Dec 23, 2013

People Aren't (Born) Nice

      Don't you just love the holidays? Spending Sundays with your grandparents, cooking lunch for them, not knowing whether you're crying because you're chopping an onion or because you're trying so hard to keep your hangover brain from exploding all over the risotto in the making and you just know you're about to fail miserably... I don't know what's with holidays (I know what it is, they're Satan's attempt to fuck with us) but I always end up thinking about the kindness of people and whether we're fundamentally good or bad. And I always come to the same conclusion - we're bad.
      Back in the day (way back in the day, it was the 18th century), there lived a guy who said some stuff which got completely misinterpreted later on; his name was Jean-Jacques Rousseau and he said something along the lines of: "Morality is not a societal construct but rather 'natural' and thus 'innate', merely an outgrowth of man's instinctive disinclination to witness suffering from which comes compassion and empathy." Well isn't that sweet... I'm about to get diabetes, it's that sweet.
      A bunch of years later, when I was in high school (which unfortunately was also a bunch of years ago), my psychology teacher taught us about how Mr. Rousseau said that all men were fundamentally good, which, of course, isn't true. At least not in the sense that she was explaining to us. I knew that she was very much in the wrong back then and that only solidified throughout my life and I'll tell you why: One day (during my first year at the university) I got a weird text message on my phone. It was from an unknown number and it was a guy saying that he too is "naughty and down for anything". I was surprised and very much intrigued, so I texted back: "Good for you. Who's this?"
      I can't say I remember what the person wrote back but I do remember this: After that first weird text, I got lots more - and by lots I mean 150 messages (and also calls) a day. As the texts got weirder and weirder, I decided to investigate so I called one of the numbers. After a half of a ring a guy answered all giddy and excited:
      "Well hello there!"
      "Hi. Sorry to call you, but who's this?"
      "I'm Mark." He wasn't Mark, but for the sake of this post, let's call him Mark.
      "Hi, Mark. You just texted me. Where did you get my number?"
      "What do you mean where? I got it online."
      "Where online?!"
      "From the dating service site you posted your add on."
      "I never posted any ads."
      "Wait... What?"
      The guy got nervous and was about to hang up on me so I just quickly asked him which site he saw 'my' ad on and then I bid him adieu.
      As soon as I got to a computer, I logged online to check that site and there it was, 'my' ad: "Hi there! I'm a young naughty student down for anything and ready for a hot experience. Call me if you're a big boy and down for anything too." The ad also included my full name (first and last name), my phone number and my email address, so the person posting it had to be someone 'close' to me. I immediately contacted the dating service site saying that I didn't post that and that they have to take it down and give me all the information they have on the person who posted it. They took it down but couldn't give me any info because - wait for it - they had to protect the rights of the person who posted the ad. I was fucking pissed. I was literally bouncing off the walls. I'm red in my face just as I'm writing this.
      After the site removed the ad, the person re-posted it so the calls and messages kept on coming. I got pictures of dicks at 3 p.m. with guys writing: "Is this big enough for you?" After that I just changed my phone number and my email address and now I NEVER answer to any unknown numbers ever again. So to that teacher saying that people are fundamentally nice and to everyone who thinks that - think again.
      Although I've always had a pretty clear idea of who did this, I wasn't able to prove anything so I was never sure - until recently. I haven't thought about this event in a very long time but a few days ago I had an online encounter with someone from my past and that triggered this exact memory out of the blue and now I'm sure. So I just want to let the person know - when I see you, I'll probably break your arm if not your face so don't come anywhere near me. Because just like you I wasn't born nice and so I have no reason to have compassion and empathy for people who aren't nice to me. Happy holidays, bitch!

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  1. Love the scarf!

    ♥ Merry Christmas!

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  2. Holy crap - that really happened? That's a horrible horrible person who had crossed your path. But it's ok, as you say, if this person crosses it again, it's the last path he/she will ever see. No mercy.
    But wow - think about it - what kind of amount of jealousy would push one to behave in such a way? You are an idol in that person's eyes. I salute you!

    Also, happy holidays!

  3. Hi Peet, I can't believe someone was so stupid and devilishly mean to pull a prank on you like that, it is so sick and I am certain the only reason they did it is because they were jealous of your fabulous self. What goes around comes around is my theory, and it always does. The blonde hair is looking good! Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May it filled with joy, love, peace and happiness!

  4. What a really horrible prank. I hate people like that.

  5. OK girl, who's that bitch ? No I agree, people are not nice. I've been spending my life beeing a good girl and thinking there MUST be something good in people. They MUST care, just as much as me. Guess what, NOPE. It was all my father's fairy tail (he 's still living in it) but people are pretty rarely nice to me. And when they are I am so surprised, by the time I realize they are really nice, they're not with me anymore ;)

    1. The bitch is... :D I'm not gonna say, but I probably should put the person's name, surname, telephone number and email online - an eye for an eye, right? But I'd love to be like your dad... That has to be a great way to live, if you believe it's true, it's true, at least it is to you...

  6. Yikes, that's terrible! Some people are really the worst. But wow, your hair looks amazing! Killer jacket too :)


  7. That is so horrible! Always loving your posts, though!

  8. Happy Christmast ,dear..Love ur outfit for the winter...
    dont forget to contact me whenever u will visit Oman... thank you for comments in my the syal and ur jacket..


  9. First of all: this is the attempt to achieve foggy pictures??
    And then, yes. People are really bad. I lost my good opinion about humanity for a while. But i get it again because tere are four fifferent types o person:
    - bad. and this is very very bad. This one has a pact with de devil and the eyes are on fire.
    - not to bad: is the worst. This one hasn't got the evil inside but he can't say no to the bad one. There are lots of "not to bad people" each "bad person". And this is why the world is about to end...
    - good: is really really boring.
    - not to good: and here you are. I consider myself in this group and i supose you too =)

    XXX and happy christmas. Try to eat a lot and drink a lot and all this stuff

    1. No, this wasn't my foggy attempt, I haven't gotten around to doing that. Yet.:)

      Yes, being good good is BORING. Being not too good's just right.:)

  10. OMG! Really?! So so so sorry! How stupid people could be! Im also wondered why the site couldnt tell anything about that person if then they were the first who publich such personal and private info without any attention! If u need some help agains that person, here I am! I hear u, I dont think people born nice..or better I think life, experiences, relationships, growing up make them bad or good, in your cause that person was borned totally idiot! Btw, lady you rock with blonde hair!! Just looking awesome! I want to see your new look better now!!:) Stop by also wishing you a very Merry Christmas my dear, may it be full of nice and "naughty" stuff too!:P Hugs! xo

  11. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
    May it filled with joy, love, peace and happiness!

  12. Oh yeah! Ain't nobody got time for that! I would take all that as compliments. Because ya know what? Does that mean person have an awesome blog like For Peet's Sake? HEEEEELLL NOOOO. And that's just nuff said.
    Have a happy and beautiful Christmas.

  13. Just as I finished doing all my Christmassy stuff - wrapping presents, sending cards, sending well wishes across social media, I come to your post and you bring me back to Earth lol! I can't believe that happened to you, at first I laughed then I thought that's some deep shite. At least you got out of it alive and kicking! I'm nice, but I can be very unnice, oh that's not a word but you know what I mean.

    Happy Holidays babe x

    1. Just when I thought I couldn't like Kim any more, you send me that link. That's my girl - she handled that perfectly! Love her!

    2. I forgot to comment on your hair, I love it! Are you copying Kim going blonde ha ha, don't worry if you are, I copy her style all the time hee hee

    3. :D Actually my hair's Beyonce inspired, but you can't tell by this pics, I know, I'll post new ones today.:) But Kim's hot, blond, brown, black, green - HOT.

  14. oooh.. Peet! you are a queen, that's a real shit the story that you shared!!! you are one of the few one's that I actually read what's written.. happy that's you are past this and hope you'll have the greatest holidays ever!


    1. "you are one of the few one's that I actually read what's written" - THANKS.:D That really does mean hugely a lot to me, babe!!!! Hope you have the most awesome holidays too.;)

  15. That's horrible! Such Christmas spirt for "mark" it hurts. Wonder what plantet he comes from. Yeah, sure not everyone is born nice, but everyone should be born with common sense.

    Happy holidays!

  16. You a blondey now hun? Serial though, who does that to someone? What a fuckwit. Tell you what, after I broke up with my ex he found a message in his "other" facebook inbox from a made up profile with a made up name telling him in detail how I cheated on him (I didn't).....moral of the story.....people are cunts. Happy Christmas babe! xx

    1. WHAT?!?!?!?! So some chick (or guy) that wanted to be with him made an account just to tell him a lie about you???? That's SICK. See... People aren't nice. No way they are, some are just mean, evil fucks. But yeah, happy Christmas.:D

  17. Yeah, I have to agree. We'd all like to think we're naturally good, but the truth is we're sinful. That's a horrible thing that person did to you! I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that crap.
    Anyway, you went blonde?? I love it. Also, that knit scarf is perfection <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  18. Somedays I'm soooo happy that I didn't grow up in the electronic age ..

    Ooo, blonde .. very nice!



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