Jan 3, 2014

Things I Don't Get Part 9

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      Even thought the pictures indicate that, Shakespeare didn't make it on the today's things I don't get list. But he was close. Let's be honest, sometimes all of us have a hard time getting Shakespeare, right? Eh, who am I kidding, Shakespeare's hard to get ALL OF THE TIME. Just consider: "Then thou whose shadow shadows doth make bright how would thy shadow's form, form happy show, to the clear day with thy much clearer light, when to unseeing eyes thy shade shines so!" Erm... I'm sorry, what? Nevertheless, his works are true masterpieces in their own right, no doubt. And fun too. All that death and murder - it's like an Elizabethan version of the Die Hard franchise. Fun, fun, fun. But as I've said, Shakespeare didn't make it on the today's list of things my mind can't quite grasp, so let's see what did. (To check previous Things I Don't Get posts click here or the TIDG tab above.)
  1. Firecrackers. I don't get them. And I don't get people who like them. I get fireworks (although I'm not a fan of those either), but firecrackers? I can grab a pan and a wooden spoon and bang on it right next to your head, it's the same principle - will you like that?
  2. Why 99,97 % of aliens that appear in the movies speak English. Trust me, that seems pretty stupid to all of the non-English population on the planet. (Yes, there in fact exist people whose first language isn't English, shocking right?)
  3. Why is the damn 'save' button right next to 'delete' button?!?! On phones, computers, iPads, in Gmail... I swear my fridge has a save and delete button stacked one on top of another.
  4. Bath selfies. Don't people want some peace and privacy at least while taking a bath?!
  5. How come some companies make tooth paste that taste terrible. Where's the logic in that? I have to put that thing in my mouth where my tongue is, of course I'm going to find out that it tastes horrid and I'll never buy it again. Here's an idea: Make it taste like watermelon or gin and tonic. I'm sure that'll increase your sales numbers.
  6. Why do companies put their products in packaging that can't be open? Don't they want me to open the plastic wrapper and use the product? Do they know in advance that they're selling shit so they don't want anyone to use it and find that out for themselves? If you don't know what I'm talking about, check this clip by Larry David.
  7. How come 17-year-old models advertise anti-age and anti-wrinkle creams for 40+ women? It's just a jar of cream, it's not a time machine.
  8. Why don't men just sit down when they pee? They don't have to tell anybody that they do, they can have their little secret and keep their macho persona, just sit the fuck down and don't pee everywhere.
  9. Why do we say that a woman is pregnant for 9 months when it's actually 40 weeks? Do the math, 9 months isn't 40 weeks. So for all of you who were born in September and thought your parents had sex on New Year's Eve and got cursed blessed with you, think again. You're thinking about your parents having sex now, right? Perv.
  10. How come Jessica Fletcher was never a suspect???

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For Peet's Sake blog
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For Peet's Sake blog
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  1. Are you kidding me? Bath selfies? Toilet selfies? Same thing, so stupid.


    1. Toilet selfies?!?!?! I hope those actually don't exist. And if they do, I hope I don't see them.:D

  2. Great post ;)


  3. You have the most amazing posts.. I don't it the firecrackers and can you believe we have a entire festival of bursting crackers .. Pleope celebrate it for atleast 3 days..
    I don't it the save and delete button next to each other too
    I am inviting you to join my SammyDress giveaway with 2 winners
    Keep in touch,

  4. Thank goodness I don't have to read Shakespeare any more - those school days are well and truly over, however I did enjoy watching the plays at the theatre.

    My birthday is in September, I'm not going to say any more in response to what you said because I am getting an image in my head that is making me throw up in my mouth! Ooooh I've never seen a bath selfie, that's not good, next it will be toilet selfies eeew! I I asked my ex-boyfriend the exact same thing. You don't have a problem sitting down to have a number 2, so why not just do it for a number 1? Very strange!!!

    Have a fab weekend hun!

    1. EXACTLY!! They sit down when they take a shit, don't they?! I really hate the fact that sometimes when you sit down your skin actually doesn't touch the toilet seat but only the crust of dried pee...

  5. Hi Peet! To be honest, I never get Shakespeare either..even though his work is a masterpiece, it made me anxious! Lol, have just finished to watch that video, I see myself in that situation! Never got why they put the products in such packaging, I often hurt too! Ahah Jessica Fletcher was my idol when I was a child, I used to watch all the series in summer and read also the books!:P You look fantastic in the second to last pic, love the ring! Hugs dear, have a great weekend! Hope the year is started at the best!:*

  6. lol. some men do sit when they pee... though they won't admit it. I know that as a fact that 2 of the guys I've dated does it, to cause less "splashing" to clean later. they will never admit it in public though :)

  7. Haha I love you my friend ! I agree so much with everything (oh well I just received some expensive bath products though... I wanna share !)
    Anyway have the best year ever and keep writing. You are really one of the blogger that inspire me the most (and I'm not giving compliments that easily, as you may know =P)

    1. I just wanna run to Paris now, find your ass and give you a hug. I'm gonna remember this compliment, babe, it means the world to me - especially coming from you.

  8. Oh firecrackers were a part of my upbringing in India. Every festival season we'd get the whole family together, buy a big box of crackers and my cousins would set them alight. All the different kinds. you havent lived until you kick around a spinning thing on fire in a sock game

    X. Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

    1. Firecrackers and sock game - what?? I have to google that or find a clip on YouTube, I'm curious now.:D

  9. hahahaha! i love reading your list! that's so straightforward ! and seriously i really think toothpaste taste bad too! ugh!


    1. I just have one that makes me wanna throw up every time I brush my teeth. So frigging annoying!

  10. Don't tell him I said this, but... my boyfriend sits down to pee :-) It's more comfortable, he says. Hehe.

  11. RIGHT?? I never got why the save button has to be so close to the delete button! Many a late night spent recovering essays I'd accidently deleted...ugh.
    Anyway, love these artistic photos of you figuring out that book ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. oooh Peet.. you are hilarious ! you are writing about situation that every one of us bumping to.. and put it in words so well and funny and intelligent! I don't get Shakespeare either:) the ring and your outfit are so cool and beautiful, love it!


  13. great post:)))
    you look awesome, love the tights and your look:)
    kisses x

  14. Oh, very great post!
    Bath Selfies? Omg, No thank you.



  15. Haha tell me bout it, I've had lots of Shakespeare in my English studies and they were all so boring because I never understood a single interpretation of that shit ;)
    And oh yes bath selfies, it's so sexy to see people in their tubs pointing a phone on their knees.
    Baha and don't get me started on men not sitting down when they pee... ;D

    Love your photos!

  16. Ah, dear Peet, this is what I really really like on you that you are so clever! And like you I can´t understand why people take bath selfies and what´s about this packages which are not possible to open?

    Thanks for making me smiling again, I really appreciate your astuteness <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  17. It's too bad Shakespeare didn't summon the television Charmed witches from the future. They had, no doubt, a spell in their "Book of Shadows" to to help him write about a shadow making shadows brighter more clearly.
    You're right. Alien portrayal in movies and television is usually a bit unimaginative. Most of them seem to be humanoids in addition to speaking English. I think some Trekkies can speak Klingon though. liked one movie where the aliens didn't speak English: "Mars Attacks". (Ack ack).
    I sit down when I pee mainly for that very reason. I not only admit that I pee sitting down but recommend it strongly. Most men won't take that advice. That's why mens' bathroom floors are wet sticky and smelly. I not only admit I that I pee sitting down, and that I wear ladies panties, but additionally I just did another blog post with an embedded YouTube video of myself male-modeling and reviewing yet another pair of pink panties.
    I didn't know that about pregnancy due dates being 40 weeks instead of roughly 39 1/8 weeks. Thinking my parents having sex? When they were young I hope and not right now. but feel free call me "Perv" in a blog comment. :)
    Your outfit looks great! I love the tint in your hair, Your H&M top, the drape of your H&M skirt, your House of Holland suspender tights and your pose in that second to last photo! Happy 2014!


    1. Thank you, dear!! For the comment, for all the support and for the wishes - a happy and enjoyable 2014 to you too.;)

  18. no 1 - so true! I don't like fireworks overall. it's just a bunch of pointless noise in my opinion. and it scares Elvis, boo.
    no 4 - haven't seen many of those since I don't have an Insta account but it's definitely stupid! :D so are the gym/belly/ass/tits pictures taken by slightly stupid bimbos.
    no 8 - amen! I have thought about the same thing and I just don't get it!
    no 9 - :O to be honest I didn't even know that fact so thanks for sharing your knowledge with your readers ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  19. About bath selfies. I can SOMEHOW get them only because I know a worse one - funeral selfies. That one I will never get. Or the taking a bath after a funeral selfie. If that doesn't exist yet it will soon, I bet. Then we BOTH won't get that.

  20. HA! Firecrackers... ;) That is all.

    xo Ashley

  21. I hate packaging I can't get into! And then again I hate packaging that breaks really easy. At work we sell some tinned tomatoes and lucozade sport and they have a cardboard wrap around them holding them together. They always tear. And obvious, if there is a tear on the packaging, a customer won't buy it. Even though as soon as they get home, they'll tear them open.

    You don't like the taste of toothpaste? I love mint!

    Corinne x

  22. Bahaha, I love the last one. My Dad always used to say, "If I ever saw Angela Lansbury somewhere, I'd run!" ;) And I agree about 18 year olds advertising for anti-aging products. So ridiculous!



  23. Nice ring!


  24. Great pics!! ( I see you again include the origins of clothing haha, Koha !). This shakespeare book looks nice in the photos, nice edition!

    I really hate firecrackers. I don't know what's more horrible, the sound or smell of gunpowder. They have no sense. What is the relationship between lighting a firecracker and demonstrate that one is happy or celebrating something ( look, here's a topic to investigate ) .

    What movie have you seen recently aliens to think who speak English ? haha In my case, aliens always speak spanish, so stupid too.

    The delete button is next to save, basically to screw it up. Someone has to come and recover this important things you deleted. Of course, you have to pay him .

    Toothpastes with bad taste ? It is the same as the chewing gum ! Companies: stop fuck with gum that tastes like "unexpected", cause It's weird and I don't like that flavor . Add strawberry , chocolate , mint, or (as you say) gintonic . People are normal , we are happy with little things, you know it !


  25. This is such an interesting series. Can't stop reading them! I don't get number 2,3,7 either!



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