Dec 30, 2013

Strike Two

      Since this is a sequel to this post, I'm not going to make a long introduction. Or none at all. But if you need some light to be shed on the matter, you can find the switch here. The underlined words are keywords (not all, just some of the more interesting ones) from my Google Analytics report and words in italics are my comments. Enjoy.

can you be poisoned from dog farts
chicken farts smell like roses
coloring pubic hair
cute snowboarder look with helmet
dark blue things
diy parachute
dog farted
facebook girl tongue
dogs bum perfume freshener
funny boob lift pictures
nice butt cracks
nice anus
nibbling dick bloglovin
navel poke story
naughty female doctor striping
nails painted toes granny sex pics
pros of spitting
ski wear cuteness
tape penis back
that's okay. i'm in a sushi mood.
top foods to make my dog stop smelling from its butt
would an electric air freshner kill a dog
zoo porn peet com
what is a thong
what to do if your dog does not quit farting
whats wrong with my dog his farts stink     And your smell like daisies?
why do my dogs farts smell like rotten eggs
why do women wear earrings
why we need birth control       Hmmm... Let me think... Why we need BIRTH CONTROL... That's a tough one. So there'll be less of yous on the planet maybe?
young sluts in leggings pics
harem+chastiti belt       = you're fucked (but not the way you wanted)
hate your job plato
hello the dog is farting       Well hello to you too. And my dog is farting too. Now what?  
help my scared head to grow hair
how to get rid of creepy girls
how to get rid of loving a girl
how to make your hair grow 2 inches in a week       That's easy - you go to school and learn stuff, one of them that you're either a moron or an idiot.
how to wear hair cute while skiing
Helen Mirren boobs are sagging       That's just mean! She's old, what are they supposed to do?!
I bleached my hair about a month a go and dyed it red can I bleach it again because I want another color       Erm... I don't know who you think you're talking to but this is not Oprah or Dr. Phill! Search engines don't work like that, for Peet's sake!
My dog farts and it smells really bad. What can I do?       Leave the room.
my dog bum is bleeding and she keeps trumping
I want to no the hair fertilizer dat can grow hair very fast.       No, you need to no dat English.
my dog recently started farting       Lucky you, mine's been farting for a while now.
For Peet's Sake blogFor Peet's Sake blog

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  1. Lmao, I can't stop laughing. Some of those are serious gold. Where do these people come up with this shit?!

    xo Ashley

  2. We have some fine brains out there, love this post. Great comment about this isn't Dr.Phill :P Nice look too, lovely skirt!

  3. Nice look. I just love your skirt. I am a huge fan of the preppy school girl look.

  4. loved that skirt!
    Have a wonderful 2014 darling!

  5. Too funny! Great pictures also love!

  6. I can't help wondering what kind of hits my blog would get if I just added something about dog farts...haha, this is just as hilarious as the first round! Its unreal what people type into their search bar...
    Anyway, love these cool photos girl, those wedges are killer.
    And thank you for your thoughts on Prince. Means a lot <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. LOL. This is hilarious. BEST stuff yet. Chastity belt is my new favorite :)
    Also - the gif programme? I am sure you have that one, it's just the good old photoshop :):)
    Hope you have a splendid New Year!!!


  8. El oh el :-) Some of these are just plain scary, haha. The strangest one I ever found on my list was probably "men doing caca on each other'. I did a post on Lush's Caca Rouge henna, so I guess that's why that search led to my blog. Ew.

    1. They are scary, right, it's not just me?! Frigging scary shit...

  9. Too funny! Another killer outfit here- loving the plaid on you. Happy New Year, Peet! All the best in 2014 :)


  10. What about this place?? Its so amazing... like all the other perfect sites you found to take your pictures... bitch =)
    I've noticed recently that you don't place the links to your clothes anymore. I think it's a mistake. Now i can't copy what i like about you...

    Very very happy new year babe! I hope you'll drink lots of wine (and heavier things) this night.
    I'm going with my friends to 7-houses-village and we'll eat dinner dressed in pajamas.
    Yes, lots of party.... I'm going sick. But good thing is that i dont have to think about clotes, make up etc etc etc

    kisses dear!!

    1. Yup, I'm a bitch.:D Sorry for not placing brand names, I thought no one was interested... I can correct that, I guess.:)

  11. Naomi at Coulda Shoulda Woulda mentioned about looking at the Google analytics as well and I'm going to take a peek some time this week as now I'm curious. These are hilarious searches, like I said before, mine will be so boring I'm sure, or they'll just be loads of Kim Kardashian searches lol!

    Love your photography again hun - the tartan cool!

    Drink Drink Drink and be merry tonight, but I guess I don't have to tell you to do that!

    Happy New Year Doll x

    1. Drink Drink Drink - I drink to that!:D It was a merry night, I hope it was a merry one for you too!!

  12. Thanks that you made me laughing so much in the last hours of 2013 :) Please stay as you are and btw I like your outfit so much!

    Happy New Year for you my dear <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    International giveaway for your good figure

    1. You're welcome, babe, my pleasure!:) Hopefully I'll manage to do that in the next year as well...;)

  13. i love this outfit!!! the jacket and the skirt, specially. they go so well together.. i soooo need your jacket! =)

    xo, Carla

  14. You find the BEST locations to shoot! I love the photo where you're climbing the ladder .. really cool shot.


  15. that's kind of scary how many disturbed people we have out there. really, when I read that list of yours I just thought "ewww, that's sick!". who googles those things and why? so many questions but no proper answers, haha. really those posts from you leave me kind of speechless :D but hey, I can always say something about your awesome shoes! they're super awesome and I also love the bold blue jacket!
    plus of course I want to wish you a wonderful new year (and less perverts and dog fart persons on your site :D)!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  16. Heheeh, so funny...
    love the tartan skirts and Happy 2014 to you Peet.



    1. Apparently you succeeded.:D Yay for that!!!

  18. Ok so after I yell after it deleting three posts, it works. Let's try again.


    Also - your keywords are lolz. You are lucky to be able to see so many because a lot of mine are searched over secure server so I just see 'not provided'. I have had 'pikachu cat' and 'sexy heels in grass' before though!

    I'm a bit tense now.

    Corinne x

    1. Sexy heels in grass?:D People really are strange... I'm getting more and more worried by the second.:)

  19. Hahahaha! OMG Peet! I love all these dog farting stuff, man way better than mine, all I get is fucken porn references and referrals. I have no idea why so I kinda ignore my analytics now LOL


  20. Great post,visit

  21. These are hilarious!! I can't believe some of them that lead to your site. and LOL all the dog fart ones. On a different note, love that tartan skirt! Happy New Year xo

  22. LOL at all of the dog fart ones. Some of the searches that direct to your site are hilarious haha like how?! On a different note, lovely skirt! If you get this comment twice apparently it didn't work the first time :P Happy 2014! xo

  23. Why are people so weird? Sadly I don't think we'll ever know! Love the pop of tartan by the way xx


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