Oct 25, 2013

Things My Boyfriend Doesn't Like Part 9

       On the previous post, Petite Maison of Fashion and Miss Thing attentively noticed I'm wearing leggings my boyfriend doesn't like. Well of course I'm wearing stuff he doesn't like - I want to and I have to! If I didn't, I'd end up trotting around butt naked. Or scantily clad looking like I just walked out of Rihanna's Pour It Up video, which isn't a bad look, don't get me wrong, I just wouldn't have anywhere to put my car keys or my wallet when I'd go grocery shopping or babysitting my nephew. So yes, I'm wearing stuff he doesn't approve of and I'll be wearing the three items from today's post just as much.

Shorts - H & M
      Much to my surprise, my dear o' boyfriend isn't too impressed with these shorts...
      "God, these are hideous! It's like somebody chopped up a construction worker's jumpsuit! Do they have to be in this exact color?!"
      "Wait, you're having a problem with a girl wearing a pair of shorts??"
      "No, I don't like shorts, no. I do like those really tight ones though... You know, short shorts, when half the ass is hanging out."
      "You mean stripper shorts?"
      "Yes, yes, those are hot!"
      "I'm guessing it'd be even better if they were made of black latex or some shiny silver material, right?"
      The conversation ended there - I lost his concentration to strippers and latex. Sometimes the level of his taste is questionable, but I think you got a taste of his taste in this post already.

Top - NewYorker

      When he first saw this top, I could see it in his eyes he wasn't too crazy about the crazy print, but he still held his tongue. Sort of.
      "Mmmm, yes... What do you call this again? A poncho?" he asked.
      "Not really, it's a bat-wing top."
      "Mmm, yes, bat-wing, I thought so," he said nodding like a true sartorial connoisseur before concluding with a stern frown: "Poncho, bat-wing - it's ugly."

Boots - eBay

       You might have noticed that I get a lot of my clothes and shoes from eBay, but I don't actually have my own account. A few years ago my boyfriend introduced me to it so I just use his account to order stuff and I've gotten pretty good at finding this or that actually. A month ago I found these babies and sent him an email with the order link. He called me immediatelly and said:
      "You know, I'm really sad..."
      "Why, babe? What happened??"
      "I'm sad because I told you about eBay."
      "I told you about eBay years ago and now you wanna order these horrific shoes and I'm sad. You made me just wanna cancel my eBay account."
      "Are you serious with this?! Just order the damn shoes, you..." Click.
      When they came, he gave me the box and said: "I was really hoping they'd get lost in the mail..."
      I get it, they're not sky high stiletto heels, not a lot of people are going to like these and that's fine. These boots are like a female bulldog - she's not the prettiest bitch on the block, but she's definitely the baddest and she couldn't care less if her bulldog boyfriend doesn't likes her new collar because she can easily piss on him in his sleep. Just saying.

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  1. ahahah I really understand that your boyfriend doesn´t like those shoes...boys never like modern things at first sight!


  2. I love those boots, your boyfriend sure does have some taste of his own lol
    Deejay Speaks

  3. I keep waiting for these posts from you..
    I am surprised he dosennlike those shorst, but the description which he gave made me laugh..,

    Female bulldog.. , Omg, i called my mum from ther room to see and read your post...

    When i see the cutout pants with buckles all around on blogger, i always think of you, remember you wrotr about it in a similar post...

    1. That's so cool!!!:D That's one of the top 5 comments ever, thanks babe!!!

  4. so funny!! but I love the top and those shorts ;)

  5. Love the shorts, love the shoes, boyfriend is being silly! :-)

  6. Ahahah Peet, you made me imagine the scene for every item!!!! You rock! Oh but why for the shorts or the top? For the shoes I can get since many boys dislike the cut out booties even though they are super cool! He made me so smile when he said that when he saw the order he wanted to delete the account, haah!^^''' Have a wonderful weekend dear, kisses! xo

  7. Ha! I always enjoy reading these lists. Those blue shorts are killer- don't let him tell you otherwise! xo



  8. Wow! What can I say? ... intimidates me!
    Great post! I congratulate the ability and talent to curiosity to me!
    I will always be coming back for more: *

    Katherine Unique

  9. Is there anything that you don't like from your boyfriend's closet? Because those blue shorts are "supa cute" so it's good that you don't listen to him all the time. :) (also thanks for the link to our blog)


  10. "What do you call thing again? a poncho?" LOOOOOOOL xD be honest though, you'd be a TAD bit worried if your boyfriend knew what the term "bat-wing" top meant! Another thing that guys seem to hate (which really makes no sense to me) is the boyfriend jeans. And harem pants ... k, basically just anything that drowns the shape of your butt!


  11. Do you know what though, at least your boyfriend is taking notice of what you are wearing and getting involved with your personal style, I'd rather have a debate about fashion with my boyfriend, rather than him having no opinion on my personal style at all. When I ask a boy what he thinks of my shoes or clothes I want detailed, honest answers, not a grunt, so definitely take this as a positive!

  12. absoluetly with you...my hubby doesnt always approve what i like...thank god! its called personal taste for a reason. ive seen women give in or wear exactly what their partner says, thats in a way to me losing yourself and trying to please others...! ridiculous really! tks for ur visit sweetie! new post is up!

  13. well, that was just hilarious! I enjoyed that post A LOT.
    now, when it comes to those 3 pieces I honestly can't understand why your man doesn't like the first two items because hey, blue doesn't always mean construction workers! :D and what's wrong with a poncho? or this top? absolutely nothing. those shoes, on the other hand are something my fiance would probably just burn if I had those :P my love for platforms did disappear when I was a teenager though so no problems with those things.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. :D I'm sure my bf would love to burn them too, but then I'd trash his beloved computer - an eye for an eye...:)

  14. Haha : PART 9. I mean damn how many articles about what he doesn't like ? I'm starting to ask myself if the only thing he likes is to see you naked (which sounds about right) =P

    1. Naked or looking like a hooker or looking like a soccer mom with 7 kids wearing boot cut jeans and a t-shirt - those are his preferences.:)

  15. Your boyfriend does not like a lot of things! I like those boots and shorts

    X. pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces

    1. You're absolutely right!:D And thanks.;)

  16. I LOVE how you described your badass bulldog shoes! Totally agree. This exact style of shoe is what I'm looking for actually. Haha, have been for a while now! Not everyone's gonna get them though, much less guys haha

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. I know, nobody I know has gotten them so far.:D But they really are badass, I love 'em.

  17. Great post, I really enjoy reading it. Oh well guy haha.


  18. Hahaha, I was hooting over the 'construction cut-off' shorts. I would have never ever thought of that, trust a guy to see fashion in a whole completely new industrial way. Those shorts are terrific, great colour too. But agreed, all guys would prefer a pair of hot pants. The print of your bat winged top is really fun and vibrant, maybe he is intimidated by the sleeves? And those bull-dog boots are the coolest thing, you better get his ebay username and password before he decides to close his account..so you buy even more wonderful things that he doesn't like *winks*. Have an awesome week darling!

  19. Hahaha! Your boyfriend completely cracks me up every time you do one of these posts. I personally love each item you pictured here. Guys have a completely different sense of style. If it's sexy or provocative, they probably like it. I know that for a fact. So you keep doing you because obviously it doesn't bother him enough to break up with you.

  20. hey sweetie
    I just found your blog and I wanted to let you know that
    I really love your style, you look always gorgeous and your
    photos are stunning!
    Would you like to follow each other? I would love to & just let me know and I will
    follow you back immidiately!!!
    in touch:D

    love from Greece


  21. yes the man repeller outfits for sure! also i find that men don't like toe cleavage...

  22. You always find awesome stuff on Ebay! Im too scared to buy off there haha. Also I meant my hair is faded NOW lol the pics on my blog are what it looked like after it was done :) xx


  23. I think Andre Leon Tally needs to watch his back. Seems like your BF knows his stuff and is about to give Anna Wintour a run for her money with his opinions! Hahaha!

    I like those shorts, construction worker shorts here are a dark navy BTW. Use that as a rebuttal next time!

  24. Your dude is hilarious, just gotta say it. I like how you always have such different things, and he still hates it all, lol. Too funny!

    xo Ashley

  25. lol!!! female bulldog is the perfect comparison in animal world for those shoes =)
    People surprise me.... Why you should not wear clothes that your boyfriend does not like? How absurd is it!

    By the way, you always show things that he doesn't like about you and things you like about him. But what about that (little) stuff he likes about your closet and those things of him you think are pure shit ?



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