Dec 9, 2013

Pros and Cons of Working from Home

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       Almost a year ago I did a pros and cons post on spitting in public, some of you may remember if, some of you may not, but that's not the point. The point is that you're here today and that I have another pros and cons post for you to not remember in a year. This time it's about something I know (and hopefully do) well - working from home. If you're curious about what kind of work I actually do, you can check my About page; and if you're not, you're more than welcome to read on, so here are the pros and cons of working from home:

:) Pro: You can have a glass of wine when you work. Or two. Or eleven. (What?! You ain't my boss!!)
:( Con: You don't always remember where you've left things off the day before. Or if you've actually gotten any work done.

:) Pro: You can wear your pajamas all day every day.
:( Con: You might end up in the middle of a shopping mall one day realizing you haven't changed and you're wearing your (dirty) pajamas in public. (I'm not saying this has or hasn't happened to me, but let's just put it down as a possibility.)

:) Pro: You don't have to obsess with makeup and looks on a daily basis first thing when you get out of bed. Heck, you don't even have to obsess over personal hygiene that much.
:( Con: There are days when not even your own dog (who's supposed to be your ride and die best friend, that snotty brat) won't sit next to you on the couch while watching TV because there's a hazardous haze of stench radiating from your body.

:( Con: No office gossip.
:) Pro: No office drama.

:( Con: There are no cute coworkers to flirt with.
:) Pro: There are no cute coworkers to flirt with.

:) Pro: You don't have to listen to your coworkers going on and on and on and on about their kids and showing you pictures of them drooling or picking boogers and sharing stories about their potty training and homework overload and other stuff you really couldn't care less about.
:( Con: There's no one who'd listen to your awesome stories about your awesome dog and how awesomely cute he is when he sleeps and how awesomely horrible his farting has gotten and there's no one who'd look at your 5 billion awesome photos of him on the bed, off the bed, on the couch, off the couch, on his morning walk, on his afternoon walk, on his evening walk, during dinner time, during nap time, during paw-licking time, etc.

:) Pro: You don't have to fart discretely.
:( Con: There's no joy of blaming your fart on someone else.

:( Con: There's no Secret Santa.
:) Pro: You don't have think about what to get for office Secret Santa and then spend money on something stupid because that's all you can think of and then get something as equally stupid and useless in return. I guess Secret Santa actually only works in theory...

:) Pro: You can sleep in. Like really sleep really in. In in.
:( Con: The person sleeping next to you can't and he has issues turning off his alarm clock at 6:15 in the morning and is making more noise than a horde of savages about to pillage a village and burn it to the ground. Unless you want to pillage me, I really don't need to be awake that early in the morning.

:) Pro: You can arrange (and of course rearrange again and again) your schedule as you please and you can always shuffle stuff around and postpone things and simply do them later.
:( Con: One day later actually comes.

      So these would be the pros and cons of working from home. But do you want to know a secret? If I'm completely honest, there really are NO CONS to working from home, I love it. High five to all stinky, dirty, no Secret Santa, no office drama at home hard working people out there! And to the rest of you: If you ever see me outside in my pajamas (again), don't pity me, envy me, bitches.

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  1. You are nuts and funny yes I envy you now HELLO in the office dealing with office politics yes that its what I call it I work from home sometimes will love it permanently and I do travel so I cannot complain still will love to reschedule my day.

  2. You always come up with such intresting posts...
    Pros and cons of working from home, I think there is no cons for me just like you.. But miss being around cute co-workers, secret Santa and office gossip too :)
    Have a great week

  3. The first picture. Your booty. I can't even! I may have a girl crush on you, woman. On another note, the point about people's kids and your dog. OMG it's so true. And then everyone's like "why are you talking about your dog so much? It's just a dog" and then I have to dislike someone else in the world. What a hassle. I LOVE WORKING FROM HOME.

    xo Ashley

  4. I like the idea of working from home best. I can make my own hours and spend time with the kids.

  5. You have some pretty cute socks!

  6. Such a beautiful entry! You inspire me!
    Kisses from Miami,

  7. Dude, I want to work from home! It sounds like it'd be the best

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. Hi Peet! Lol you are right, lucky you!!!:P I think it must make you feel so free, and is actually the best way to work, no fixed schedules, no drama, no dress code, you organize everything by yourself and have to respond only to yourself. I think it makes you more responsable too. And let me say that you look great even in pajama!:) Kisses dear, have a lovely day! xo

  9. Sounds like a dream job if you ask me :) Hire me? I am good at watching TV and my special skill is going to the local store in PJs with an "and WHAT" face. I shall await your reply and I am available for interviews. For realsies.


  10. I've always thought that working from home is the best. The fucking best.
    I love being alone and combine household chores with work (not to mention how perfect is not to think about what to wear every day and stupid coworkers). ohhhh it's the perfect wordk for me!.

    Obviously with my daily 8 hours of classes and endless work for home, I can`t dedicate myself to find a job now. But babe, i wouldm`t know how to start. It seems complicated to find something. What is your secret? Where did you get it? Does it give you enough money to live so great? haha Im all questions!!

    Really a very positive point of view. This kind of thing encourages me a lot =)

  11. Such an interesting photos! love your creativity and the idea of working from home!!

  12. Oh yeah, high five! o/
    And yes, I don't miss secret santa AT ALL!

  13. Hee hee i'm chuckling. I worked from home for a bit full time when I was setting up my business and now I probably work 25% at home and 75% in a rented office, and I do think it has it's pros and cons. The worst thing about work overall is waking up before 8.30am, but even when I worked from home I had to wake up early to do telephone consultations/meetings. You're right about not having to get dressed up or do make up, but I was starting to smell because when I didn't leave the house I didn't see the point in showering. I'm quite disciplined work wise anyway, so when I'm in work mode you wont catch me shopping or drinking alcohol.

    Anyway, there's very few people your age who have the opportunity to work from home, so you go girlfriend!!

    1. Thanks, babe!! It's not all bunnies and rainbows though, it's hard, especially with the recession and shit... Man, I hate that word...:)

  14. I worked from home today and did all of your cons .. took a shower, did my makeup, got dressed .. lol. I can't help myself, these are just things I gotta do :-P


    1. :D I NEVER put on makeup to just stay at home... I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing though.:)

  15. I mostly focused on the pros of this list because I have always wanted to work from home, having my own office to decorate and all that but I definitely still have to pay attention to the cons. Great post!

  16. Sooo what do you actually do, like who do you translate what for? You have me curious now!! I'd love to be able to work from idea what kinda work I could actually do though haha. Anywho they made it illegal to drink on the party buses cos people kept getting too shitfaced lol but you should fully come to NZ and come on a party bus with me ;) xx

    1. Yeah, I thought so, people drinking on a moving bus doesn't sound too smart...:D I'm currently working on a book, I have a contract with a publishing house. For now.:) It's very uncertain, being a freelance translator...

  17. I love your pictures for this post :-) That said, I adore working from home. To me, the only con is probably the lack of social contact, but ehhh, that's what evening and weekend are for I guess! If I could I'd definitely work from home full time.

  18. What would I do without you Peet? You bring me my weekly dose of laughter and wittiness, you are a star and I really really think you should get into comedy, if not come here to SA, stand-up is a pretty big thing and you will do fabulously. I work/study from home as well and I can fully relate to all you're saying. But I don't miss the pointless office drama. Ohh yes, and that one later later hits you when you least expect it. Lol about the pajama thing, I've seen it happen to far too many people - I hope I am not one of them. Thanks for participating in my last post sweety, it was great to hear your thoughts.

    1. Glad to do it, I'll come back again shortly, but I was a bit tied up these past few days, I had a deadline to catch. Anyhow, than YOU for stopping by, dear.;)

  19. Hi Peet, you always make me laugh. Har Har Har. I like office gossip and flirting with the cute ones at work (unfortunately we don't have any where I work). I hate office drama and the people who love being the centre of it. Pro of working from home? You don't have to suffer a colleague who bloody talks nonsense the whole day nonstop and doesn't pick up clues you're not interested. I've done the telling off bit. Didn't work. But can't fire her. Haha. Have a lovely weekend ahead x

  20. Hahahaha Pro, pro, pro all the way baby! I started about a year ago too and LOVE it. Couldn't think of anything better you know, plus I came to realize I do not work well under others and by that I mean taking orders and shit, plus I HATE, like really HATE the idea of making someone elses dreams come true. I must admit one con would be my dogs farts, I am around to smell them much more often since she insists on sitting next to me on the couch, every time, even competing with my Macbook too. Grrr. But its still kinda cute! Hehehe!


  21. Good ones, I feel that people that work from home are SO lucky. If you get bored of home you can always go to a cafe, or just somewhere else...

  22. I don't actually work from home, I am a freelance so sometimes I spend long periods of time at home. And I love it and I hate it. Because I love having all the time in the world for myself, staying in with my cats, watching thousand tv series, writing a lot on my blog, scheduling posts from today to the end of days... but it's hard for me to get out of the bad if I haven't anywhere to be in the morning. So annoying. It's a battle against the snooze button every bloody day! I hate it: I set all the most wonderful intentions on one day, "I will get up early and take a walk in the park" and then I barely know who I am at 12 p.m. It's awful. For the pajama's issue, I can't bear to wear my pajama if I'm not in bed. It might be for the fact that there's cat hair everywhere so I certainly don't need it to stick to my pajama and then to sleep in it. So I change into something more decent as soon as I get off the bed. Even before I go and pee. I don't ever leave my bedroom with my pajama on. That also might be due to the two years I shared a flat in London: you never knew what was going on outside your room, for what I knew prince Harry could be in the kitchen, so I always had to wear something decent. Oh Lord I talk too much. Conclusion: I don't know if I'd work from home even having a work from home job. I''d have to get out at some point of the day because I'm mental and I could put something on fire!


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