Jan 29, 2014

No Regrets

For Peet's Sake blog no regrets quote I'd rather regret the things I'v done

      A while back, I watched an interview with Jane Fonda. In it she said a bunch of smart things worth remembering but I forgot what they were. I did remember a couple of clever nuggets though because those really stuck in my head after listening to her. One was that it's never to late for anything (one of her mantras) and the other one was this: When you'll be 70 and you'll look back on your life, what will you regret? I'm not afraid to be 70, but I do have an immense fear of being 70 and thinking about all the things I wish I had done, but didn't. So I thought I'd put together a list of things I simply cannot miss out on and where best to put it then here, because here I can't lose it. Or ignore it.
      But since I really appreciate you being here and reading this, I don't want you to feel that you're just wasting your time going through my stupid list, so I also have a very important... Ok, maybe it's not important, but it's definitely a very interesting piece of information. Or at least it's interesting to a certain degree, I'll let you be the judge. So here it goes: Do you know what do humans, horses, donkeys, rhinoceros, marsupials, rabbits, whales, dolphins, elephants and hyenas have in common? Think about it. What could it be? Yes, they're all mammals, but there's something else. You can find the answer at the end of the post, but first - my no regrets list.
For Peet's Sake blog grey sweater black harem pants zara coatwhite high top sneakers

- Swim at the Devil's Pond in Zimbabwe.
- Get Kanye's hairstyle. I'm really pissed I didn't do that already when I shaved my head but I couldn't find a hairdresser that would know how to do it. I did cross Mr T's hairstyle off my list back then though.
- Write a novel.
- Record vocals for a song I'll hear in a club on Ibiza.
- Drive a really really fast car really really fast, over 250 kmph (150 mph).
- Grab at least one fake boob. My boyfriend says I already did that but I don't remember because I was too drunk so that doesn't count. It can't count, right??

For Peet's Sake blog grey sweater black harem pants zara coat H&M bag white high top sneakers

Have a shot of tequila with a worm in Mexico. -
Go to Burning Man. -
Swim with dolphins. -
Do a tree top walk in Australia. -
Lend my voice to an animated character. -
Pet a koala to see if their hair really grows backwards. -
Go to a strip club in Bangkok. -

For Peet's Sake blog grey sweater black harem pants zara coat
Pants - eBay, sweater - H&M, shirt - H&M, coat - Zara, sneakers - Lonsdale, bag - H&M

      And I can't forget to answer the question from above. So what do humans, horses, donkeys, rhinoceros, marsupials, rabbits, whales, dolphins, elephants and hyenas have in common? None of those 10 mammal species has a baculum. What's a baculum? It's a penis bone. Yes, you can have a bone in your dick (if you have one), which makes life sex easier, and apparently most mammals have it. There are roughly 5500 mammal species on the planet and out of those 5500 only 10 don't have a penis bone and humans are one of those lucky 10. Man, male Homo sapiens really hit the evolutionary lottery, hasn't he?

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. We have a LOT of things in common on our lists! Great minds, eh?

    xo Ashley

  3. Nice list! I have a lot of stuff in common with you too!! We need to meet, Peet! Look that rhymed :)

    1. High five for the rhyme!!:D It's really cool that so many people said they want similar things! Like Ashley said it above - great minds.:)

  4. If you haven't zip-lined yet... what is wrong with your childhood? I also think writing a book is ambitious, what'll it be about?
    Great pants btw.


  5. I also voice an animated character! Preferably a Disney Princess, but that's aiming REALLY high. I've wanted to do voice overs for a long time. Hopefully one day I can do it! It's good to have a bucket list because it keeps you from getting stuck in the day-to-day and think about life in the long run. What do you want to do before you can't do it anymore?

  6. I so need to make a list like that! Although Ive always wanted to travel the world and while Ive done a bit here and there, this year I am going....by myself....for I have no idea how long, don't know what Im doing.....should be fun.....and fucking scary but Ive always wanted to and dammit im gonna! xx


    1. I like doing things that are a bit scary, then you feel so frigging cool when you do do it.:) And a trip into the unknown?! There's not much things that could top that!

  7. Great post! I love your hair !!


  8. Record a clubbing song? That's a random one - what's the story behind it. Do you have a good singing voice? Mine is so bad, ha.

    I didn't know penis bone was a real thing. You learn something new every day.

    Corinne x

    1. I actually don't have much of a singing voice but I'd love to do one of those 'talking' songs. Sort of like this one:

      CLICK :)

  9. Ok where does your pants come from ? I'm desperate to find the equivalent !
    Anyway, I agree : fake drunk boob doesn't count !
    as for the orca I was really into it but they can be a bit unfriendly sometimes so I guess seeing them is already a blessing...

  10. ha ha, such a random fast fact about those mammals. Anyway I've done one or two off your list and I love the idea of lending your voice to an animated character, that is quite interesting and would be so much fun - I love doing accents. Forgive me but I laughed when I read that you said you wanted to write a children's book; it's just I'm so used to reading this blog, that i just can't imagine you writing something for kids although you would be more than capable of course!

  11. Lol for the mammals, have noo idea about it! Btw, Peet, it happens to read your post now before to go to sleep and for sure you inspire me. I always think to that: what if I will be old and will regret something I didnt do while I could do..I need to make my own list too, there are million things I wish to do. I think you will write a novel, you are so talented to write and you can do it. You look gorgeous dear, I will lend my bag only if I can borrow yours, deal?:D Have a goodnight, many kisses! xo

  12. You take amazing photos and your fashion sense is great. Really like this post, babe!

  13. Hahaha not sure if they did hit the lottery or not. Think about it, if evolution made it so they did have a bone we'd think nothing of it and think something that spends most of it's days (or not) floppy as really gross! I love this post. I've been meaning to start a book on places I want and NEED to travel to etc but hadn't yet. But I love the idea about cementing it out there in the big wide web. I need to start jotting shit down, I have so much f***en regret already so I am very much aware of opportunities and stuff, especially if I let them slip past. Not a great feeling knowing I will lie on my deathbed with that heavy burden. But I hope I can live a REALLY fulfilled and wonderful life so it'll overshadow the bad. There's still some time (or not) until then so...

    BTW Burning Man, on my list too. So is swimming with dolphins and tequila in Mexico. But I'll let you take the worm.

  14. Haha oh wow, I always learn something new when I visit your blog...never knew that!
    Great list too, I'd love to do a lot of the same things. My biggest fear is definitely growing up, settling into some boring routine, and letting my life slip away before I decide to do anything. I want to live!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  15. oooh Peet, you are the coolest , funniest smartest girt in the neighborhood! your list of things to do is hilarious!!! Can I use it too? :)
    I would never be able to put one so interesting myself!
    p/s-love your outfit! great layering and the pants are to die for!


  16. Cats have penis bone. As far as I know. I think that's the only thing I Iearned or didn't learn in my Zoology class. And I think it even has spines that pokes out when the cat's aroused and mating. That's why you hear cats screaming for their lives (they have 9 as they say, so they can take the pain over and over again) when having sex. Or they're just loud. I love Jane Fonda and would love to be as sassy as her when I'm 70. I feel the same, I don't wanna be 70 and regret not having done so many things in my life. I don't even wanna be 40 and moan about what I've missed so far in my life. Having children might be one of them. But I don't wanna have children just because I'm biologically and socially expected to have children. Like you I wanna be a novelist. I also wanna record songs. I wish I can sing again and sing whatever I want. Anyway Peet I'm babbling. Have a good weekend x

    1. I like it when people babble, so babble away, my friend!:) Happy weekend to you too!

  17. Go to a party in Tokio is definitely on my list too. But simply going to Tokio is good enough for me. I can party in the hotel room. ; )


    1. As long as there's a party, it's worth the trip.:D


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