Oct 18, 2013

Let's Talk Boobs

For Peet's Sake blog bandage mesh panel leggings red pumps high court heels white blazer black shirt

      If you read this post then you're probably sitting there thinking: "What's the deal here? First vaginas and now boobs?" But obviously this is how my brain works - it's just connecting the dots from the G-spot up to the nipples. Next time I'll probably write something about the mouth since that seems to be the direction we're heading towards. But first let's talk some booby business.
      A couple of weeks ago, me and my boyfriend went go-karting. When we got to the track, the guy in the booth said: "Racing is one of the few sports where women are completely equal to men if not even better off because they have better intuition and are more prudent."
      "And they have boobs," my boyfriend cleverly added.
      The remark didn't even register with me because I'm used to those kinds of comments, but the dude at the register seemed irked and said: "Yeah, right, boobs. How annoyed would we be if we had something growing out of our forehead and you girls would constantly nagged us about it. Boobs... If you went for a drive with Susie Wolff, the world Formula 3 champion, I doubt that you'd still be thinking of boobs."
      The weird thing is, HE probably would still think of breasts all the same. You know the phrase "his life flashed before his eyes"? I'm 100 % sure a PowerPoint presentation of all the boobs he saw, fondled, licked, slapped, caressed, held or just admired from afar would scroll before his eyes like the Star Wars intro. How can I be so certain? Because I know the guy and his boobsession. To tell you the truth, I kind of think it's cute, it's his way of being attentive and romantical. Wait... Is that the right word? Or is it romantic? See, the concept is so foreign to me, I don't even know the word. But I do know the word breast, because I've had two of them since I was 10.
      I still remember like it was yesterday: We were having our break in the third grade and a bunch of guys, me and one other girl were sitting at a table together, eating our sandwiches. The girl started talking about boobs, much to the guys' enjoyment, and how hers started growing. Then she asked me:
      "How about yours, did yours start growing?"
      And one of the guys (I've already mentioned him here) said, almost choking on his sandwich: "Do you even have to ask?! Look at her, hers are huge!!"
      That's when I thought for the first time: "Ok, it's time for a bra," and I and my mom went bra shopping, fun times. When I got home and started wearing the damn thing, my father wasn't pleased. He refused to believe I needed one and constantly asked me: "Why do you wear that stupid armor?" as he called it. Well, I need it, because something serious is about to go down, daddy - the imminent protrusion of mammary glands right in the middle of my chest namely. And unfortunately, the darn things are still going down. Why can't they go like Superman: Up, up and away from the pancake chest? When I'll be old (meaning 35 because in boob years that's 107) I probably won't need my dog anymore since I'll have a Cocker Spaniel permanently attached to my torso with his floppy ears fluttering from my ribcage. Can't wait. But before that, I still have plenty of things to look forward to and plenty of moments of my boob youth to enjoy, like for example wearing two sports bras when I go running (that's why I started swimming instead, it all stays neatly afloat), getting a yeast infection when the weather's too frigging hot for words and the meat bulges rub against one another creating a perfect habitat for the lovely fungi (that's why I'm always reaching down my bra during summer and pushing the fat sacks apart - I even have a catch phrase for this: divide and conquer) and plenty other unpleasantries which were pointed out by Mélo in one of her posts when she decided to talk boobs.
      To conclude the today's post, I'd like to mention my boyfriend again because boobs and my boyfriend go hand in hand. Or hand in boob rather. Before we started dating, he didn't even know my name or anything else of mine for that matter. He just saw me walking into a bar one day with a yellow shirt on and ample bosom and that's how I became "the girl with huge boobs in a yellow shirt". Back then I was a bit heavier and thus a bit boobier so he was positively smitten with all three of us. I used to think that he must have really liked me for me since he fell in love and wanted to be with me when I was at my heaviest, but thinking about it now, he wasn't liking me for me, he was liking me for my large fun bags. So I guess he's actually being romantical now for staying with me even though they got a tad smaller...

For Peet's Sake blog bandage mesh panel leggings red pumps high court heels white blazer black shirt snake print clutch bag
For Peet's Sake blog bandage mesh panel leggings red pumps high court heels white
For Peet's Sake blog bandage mesh panel leggings red pumps high court shoes white blazer
Leggings - eBay, shirt - NewYorker, blazer - eBay, heels - eBay, clutch - NewYorker

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  1. going to read properly later but your pics are fab and i love the styling and everythign about it!!

    1. I love you for this, really.:D Honesty rules! Thanks for the compliments, babe!!!

  2. great outfit darling!


  3. These post of yours are just too god, I red the C one too and loved it...
    Wats next on list, looking forward to it...
    Nice shoes..
    Don't forget to join my sunglasses giveaway.
    Keep in touch,

  4. You'll have a cocker spaniel... lol. I died reading this, though I'm completely on the other end of the spectrum. You are my daily dose of humor, just fyi.


  5. OMG!!! What do i call you now... Crazy!!! You are such fun. Boobs are two crazy things you know? Sometime,I wonder?? What's the importance of having them,mine is a not too comfortable cause they don't really make me rock some outfit i really love,especially my blazers. I need to wear a sport bra if i am wearing my blazers Huhh... We don't like them but our partners are so in love with them,sadly!!! The two phrases (divide and conquer) got me screaming like mad likewise your dad referring to bras as Armor . My partner thought i was drunk. Your boyfriend is so funny and that guy choking in his sandwich,OH GOD!
    Have a very sweet weekend.

  6. Honestly, your blog is the only one I actually READ cause in general I only go though blogs looking at the pics. well, i have to say this time it was pretty hard for me not to look at these boobielicious pics cause they are awesome, but all in all I love you and your blog most for your inside, the way you write and philosophize about things. I guess I am beeing romantical on this. Or wait. I mean romantic ;)

    xx Laura

  7. We all need a white blazer after this, its so chic and polished, love the sophistication of your outfit. I also think we need to add the word 'romantical' to our repertoire, love it! Some things just go hand in hand, peanut butter & jelly, rock & roll, guys and boobs, its been like that since the beginning of time and I don't ever think it will change. I am grateful for your comments. You are so thoughtful to always stop by. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  8. Haha, your posts always make me smile so much! My boyfriend is the same way ;) And those shoes are killer, girl! xo



  9. All I can do now is to quote my boyfriend: "But when you go on a diet your boobs will shrink!". That´s the good thing about boys who REALLY love boobs, they can live with a few more kilos as well ;)
    Oh and I love how you wore your blazer, white blazers rule (but they get dirty so quickly -.-)

  10. How sweet is your dad?!:) Peet, I quote what you say. Boys and boobs go in the same way, lol once have even read that the bottom reminds them of boobs that why they love it so much!^^' Your bf is so funny, you both must be a beautiful couple! Let me say that you are hot in these photos, just love the blazer and the super cool killer heels. Have a wonderful weekend dear, kisses! xo

  11. Lovely commentary as always. I've never quite understood why men were always so fascinated with boobs. Is it they don't have two of their own? I don't know. You left me with something to think about once again.

  12. Love the white blazer! Got one too!

  13. just found your blog and love the way you write! It's a refreshing read amongst all the other fashion blogs I've read.

    Enter to win a knit sweater GIVEAWAY


  14. Its a shame guys love boobs so much and mine aint very big haha Sasha Fierce was pretty amazing live - girl can sing!! xx


  15. A few of my friends have huge boobies and when we go out they let everyone know this, so of course they get all the looks and chat-ups from the other 'species' because they are on part display, me on the other hand has little boobies, so the way I look at it, any attention I get from a men is purely either for my looks or my personality, because they are certainly not talking to me for my rack.

    I am seriously considering getting a boob job though because I think clothes look better, but I'm so scared that I'll be the statistic where it all goes wrong!!

  16. Loooool, I almost fell of my chair when I read your comment on how human years translate into boob years, haha :-) My boyfriend is more into butts than boobs.

  17. hey girl as i always said your so funny hahahha....this is hilariousssssssss i cant stop laughing here....!! new post is up do check out
    my Youtube channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/sparkleheart2121. :D

  18. I love the classical trio of black, red and white and you look fabulous in it! now, when it comes to boobs I don't have much to say because I really don't get all the fuss around them. for me they're as good as ears or hands or whatever natural parts of my body. mine are not big and I'm happy with them because I remember one of my friends had huge issues with big boobs. her back used to hurt all the time, running was difficult because the boobs were jumping up and down and so on. yeah, that's all I can say :D

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  19. love your look :)


  20. wow, you look amazing!
    love the blazer and your killer heels!
    pics are beautiful!
    kisses x

  21. Thanks for your always great comments! May your week get off to a terrific start!

  22. You look gorgeous!

    Anushka Makar

  23. Boobs are so difficult. EVERYONE loves them, but no one wants them. They just get in the way. I've always been "the girl with big boobs" so I know the feels girl. Luckily for us, we found good men who don't agree that 3's a crowd. ;)

    xo Ashley

  24. Yes you are romantical and also you so stylish ....stay the same

  25. I have the same awesome leggings (thanks for teaching me how to buy on ebay XD)
    And i love the jacket and heels!

    omg, you have an incredibly dirty mind!! I hope the next post will not be entitled mouth.
    One moment, i'llI check it ...
    Oh , lips, it's dangerously close!!
    I've never thought much about my boobs . They are something that is there, and somebody uses sometimes for playing. That's all.
    But one karting can make you reflect a lot =)


    1. You've never thought much about boobs?!?! How's that even possible? Aren't boobs just ultimately awesome???:D


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