny's predetermined by stupid humans. It's so sad to see that. And I am going to spoil another part, he also tells us something which I found to be the most shocking. Did you know chickens are actually wild birds! They originated in India and in some jungles you can find them roaming free - away from ugly humans! Amazing right. Amazing that we don't know this shit. And unfortunately nothing can really ever change because the majority of us need to demand change, but we wont because we stick our heads in the sand and don't want to pay an extra dollar or two for humanly 'processed' animal products. Oh man Peet I could go for days on this, so I am so sorry if I upset you further! This world can really suck sometimes, we're like Miley Cyrus in a way, high up on the food chain and supposed to watch out over those who look up to us, yet we selfishly parade around doing whatever the f*** we like with no consequences considered.

    I will share this too darling.

  11. This is such a tragedy that I hate thinking about it. If I ever won euromillions the first thing I would do is buy a farm and over see the proudction of food. seriously - that is the biggest luxury ever. I think the recent horsemeat scandal is just scratching the surface...i would be willing to eat less meat if it were reared better and healthier - i don't know why we need so much damn protein anyway as we are on the computer most of the time...

    1. I never thought about that actually. You always hear people say "if I won the lottery I'd..." but nobody thinks about controlling what you eat, everybody wants a mansion or a muscle car. Now I want a farm. With plenty of farmers to run it of course, I wouldn't know what to do except pet all the animals...

  12. This makes me sad. I am a vegetarian. Purely because my love for animals and because I don't want them to be harmed or killed for my pleasure. So I am pretty aware of the shit that goes on. But still, some of this I didn't know. In a way I hate knowing, you know, but it's good to share this.

    1. I used to be a vegetarian too, but now I eat meat - I feel incredibly guilty for it, but I just love the taste of it too much... But I mostly eat vegetables and pasta or rice anyways, I don't think I eat meat 3 times a month even.

  13. it's so sad :((
    thank you so much for your nice comment. Yes, I like my cool school :))))

  14. this is really sad and there are so many unfair things, that its about kids somewhre in the world ahve no food and are dying and other hand there are more wars and ppl keen on creating all this....sad....thanks for ur visit hun! - i featured your post on one of my YOUTUBE videos :D
    My new YOUTUBE video is up :D http://www.youtube.com/user/sparkleheart2121

    1. You did??? That's so cool, I've never been featured in a YouTube video!!:D Thank you, my dear!

  15. the last line defines my world view pretty perfectly :(


  16. You are right, ignorance is bliss. This tragedy extends to many aspects of life - food and fashion (my two passions). A lot of us close our eyes to the sweat shops that supply the fashion industry and we do the same to the farms and food plants that supply the food industry. What can you do! I recommend wholegrain foods ( to take your example) and the question you have to ask is do the benefits of eating it outweigh the downfalls of eating it. There is lot of research that shows wholegrains can reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers. It's a tricky one - the same with fruit and vegetables, lots of health benefits, but of course there is the little issue of pesticides as well. When it is my time to go, it is my time to go but before then I am going to try my best to eat as well as possible and just enjoy life without thinking too much in to it.......

    1. That's exactly what my brother says... And I'm starting to think that's the only way to go about it - don't think about it.

  17. He knew about medical drugs. And also about the animals grown as product, no matter their life quality. But you're right, all this information makes you don't want to eat never again or at least, be able to know from where each thing comes to make a small selection.
    But it's almost impossible (if you don't have a farm and orchard)


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