Oct 9, 2013

Things I Don't Get Part 6

      If this isn't your first time here, then you might have seen a post or two from this series. If you haven't, let me bring you up to speed: Every now and then I post a list of things I don't get - hence the title. You may call me clueless, you may call me stupid, you may call me inquisitive, but incomprehensible things just keep popping up and it's time for another TIDG post. This is number 6, feel free to check out numbers 5, 4, 3 and others too.

  1. Why do random people send those please-follow-me tweets to Jenna Marbles, Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian and I'm sure all of the other lovely ladies (and gentlemen) out there as well. Don't these people have any... Pride? Common sense?
  2. What's the deal with the color "watermelon"? Why is that a shade of pink? What about the green stuff that's around the red stuff that we call a watermelon???
  3. Why are 98 % of bras in H&M push-up and padded with pillows that could save your life if you were a Boeing 747 when it crashed into a mountain? The 2 % that aren't padded are just hideous and even a 92-year old blind woman wouldn't want to wear them. What is a girl (who's happy) with her own boobs to do?!
  4. Why don't people move when somebody's trying to pass them on the highway? Slower traffic must use right lane - it's the frigging law!!!
  5. Why do you say that people with darker complexions have olive skin? Are they frigging aliens, do they have green skin??
  6. Why do you get a Union glass when you order a Laško beer - they don't give the stuff you just bought at Zara in an H & M bag.
  7. Why do people buy BMWs and Audis but then drive so slowly that a 107-year-old grandpa on foot can zoom past them like he's traveling with the speed of light? Why pay that much money for a car if you don't intend to utilize its full potential and you let me pass you in a Chevy?
  8. What's the difference between sour milk and soured milk - milk that you buy and spoils in your fridge for free and milk that you purposely pay extra for at a store because it was pre-spoiled for you??
  9. Why do parents drown their toddler daughters in all pink everything? Just two days ago I saw this pink monstrosity waddling down the street wearing pink pants, a pink sweater, a pink coat, pink boots, a pink headband licking a pink lollipop - we get it, she's a girl!! If she wore something green, would she suddenly grow a tiny penis? Even if she did, let me assure you, it would be PINK anyway.
  10. Why does my boyfriend ALWAYS have to be the little spoon? Aren't guys supposed to want to be the big spoon and protect their females or something? I even asked him once how does he do it, how does he always end up being the little spoon, making me the big one. He said he's a magician. So next you're going to cut me in half, pull a rabbit out of your ass and set some doves free?? Just frigging spoon me, bitch.

Shirt - eBay, leggings - H & M, top - NewYorker, boots - eBay, rings - H & M, necklaces - eBay

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  1. i can answer for nr 7....my friend has a BMW- he says he is driving slowly cuz he likes to be seen on the street because his car is sooooooo f-ing cool!!
    love the look, i want those boots!

    1. You're kidding me?! People drive slow to show off?!?! Hahahahahaha!!!!:D

  2. OMG Eric has to always be the little spoon too! But it's something about the side that he needs to sleep on to be comfortable, and the side of the bed he sleeps on. We ended up having to switch sides of the bed, so that we could spoon the right way, lol. Oh the things I'll do for a good cuddle.

    xo Ashley

    1. Exqueeze me, but we have a couple of bitches for boyfriends.:)

  3. So many of life's unanswered questions in one post, lol
    I used to always be the big spoon but somewhere along the track that changed...wish i knew the secret

    X. Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  4. Number three made me laugh, your plane analogy was prime! #ibelieveicantouchthesky


  5. 1) Hoping that fame will rub off if they get followed? Pride? What pride squeee!
    2) I agree that watermelon is not pink. If a colour is called watermelon it should look like one, with the pits and green trim.
    3) I don't think H&M is famous for its lingerie. There a lot of beautiful bras out there if your boobs aren't exceptionally large in proportion to your back measurement (i.e.: 28 GG etc). Some of the luxury lingerie brands can be super expensive, but I follow a number of retailers that stock a whole slew of different brands that are pretty.
    4) Because most people suck at driving - they're probably texting at the same time too. I'm still amazed at how much driving you did in the United States!
    5) I'm stumped on that one. There are different colours of olives but none of them looks the colour of anyone I've seen so far.
    6) What's a Union glass? A brand I guess? You're right, that makes no sense.
    7) So they can drive at the speed limit faster?
    8) I didn't even know they sold that on purpose.
    9) How come the toddlers get all the good colours and styles while IA search the internet in vane for them?
    10) I don't even know what that is. I was raised by Puritans.

    I love your hair, nail-polish and eye-makeup!!


  6. Oh my god, These are all things I have asked my self!

  7. wow, u look great!


  8. Peet this series is my fav! I always find what you say so true! Lol for the n2, I actually think the same, for example when I try a lipstick in "watermelon" color I expect a red instead of a bright pink! I agree with the n.9, pink is my fav color but I think I would not dress a child with this shade from head to toe just cause she is a girl lol!:) Looking hot dear, you have a striking style! Kisses! xo

  9. This is so cool,Love your nails.

  10. You are a master at creating memorable posts!
    I love to come here and enjoy! Excellent!

    Katherine Unique

  11. Oh my gosch, I adore your jewellery!

    xx, rebecca

  12. Hi Peet, firstly, I really like the graffiti backdrop you chose to shoot your photos at, it perfectly fits in your urban chic outfit, love the hair and your metallic accessories. I love this series you do, you always say what we are thinking, but in a much wittier way of course. Those slow lane hogging drivers are sadly found here in SA too, its a worldwide epidemic! Besides just finding the right type of bra, why do we never never find our sizes in stock? I think the reason those BMW/Audi drivers drive so slowly, is because they actually are grandpas who cashed in their pension funds to buy said luxury cars. And those pink muchkins are like meringues, far toooo sweet. Thanks for lending me your view.., totally appropriate, she just turned 18. Have a great Friday hun!

  13. i just stumbles upon your blog and I must say you're very observant. I, myself asked some of these questions.. Things can get really confusing sometimes! :)

  14. Hahahaha! All a girl wants is to be the little spoon xD That is so funny. My roommate and I were laughing over that one.
    Anyway, you look awesome as usual, and I LOVE your nails *_*

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  15. oh well, pretty much everything you said is true. but what's especially annoying is the part about cars. why oh why do slow snail-like drivers have to have cars and why do they annoy everyone else on the road? they should walk or stay at home. I honestly think so. or if there's really something wrong with their cars they can always let others know by using those special lights! but they don't. the're just being annoying and... enjoying it, I think.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  16. I had to write this comment right after reading number 3. THIS IS SOOO TRUE. And I have been complaining about these H&M bras like whenever I saw one. I mean they sell their clothes up to really generous sizes and they have plus size clothes but their bras are made for size zero breasts?!
    7. is so true as well, even though most of the Audi cars I meet drive like they want to commit suicide xD
    9. My children won´t wear pink unless pink is super hot that season! I think they will end up as Zara testimonials but the children stuff at Zara is just too gorgeous!
    10. My bofriend does that, too... His explanation: "But you´re the boss in this relationship xD".
    P.S.: The fuzzy plushness in my "New In" post came from my bathroom rug :P I find it so hard to find nice underlayment for that kind of posts... I mean my floor isn´t that pretty and my blankets aren´t neutral enough so where the hell can I put some new stuff on to be photographed?! #bloggerissues

    1. Bathroom rug??? It didn't even cross my mind, you're pretty resourceful.:)

  17. Hold on a minute, I need to look at those boots a little more closely - you are just teasing me with just that second shot. They look hot!!

    Anyway on to your comments. I've never bought a bra from H&M, but thanks for telling me they are padded, I may have to take a peek as I am not as blessed as you darling! ha

    I know why people in nice cars drive slowly, they are doing it for two reasons: 1. To make sure everyone can see them driving a new car and 2) to make a point of saying I have a fast car and I could beat you if I wanted to but I don't need to prove anything to you. When I buy my Aston Martin, I'm going to drive so slow to make sure everyone can see whose driving the beauty lol!

    1. I thought YOU might like 'em.:) Just some over the knee booties, nothing much.;)

  18. Hahaha, I have to agree with pretty much everything. Great mysteries of mankind!


    1. You're right, it's a frigging mystery!!!:D

  19. Number 1: Oh my goodness are people stupid? Half the time celebrities don't tweet themselves. They have someone do it for them. And even if they do tweet themselves, who are you to be followed by them?
    Number 4: just...RAWR!
    Number 7: Seriously? Just give me our car. You are a terrible driver. You spent the money on that car and can't use it properly. Just, no.
    Number 9: Sometimes toddler girls want to wear all pink and they want to be pink princesses. Many little girls go through that phase. It's not the parents doing sometimes. And if the parents are dressing them that way, there is something wrong.

    1. Parents give into their kids way too much in my opinion.:)

  20. Number seven is the bane of my existence. Why buy a nice car if you're not only not going to take advantage of it but use it to infuriate everyone else?!? I could do on, but I'll stop before I start ranting.

  21. Pink used to be a color for boys in the edwardian era and i dont know when that changed...Yes it may be law but there is a thing called ego that screws up a lot of basic dynamics in this world!!

  22. Haha I kinda like being the big spoon actually! (else he's pushing me outside of the bed !)
    About the protection from males... oh darn I had a good one this week I think I'm gonna write the story on my blog : guys are so useless sometimes ^^
    I noticed for H&M bras... (but that's the case in a lot of french brand too... so I'm used to it)

  23. My boyfriend does the same!!!!. He always gives the back and i'm supposed to be the big spoon. I hate it! What type of men do we have?



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