Jan 17, 2014

I wonder...

For Peet's Sake blog striped skirt black top Dr Martens Docs boots

      Hi there. In case you don't know, today is Friday and I want to keep things nice and fridayish. On top of that, I'm almost at the door and on my way to a party so I'm kind of in a hurry. But that's OK, I have something short and sweet up my sleeve because I've been meaning to post this in a while - it's a bunch of questions I've been asking myself lately and I've been struggling to find some legitimate answers. I don't know if this will be a start of a new series or not, but for now let's call this a start to the today's post - an intro into an I-wonder list. Actually this is the end of the intro because here's the list - I wonder...
  • Is Falovr Flav ever late?
  • Does anal sex hurt or help with hemorrhoids?
  • If dicks (like boobs) grew with fat, would there be more fat men?
For Peet's Sake blog striped skirt black top Dr Martens
  • What would Tolkien think of the movie installments of his books?
  • Do penile pumps really work? I mean really really REALLY work?
  • What is Mr. Sheffield doing now?
  • Do actual criminal investigators really solve less crime since C.S.I. first aired? (Supposedly they solve 70 % less crime in the States.)
  • Did Christina Aguilera ever go to see Britney Spears' concert and vice versa?
  • If you spit on an earthworm or a snail when it's dry but still alive, does that help it or kill it, since it needs moisture but there are also digestive enzymes in saliva?

For Peet's Sake blog striped skirt black top Docs boots
Skirt - eBay, top - NewYorker, boots - Dr. Martens

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  1. You must be such a funny girl! I really liked this posts even if I don't really have your answers!
    have fun at that party!


  2. Ha, ha .. Falovr Flav ever late?

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  3. As always, another worth reading post.Excited for your next post already. Happy weekend!.

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  4. I love it, dear! <3


  5. Haha, funny, as always! The first point made me laugh out lout- maybe I should give my boyfriend a big clock necklace to help with his tardiness ;) Have a great weekend! xo



  6. How do you come up with these questions? I'm picturing you in your shower right now shampooing and soaping up and all of a sudden being like.... "Hey, Peet, I gotta ask you a question, from self to self: If you spit on an earthworm or a snail when it's dry but still alive, does that help it or kill it, since it needs moisture but there are also digestive enzymes in saliva?" How does that work? :)


    1. Actually...:) I was saving an earthworm the other day because it almost died of 'dehydration' and I thought if I should spit on it or not. So I just put it on a patch of grass and put some leaves over it, just to be safe.:) I don't do much thinking when I take my shower, I just wanna get it over with, I fucking hate standing there and wasting my time.:D

  7. Nice skirt :)


  8. oh my so many why list and i can't even answer all of them!

  9. I was actually going to sit and write all the answers to each question of yours in this comment. but am too hungover to do so ;p

    1. You did and you are?? You know all of the answers?? And where have you been that you're hungover?!?!:P

  10. woow haha enjoy the party girl. and loving the dress! happy weekend!

    xo, Carla

  11. So sorry, I haven´t any answer but now a few new question about I´m thinking :) And cool outfit again, the skirt looks like especially made for you! Hope the party was great!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  12. I've always wondered about penis pumps. Shouldn't it hurt? Maybe you should do some experimenting and make THAT a new series... "does this 'sex toy' really work?" And just try out random sex toys and things.

    xo Ashley

  13. HAHAHA, you're way too funny with your (random) questions. You really think a lot about stuff(I've never thought of Britney or Christina going to each others concerts?!). However, I love your shoes and the skirt!

    1. Thanks.;) And yes, I tend to do think a lot, sometimes it's hard to make my brain shut up so I'll get a moment of peace actually...:)

  14. Love the outfit babe! Fuck I reckon I could come up with a bunch of random questions like that too hehe like whats Jeffrey from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air doing now? and How is Johnny Depp still hot as fuck lol xx


  15. Haha, I need to try that spitting theory and see what happens to a snail now...
    Love your striped skirt!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

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  17. Ahaha Peet, love this kind of posts from you and I hope you will keep it as a series. Mr Sheffield! I grew up watching The Nanny, I think now he is still with her and live happily together with their kids, which in the meantime are grown and have their own kids :P I dont think Christina Aguilera went to a Britney Spear's concert ever and vice versa, lol! Looking great, that skirt is too cool and love the DrMartens! Happy Sunday girl, kisses! xo

  18. You are an inquisitive one aren't you. Your third point is an interesting question, but from what I have seen on series called Embarrassing Bodies, I can tell you it is not true, however I have heard that guys who weight lift can see an increase because of the effect of muscle gain on the hormones. I don't think Britney went to Christina's concert but I'm sure she bought the concert DVD and vice versa. Now that is interesting about CSI, they need to do more programmes on becoming a millionaire and see whether you get the same effect!

    Happy weekend!

  19. Hahaa.. Peet, you are killing me and your posts always makes me laugh! you are that funniest girt I've met:) those questions are awesome!! you look fab for the party! love the skirt and hope you had a great time!


  20. Hi Dearest Peet, I hope this is the start of a new series, I always find your thought process very interesting and unique, some really legitimate questions you've posed that need some answering. Have a great week ahead darling, love this dress on you.

  21. See, I've read some comments and people thought your questions were funny. I must say they were not. I wondered about a lot of these in a very serious way, especially the Brit vs Christina one. Do they listen to each other's tunes? Does Xtina workout to Work Bitch? Does Britney sign along to Xtina's music and try to hit those notes? Do they do catch up session between the Mickey Mouse Club (aka Britney, Xtina and Justin?) If not, they should.

    1. I agree, these are all VERY SERIOUS questions. And they definitely should - reunions are fun.:) They should tape it too.:)

  22. Hahaha according to Magic Mike penis pumps do work, or something like that! Mr Sheffeld is probably bankrupt or faced some fraud charges after the global recession. I am positive (for some strange reason) that he got hit hard by this. And I have no idea who Flavor Flav is sorry!


  23. I'm really wondering about spittin on a snail now !

  24. I actually CAN answer some of those. But i would look like a condescending smartass nobody likes.
    So there.
    Clicking Publish before i realize, this post makes me even more condescending.

    1. Are you kidding me??? Please, ANSWER them.:D I'm assuming you know the answer to... The one about Tolkein. And not the one under it.:) Or am I wrong? See, now you have to be a smartass.:)


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