Dec 13, 2013

21 Questions

For Peet's Sake blog

      No, today's post isn't about a 50 Cent song. You know which one - "If I was with some other chick and someone happened to see and when you asked me about it I said it wasn't me, would you believe me or up and leave me? How deep is our bond if that's all it takes for you to be gone? Giiiiiirl, it's easy to love me now. Would you love me if I was down..." Yes? No? Maybe? Am I the only one who hears '21 questions' and things about 50?!?! Anyhow, it doesn't matter, because this has nothing to do with 50, but it has a lot to do with our local youth center and their project MC21. MC21 is a set of 21 questions the center asks interesting, prominent, promising etc. locals and a few days ago they asked me if I was game, which - as you can see - I am. I was even more excited when they approached me because a few years ago they asked my boyfriend to be a part of the project and I remember thinking he was the biggest big shot on the planet - and now I get to partake, how cool is that? You can read his answers (in English or in Slovene) here and you can read mine in English below (the Slovene version's here).

1. What is Peet most proud of?
      I actually had no idea how to answer this question so I asked my mom and my boyfriend what they would answer if they were me. Mom said: "Of your dog!" (Thanks, mom...) And since I'll rather keep my boyfriend's answer to myself, I'm back to square one. I don't know if this is something I'm MOST proud of, but since according to statistics most blogs lose their momentum within the first 6 months I'm pretty proud I'm have more perseverance than most.

2. Can we find you on Facebook or Twitter?
      On Twitter (@4peetssake) and on Google+ (Peet Forpeetssake).

3. Which do you prefer: a cup of coffee at sunrise or a glass of wine at sunset.
      I don't drink coffee, so drinking plenty of glasses of wine from sunset to sunrise, please.

4. Which famous person would you easily have dinner with?
      With Charlie Sheen. And if he was taken, his ideal substitute would be Johnny Depp - I have some questions about his Kate Moss era.

5.  How do you take care of our environment?
      I recycle, walk around town, pick up garbage when I'm walking my dog, don't shower as much.

6. Which music would you take with you to a desert island?
      This is going to be a long list. Björk - Selmasongs, Paul Kalkbrenner - Berlin Calling, Style of Eye - Essential Mix 2009, Dr. Dre - 2001, Zmelkoow - Čiko, Pajo in Pako, The Doors - The Doors, Ambivalent - Treehouse Miami 2012, Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP, Tomy DeClerque - My Chart March 2013, Bob Marley - Greatest Hits, Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, Alex Mar - August 2013, Nirvana - Nevermind, Richie Hawtin - Berlin Watergate 2012, Dubfire - WMC 2013. For example.

7. Do you prefer Slovenia or the European Union?
      Can I choose both? Home's sweet, but other places can be sweeter.

8. If you were to win Miss World, what would you strive for the most?
      To put an end to Miss World.

9. Do you do any volunteer work?
      Not in the traditional sense, but some of my employers thought I was working as a volunteer.

10. What advice would you give to the younger generations?
      Lately I can't stop thinking about something Steve Jobs said: You can't look at the competition and say how can we do it better, but how can we do it different.

11. How, when and why did you start blogging?
      How? Unwillingly, because I don't like to draw attention to myself. When? September 5th 2012. Why? Because I've always wanted to live off my writing and one day I finally accepted the fact that you can't do that without drawing some attention to yourself.

12. Has your writing changed since you've started or has it stayed the same?
      The topics are still the same more or less, at the beginning I mostly dealt with the length of my posts. An unwritten rule dictates or suggests 500 to 1000 words per post, since that's what's supposed to be the best for the reader, but truth be told some people don't even read 200 words per year, let alone per post. Sooner or later I've realized I don't write for those kind of people anyway so now I just type till I'm all typed out.

13. Where do you find inspiration for a new blog post?
      In everything that's going on around me: When something interests me, when something pisses me off, when something astounds me, when I want to let my boyfriend know something but he won't listen to me - I write all of that down.

14. How many readers or followers do you have?
      If I add all of the people on all of the social networks, there are 862 brave men and women in my legions. How many of them actually read anything only Santa Claus knows.

15. How much of your time does blogging take?
      To take pictures of myself for one post takes about an hour, to edit the shots takes about one to four hours and to write the text it also takes me from one to four hours. I post three times per week every week without exceptions so that adds up to ... A small job.

16.  How do you promote yourself or your blog?
      I don't actually. I leave that to those (few) incidental people who read my posts and find them interesting enough to share them - to all of those I just want to say thank you very very very very very very very very very much!

17.  What would your advice be for someone who wanted to start their own blog?
      Without a doubt, it'd be better if I got a bunch of advice myself instead of me giving advice to others, but still... If you want to take up blogging as a more serious thing not just as a pastime activity, than it won't hurt if you familiarize yourself with terms such as organic traffic, SEO, pillar content and other boring bullshit which unfortunately you simply have to know. And get Google Analytics running on your page ASAP.

18. I'm sure you follow other blogs as well. Which ones are those and what's your opinion on the Slovenian blogging scene?
      I follow 150 blogs give or take so I'll list them according to the alphabet - An... Just kidding, let me name only some of my (current) favorites: Micah Gianneli, 8 and 2, Angelica Blick, Moiminnie, Jak and Jill, Carolina Krews, 5 Inches and Up, Hipstercrite, Fanny Lyckman, Ajda Sitar and Nightmares and Boners. There's a billion Slovenian blogs but I don't think there's an actual blogging scene in Slovenia because there's no cohesion among Slovenian bloggers - every (wo)man for (her/)himself. That's kind of our country's motto, isn't it?

19. Where and how do you see your blog in 5 years?
      In my wildest dreams - on paper. If I were ever to publish a collection of my posts in an actual book, I'd definitely have no problems answering what Peet is most proud of.

20. What would you like to write about, but you haven't yet?
      I have a bunch of true stories up my sleeve which would be pretty entertaining for an outside viewer but since I'm not the only person involved ... They'll stay in my head. But other than that I write whatever I want, I don't limit myself. I think you can tell that just by browsing through the titles of my posts - What's Wrong with Monogamy?, The Things We Do for ... Sex, Vagina Diaries, What's a Polite Expression for a Lubricant?, Let's Talk Boobs, etc.

21. If you could ask our youth center one thing, what would it be?
      How about putting together a cleaning initiative? I think our metropolis would benefit from some volunteers picking up garbage around town. I know I'd come!

For Peet's Sake blog girl stop sign
For Peet's Sake girl stop sign
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For Peet's Sake blog neon acid yellow beanie royal blue jacket

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  1. U don't promote your blog, still you have so many followers.. U are great, all credit hours to your intresting posts..
    I am so inspired, u recycle
    Happy Weekend
    Keep in touch,

  2. Woman, you're always so much fun. I loved that your mom said your dog, lmao! And maybe we should get together and learn about blogging because I still feel like I know NOTHING

    xo Ashley

    1. Then there'd be two of us knowing nothing.:D But I guess two heads are better than one anyway so... It's a date!:)

  3. I agree with your mother: you're really proud of your dog. Basically because you name him in almost every post hahaha!

    And heavens, there are a few things I would ask Johnny Depp about Kate Moss .... or better , I would be with both of them at the same time ... and wine, lots of wine XD

    It is true that little shower could fix the problem of the lack of water in some parts of the world. I'm going to evaluate it XD
    As for the bosses who think you work voluntary ... I think I haven't got anyone in my life thinking it was worth to pay me.

    And you spend many hours editing and writing! You left me really impressed!


    1. I forgot. You're a Vandal!
      Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad this is bad!!!!

    2. Heeey, the sign was already just there on the ground!!!!:P I just took full advantage of it.:D

      YES, Depp, Moss and wine - perfect combination. AND ME, of course.:D

  4. great post! It´s nice to know you better!
    have an amazing weekend!

  5. Haha I loved to read that and NO I'm sure plenty of your followers read you since you are damn talented and funny.

  6. love reading your blog peet, yes i do aggree end those miss world. because its like exploiting women n its just like dumb bimbo walking around every year to win that crown . hehhehe,
    take care peet and love the beanies , :)

    Yati Noah,

  7. Great post! Johnny Depp is my ideal dinner date too ;)


  8. great idea, we can know you better!
    awesome pics <3
    kisses x

  9. loved this post, i'd definitely but your book of blog post!

  10. Santa Clause knows I read every post religiously, they make me laugh mostly because your humor is just so great :)
    Lovely look, as always!

    1. Thank you, babe, as always - THANK YOU.

  11. MC21 sounds like a cool concept. Some fab questions there, with some great answers but I was blown away by your answer to number 15 - bloody 'ell, that's like a full time job. You can definitely be proud of your commitment and persistence with your blog!

    I follow some of those blogs as well, we seem to have similar taste - isn't Angelica Blick stunning and love 5Inch and Up's style. I'll check out some of the others you've listed. We seem to have the same taste in fashion blogs - their photography is amazing - you might like to browse Wish Wish Wish and Kayture as well if you like stunning photography.

    I hope you succeed in being successful with writing on paper - the book sounds like a winning idea!

    1. OMG I have a girl crush on Micah!!!

    2. Yup, she's pretty fab... I love her abs.:) She used to shave her head, like really really shave, like I did, and I liked that better on her, but she's still tres tres HOT. And yes, Kayture's photography's gorgeous, I follow her blog too. But I didn't know about the WWW so thanks for the tip, babe.;)

  12. fan post and totally love your blog hun thanks for always investing time in coming and writing such meaningful blogs...i totally love it. yah i agree promotion of a blog is fine but make it interesting so that people would love to come back to your blog more often. hehe...

  13. Well done Peet! First have read the your bf answers and I like them. Yours made me so smile, at the end have to tell you that if you really want to know what you are most proud, for me is your blog and your writer skills. Let me say that you are very talented on it and really hope one day your words could be written on paper. Btw, always looking gorgeous, your pics are the coolest on all the blogosphere!:) Yep, I have the second hole in both ears and as you three on the right ear (the third is on the top as piercing), plus I have one on nose and on my belly, definitely we are badass!:P Now I want a tattoo as I've already told you. Happy Sunday my dear, many kisses! xo

  14. You could consider being asked an accomplishment too! I'd pick lots of wine at dusk too and Johnny Depp, sorry Mr Sheen, but it's Johnny Depp, so... Have to admit Peet, was a little disappointed in your answer for Miss World, you should have said world peace, always world peace bahahahaha! (Joking BTW)


    1. I had to add the joking part since I realized you can't see my eye rolls and laughs at that!

    2. Trust me, I saw them.:D :D :D

  15. Interesting to read something about you.
    Depp is a good choice.
    Love that fun and cool outfit on you.

  16. Hope you werent too cold over the weekend, it was a scorcher here saturday! So how do you get these translating jobs then? Is there like a 0800 transltor number people call lol Pity English is the only language I can speak or I'd fully be a translator....sounds boring as f*ck but cruisy ;) xx

    1. I just constantly send my CV to publishing houses and translation agencies and tell them I'm willing to work and whenever whoever needs my assistance - I'm there. It's not the most reliable job in the world but at least I don't have to work in an office from 7 to 3 (those are the usual working hours here, not 9 to 5:)).

  17. This was good to read. I hope you can publish a book!

  18. Great questions and answers.

  19. Love your blog!
    Do you want we follow each other? let me know ! :D

  20. Love the color combination of your outfit!

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  22. Holy shit we also post on the same days! XD I think I've found my blogmate! (Actually I only post on Mondays and Fridays, but if I have something else to post on that week, I do it on Wednesdays! Hopefully someday I'll be able to do the three times a week thing, but who knows!)


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